GDWBET is another operator with a license issued by PAGCOR, which controls Entertainment and Games activities in the Philippines.

This is a fairly new house on the market so not many participants or known.

According to’s evaluation, after contacting and learning directly, this is a reputable bookmaker on the market today.

Perhaps the affirmation of a review page is not enough for readers to have confidence in a bookmaker that will need from the dealer a lot of things, especially in actual action, such as ensuring the quality of service and Maintain your brand image from time to time.

Interface & Experience

The GDWBET dealer does not currently have an application for mobile devices like many other top bookmakers.

Maybe the reason here is because the initial launch time is not enough time and money to invest but this is an essential element to attract customers. Believe that sooner or later, if you want to develop your brand, the bookmaker will deploy more mobile applications for users.

In addition, this bookmaker runs stable, smooth, less jerky lag, creating a sense of comfort for users.

What is the service of GDWBET?

At the present time, GDWBET has the most popular services for betting players, online games, such as Sports Betting, Online Casino, Slot Games, Fish Hunter.

Electronic sports betting (Esports), an array that this site also focuses on preparing content, promotions for users.

If in the direction of diversifying services as currently, the future of GDWBET will also add other types of games, similar to the way of many existing bookies.

Cashiering with GDWBET

Time for deposit and withdrawal transactions between users and the house is from 5 to 30 minutes

This is an acceptable waiting period for many people, but in reality, it can still be better. This timeout can be reduced to about 15 minutes


After successfully logging in to your account:

Step 1: Click “Deposit”. A “Note” will appear asking you to confirm the bank account information for the first deposit. You may select “Continue” to contact Customer Service for confirmation, Or you can choose “Later”.

Step 2: Choose your preferred payment method, enter the amount you want to deposit. Then click “Deposit” and complete the information as required.

Step 3: Check your deposit status in “Transaction History”.

Select the type of transaction “Deposit”, enter the period you made the transaction, then click “Search”

Whether or not, retaining users will depend on this property of the bookmaker.


After successfully logging in to your account.

Step 1: Click “Withdraw”, Click “Fill Out” to complete the necessary information. Click “Fill in Information”

Complete the required information, then click “Update”, return to the withdrawal page

Step 2: Set a withdrawal password, the password consists of letters and numbers. Click “Set Password”

Enter the security password and click “Set Password”

Password successfully set

Step 3: Confirm email for the first withdrawal

Click “Confirm Email”

Step 4: Click “Withdraw” again, select the bank information previously installed. Note: The information “Bank Account Holder” and the registration name must be the same

Step 5: After the required information has been completed, click “Withdraw” and enter the amount to withdraw enter the withdrawal password. Withdrawal orders will be processed from 30-45 minutes.

Step 6: Check the status of withdrawal orders in “Transaction History”, select the transaction type “Withdrawal”. You can cancel your withdrawal order.


The GDWBET bookmaker pays great attention to promoting the image and especially the promotions that are always refreshed by the bookmaker, elaborately invested in content, images, and promotions to attract new users for themselves.

Support service

Information for you to contact GDWBET customer care when needed:

Email address:

Skype, Zalo, Skype and Viber: Chat via +84 167 2522 166

The bookmaker is committed to always have support staff available and ready to receive and resolve support requests through the above contact channels. This is what this bookmaker did right because it will help retain customers. When your service does not stand out from competitors, it is other values ​​such as extremely thoughtful and dedicated customer care that will help the bookmaker “score” with customers.


GDWBET has the potential to grow into a big bookmaker and they are on the right track – developing quality holistically. Of course, it will take time for this bookmaker to rise to the level of other big bookmakers on the market today, but what this house offers to the user is also adequate for those who only have basic needs when Use the house’s service and not too strict on issues such as time of money transfer, time to answer questions (which are also guaranteed well) when abnormal problems occur.