GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction | 05/06/2020

Determined to win to raise hopes of competing for the play-off ticket will most likely help Tychy host for the fourth time to defeat Zaglebie Sosnowiec. Let’s compare the team by GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction.

GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction

Current Form: 

GKS Tychy and Zagłębie Sosnowiec are in close position on the Polish First Division rankings. After 22 matches, GKS Tychy got 31 points, temporarily ranked 8th. They stood just above Zagłębie Sosnowiec. The distance between the two teams is 2 points. Before entering this match, GKS Tychy was in a series of 5 consecutive rounds of the draw and lost in the First Division. Playing at home is only a spiritual fulcrum but in terms of form, this is not an easy match for the home team.


2019 / CLUB FRIENDLY GAMESZaglebie Sosnowiec1:4GKS Tychy 71
2019 / I LIGAZaglebie Sosnowiec1:2GKS Tychy 71
2018 / I LIGAZaglebie Sosnowiec0:2GKS Tychy 71
2017 / CLUB FRIENDLY GAMESZaglebie Sosnowiec1:1GKS Tychy 71
2017 / I LIGAZaglebie Sosnowiec2:1GKS Tychy 71
2016 / CLUB FRIENDLY GAMESZaglebie Sosnowiec0:1GKS Tychy 71
2016 / I LIGAGKS Tychy 713:0Zaglebie Sosnowiec


GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction
GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction
GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction

Match Analysis: GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction 

GKS Tychy is in the center spot of the class table, got 8W-7D-7L. Despite the fact that they had 43 objectives in the season, they will be top 1 on the hostile side, they got bunches of draws with the goal that they are just in a center spot now. In the past 4 games, the group just got 3D-1L. They fundamentally gathered focuses on the home field, got 5W-4D-1L. In 8 home games, GKS Tychy procured 3W-5D. They were powerless on protection. 

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Zaglebie Sosnowiec got 8W-5D-9L, 2 focuses behind GKS Tychy and 6 focuses on assignment zone. They are not distressing at this point. Zaglebie Sosnowiec got 4W-2D-5L, positioned the fifth spot of the class table, performed well on it. In addition, the group was steady on offense, could score objectives in the past 8 games. In the past 10 fights against GKS Tychy, they got 6W-3D-1L, yet they never prevailed upon GKS Tychy at home. 

Odds Analysis: 

Presently the Asian debilitation odd is GKS Tychy – 0/0.5, the present chances for the two groups are in medium return. Hosts are not top picks of this conflict. GKS Tychy’s condition was slipped. We were unable to know whether they can recoup it after resume. Summarizing, guests may stay away from the annihilation in this game. 

Asian Handicap Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec

GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction: Pick Zaglebie Sosnowiec +0.25

Meet in the match to Tychy must accept Zaglebie Sosnowiec ¼ according to the established Asian bookmaker rate, according to football experts, the home team is the safest choice. The rationale for this argument comes from Tychy’s home turf, the last 5 home games of Tychy unbeaten when they won 1 draw 4.

Although he is experiencing more draws than wins, it is clear that when he plays at his sanctuary Tychy brings trust to the people, and after a long time of not playing this team wants to return by winning, before the opponent is underestimated Tychy will do it.

Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec O/U

  • After a long time of not playing both Tychy and Zaglebie Sosnowiec will not guarantee the physical fitness and legal play in the most smooth way, so it is difficult to expect to see a perfect match or many goals are scored.
  • According to experts, the competition will take place slowly and quite tediously. So with the odds of 3, the bet for betting people is to choose Under.
  • Select: Under

Odds of Europe Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec

  • In addition to the performance against the opponent, looking at the away performance of Zaglebie Sosnowiec with 3 losses, 1 draw, and 1 victory in the last 5 trips away from home, you can see that Zaglebie Sosnowiec often plays badly as a guest.
  • This is why Zaglebie Sosnowiec is underestimated in the next game. In a nutshell, choosing Tychy to win in Europe is not a very risky choice.
  • Select: Tychy wins

Line-up GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction:

  • Tychy: Having the strongest squad
  • Zaglebie Sosnowiec: No significant injuries

Expected squad Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec

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  • Tychy: Manka, Solowiej, Biernat, Jalocha, Moneta, Bieganski, Steblecki, Grzeszczyk, Monterde, Daniel, Lewicki.
  • Zagłębie Sosnowiec: Beneta, Polczak, Stepniowski, Lopata, Slomka, Sinior, Nawotka, Karbowy, Babiarz, Malecki, Pawlowski.

Predict Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction score


  • In the last 13 sequential home 1. Liga matches, we have seen no misfortunes at half an ideal opportunity for GKS Tychy 
  • GKS Tychy hasn’t lost in 20 of their last 24 home games in 1. Liga


  • The two groups scored in 13 of Zaglebie Sosnowiec’s last 17 matches in 1. Liga 
  • Zaglebie Sosnowiec has been productive in their 8 latest conflicts in 1. Liga, scoring 1+ objectives in every one of them 
  • A poor period for Zaglebie Sosnowiec has seen them permit 2+ objectives in 4 of their last 6 away 1. Liga games

=> Finalm GKS Tychy vs Zaglebie Sosnowiec prediction: Tychy will win: 1-0