Golf Results & Odds – Tiger/Manning Vs. Phil/Brady

It got a bit sweaty down the stretch, but Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning ended up beating Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, 1 up, in Sunday’s “The Match.” The event, with raised extra than $20 million for COVID-19 relief, happened at Medalist Golf Club in Florida and featured a back-and-forth affair among the four legends. Mickelson and Brady’s in-play odds got up to 12-1 while they had been down three with eight to play. But the duo won two of the next 4 holes to tug with one. Despite not triumphing a hollow after No. 6, Woods and Manning emerged victorious, due to their a hot beginning. Below are the golf results hole-by-hole.

Tiger/Manning vs. Phil/Brady golf results

Hole 1

Par 4

Golf results: Halve

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Started during a steady rain with some lengthy Samuel L. Jackson intros before every tee shot, each Manning and Brady went way left with their openers, but the professionals picked up the slack, posting a pair of fairly ordinary pars to halve the first hole in a not-so-brisk 22 minutes

Live Odds After Hole 1

Woods/Manning odds: -175

Mickelson/Brady odds: +145

Hole 2

Par 4

Golf results: Halve

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After a two-minute on-air explanation of how he was making plans to hit a pitch shot from simply off the green, Mickelson certainly pulls it off, knocking the shot tight to save par. Meanwhile, Manning and Woods both lag their long birdie attempts and are (finally) conceded the par putts to halve a second straight hollow to begin the match.

Live Odds After Hole 2

Woods/Manning odds: -186

Mickelson/Brady odds: +155

Hole 3

Golf Results

Par 5

Golf Results: Woods/Manning Win

We in the end have a few bloods on the third hole, as Woods is conceded birdie and Manning is conceded net-birdie to present their team a 1-up lead. Perhaps the maximum entertaining part of the hollow befell on the tee box, while Mickelson announced that the CEO of Workday, one in all his sponsors, might kick in an extra $1.5 million to the preliminary charity variety of $250,000 for the lengthy drive, simplest to observe as Woods banged one straight down the green to win.

Meanwhile, Brady sliced and chunked his manner around, possibly a precursor to the back-nine trade shot.

Live Odds After Hole 3

Woods/Manning odds: -345

Mickelson/Brady odds: +280

Hole 4

Par 3

Hole Result: Woods/Manning Win

Manning knocked his tee shot in this par-three onto the green, then is outdone by partner Woods, who stiffs one closer. But the QB has the closing chuckle over his teammate, rolling inside the birdie putt to win the hollow and flow Woods/Manning to 2-up through four holes.

Live Odds After Hole 4

Woods/Manning odds: -715

Mickelson/Brady odds: +550

Hole 6

Par 4

Golf Results: Woods/Manning

As Brady keeps to struggle — to put it mildly — Manning seems very cushty hanging with the pros. On the par-four 6th hole — the second one of 3 wherein the QBs get a stroke on the front-nine — Manning holes a par putt for a net-3 and a third win in 4 holes for Team Woods.

To use an old quote, it’s getting overdue early for Team Mickelson, which shouldn’t see matters get a great deal easier within the back-nine alt-shot format.

Live Odds After Hole 6

Woods/Manning odds: -2000

Mickelson/Brady odds: +1100

Hole 7

Par 5

Hole Result: Halve

After struggling mightily for the first six holes, Brady needs 3 shots just to get his ball again into the fairway on the par-5 seventh, then inexplicably spins in a wedge for birdie — the golf equal of a 28-three comeback. Woods can handiest manipulate a halve whilst his prolonged eagle try lips out, however his crew remains 3-up with 11 holes to play.

Live Odds After Hole 7

Woods/Manning odds: -1667

Mickelson/Brady odds: +1000

Hole 10

Golf Results

Par 4

Golf Results: Halve

On the first hollow of the modified alternate-shot format, it was tremendously uneventful, as Manning and Mickelson missed the green with their approach shots, however, Woods and Brady (!) hit a couple of high-quality lags from off the putting floor to halve the hollow, as Team Woods remains 3-up.

Live Odds After Hole 10

Woods/Manning odds: -2500

Mickelson/Brady odds: +1200

Hole 12

Par 3

Golf Results: Halve

Woods and Mickelson each hit satisfactory tee pictures to pin-high at the par-3, but the QBs fail to transform their birdie putts, as the hole is halved with pars. Team Woods remains two-up with 6 holes to play.

Live Odds After Hole 12

Woods/Manning odds: -770

Mickelson/Brady odds: +550

Hole 13

Golf Results

Par 5

Golf Results: Halve

As the “summer squall” choices up and starts pound hammering down rain on Medalist GC, each group has a few free swings in this par-5. Eventually, Manning misses about a 12-foot par attempt, followed through Mickelson missing a 10-footer of his own at the low aspect, maintaining his side from getting too inside 1-down. Instead, they remain 2-down with 5 holes left to play and are + seven hundred favorites to finish the comeback.

Live Odds After Hole 13

Woods/Manning odds: -1000

Mickelson/Brady odds: +700

Hole 18

Par 4

Golf Results: Halve

This wasn’t the first time Woods lagged an extended birdie putt to clinch a win. After Mickelson gave his birdie chip a valorous effort however left it short, Woods hit a perfect lag putt to ensure par to halve the final hollow and declare a 1-up victory for the match.