Grasp These Rule Before Bet Online Sicbo – Sicbo Tips

Online Sicbo is a popular game in Asian casinos. This game of chance is very attractive, easy to play and requires no tactics or skills.

In this article, CMD368 will show you how to play online Sicbo and explain in detail the types of bets in the game and some Sicbo tips would help you to enjoy the game and bring valuable gains at CMD368.


1. Introducing Sicbo dice

Sicbo is a dice game derived from ancient China.

If you watch Hong Kong / Chinese movies a lot, especially historical dramas, you will often see the 3-card game of Shakes at casinos / schools. That’s the Sicbo game – shakes Sic Bo or also called Sic Bo.

Currently, the game of 3 dice, Sicbo, is not only popular in Asian casinos. It has been available in European and American casinos. And even the world’s leading online casino CMD368 Casino already has this game.

2. How to play Sicbo – shake Sic Bo

In each online Sicbo game, the Dealer will shake 3 dice in a small box.

Players will bet on the result of that Sic Bo shake.

How to play online Sicbo is as simple as that. But read on to find out more.

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2.1 Sicbo Dice

  • Sicbo game uses 3 dice (also called dice).
  • Each Sic Bo cube has a cube shape, consisting of 6 faces. Faces have 1 to 6 dots in turn, corresponding to 1 to 6 points.
  • The result of each dice is the sum of the three upward faces of the dice.

2.2 Sicbo betting table

In online Sicbo, there will be a betting table with many different betting doors – similar to Roulette.

Grasp These Rule Before Bet Online Sicbo - Sicbo Tips

Bet table and dice in Sicbo game

You can bet on multiple gates. For example: bet total of 3 dice, bet on a specific number, a pair of numbers or a set of multiple numbers … Bet on as many doors as you like.

Of course, each bet has different payouts, depending on the probability of winning. The following section explains each bet in detail in online Sicbo.

3. The betting door in Sicbo

An important part of playing online Sicbo is to understand the types of bets offered in this game.

The basic rule of Sicbo is that you will predict the outcome of rolling 3 dice. However, you can bet that dice result in many different types of bets.

1. Big/Small bets

Bet on Big or Small is the simplest and most popular bet in Sicbo.

  • Big win if the sum of all 3 dice is 11 – 17 points.
  • Small win if the total of 3 dice is 4 – 10 points.

The payoff for Big / Small is 1: 1. That is, you put 1 $, you will win 1 $. The probability of Over or Under is almost 50%, similar to Red / Black bet in Roulette. Therefore, this is a low-risk bet when playing online Sicbo.

Note, the Over and Under will both lose if 3 dice have the same score (set of 3).

Grasp These Rule Before Bet Online Sicbo - Sicbo Tips

2. Odd/Even

  • Odd Bet – The total score will be an odd number, besides any triple (1-1-1, 2-2-2, etc.). The payout is 1:1, while the house edge is 2.8%.
  • Even Bet – The total score will be an even number, besides any triple (1-1-1, 2-2-2, etc.) The payout is 1:1, while the house edge is 2.8%.

3. Double Bets

Grasp These Rule Before Bet Online Sicbo - Sicbo Tips

You bet will produce 2 dice with the same specific score.

  • You can choose one or more pairs. From doubles 1 to doubles 6.
  • The payoff for doubles is 1:10.
  • Example: You place $ 1 on a double 2. The dice result is 2, 6, 2. You win $ 10.

4. Bet Triple

Grasp These Rule Before Bet Online Sicbo - Sicbo Tips

As the name suggests, the third bet is that you bet 3 dice to get the same score.

There are two types of bets.

  • Bet on a specific triple from set 1 to 6. The payout ratio is 1: 180.
  • Bets will make any one of the three. The payout ratio is 30: 1.

5. Total Bet

You can bet on the total of 3 dice.

  • There are scores totaling 4 to 17 for you to bet on.
  • The payout ratio for each score box is different and is clearly stated under each box.
  • For example, the total of 4 points is 1 to 1 to 60. And the total of 5 points is 1 to 30 …

6. Pair bets

You bet on a pair of two numbers that roll out when you roll 3 dice.

  • There are 15 pairs for you to bet. For example, you can choose pairs 3 and 4, 2 and 5, or 2 and 6…
  • The payout ratio for pair bets is 5: 1.

7. Specific bets

Finally, you can bet that 3 of the dice will have a specific number.

  • You can choose numbers from 1 to 6. If any dice have the number of points you choose, you will win.
  • The payout ratio depends on the number of times you choose.
  • If out on a tablet you are paid 1: 1. If you pay more than 2, you will be paid 2: 1. If all 3 dice produce the number you choose, you get paid 3: 1.

The final rate seems to be very different from the set of 3 doors (1 to 180). But this difference makes online Sicbo very attractive.

4. Some Sicbo tips when Sicbo Online

Play according to their own tactics

Online Sicbo as games of chance always have unexpected elements and no one can predict. As well as faint, it is still a mystery for each player to find their own Sicbo tips and win. The strategy cannot be doubled, you can only play a lot and learn from your own experience.

Sensitive pick a stop

This is one of the Sicbo tips used by many skilled players. They often do not play all the bridges but will sit to watch when the beautiful bridge, then bet and when a decent amount of money they will stop and wait for the next opportunity. This helps reduce the risk of misplacing bad players and increasing the win rate with this Sicbo tips.

Know the rules of the game

Sicbo tips with no tips: When you want to play any game well, you need to know the rules of the game. The game of dice has simple rules but to win, the player needs to know the rules of the bet too. There are two possible ways to place a bet: a bet in fold or exponential terms.

According to judgment

Not much depends on luck but requires players to have a little thought in judgment.

  • For example, by betting on 1 number, the giver will choose 2, out of 3 dice having a 2 and two 3, the player has won at this table.

Based on this result the player will determine the probability of appearing of other numbers.

  • For a 3-digit bet, the player will pick the trio that will appear on the top, the odds of winning are extremely rare if you do not want to risk it absolutely do not choose this bet.

In pair betting, from the experience of playing online Sicbo effectively, the players think that pairs of 2, 4, 6 are the three most likely pairs to appear.

Other Notes:

  • With a modest amount of players, players keep putting “small” and then slowly raise capital until you find yourself holding 90% of the table wins.
  • The way to play online Sicbo is also known as way of playing and if the player is patient enough then you should choose this game.
  • The odds of this bet are 1: 1, the lowest of the odds and you have no chance to double or triple the amount.
  • Choosing a total score of 4-10 or 11-17 will certainly be easy to guess the results of the 3 cool numbers from the first 1 to 2 goals.
  • Obviously there are only 2 cases (50-50) and if you know the rule you will see that if the door of BIG consecutive tables, it will certainly appear in table 3, table 4, table 5
  • Just like that we will put money into a single door within 4-5 tables.
  • This is one of the effective Sicbo tips to play online Sicbo for beginners and has the lowest loss rate

5. Sicbo Online At CMD368

For those who are new to the online gaming world, the stranger is CMD368. The real strength of CMD368 is football betting. However, the casino segment is also very interested in this house. Players will have a professional entertainment space for casino interface. Online casino, dealer system is very beautiful, young.

The interface is designed in a clear, simple and logical layout. Green and white are the main colors of this house. From there, giving participants a sense of softness, easier to manipulate. It can be said that the casino of CMD368 is not inferior to other bookmakers.

5.1 Sicbo with CMD368

Dealer And online Sicbo Table at CMD368
Dealer And online Sicbo Table at CMD368
Play Sicbo Online with promotions from CMD368
Play Sicbo Online with promotions from CMD368

Online Sicbo is a popular game in Asian casinos. This game of chance is very attractive, easy to play and requires no tactics or skills. That’s why thousands of players have registered and experienced online Sicbo service at CMD368.

A Sicbo Online Room
A Sicbo Online Room 
Register, Deposit, and head to choose your favorite Casino Room
Register, Deposit, and head to choose your favorite Casino Room 

5.2  Huge promotions

In fact, attracting players by offering huge incentives is always what CMD368 focuses on online Sicbo. When accessing the preferences at the website, participants can notice the various incentive programs.

  • Welcome new members from 50 – 120%, equivalent to $100.
  • Recharge promotion: The reward level is 20% equivalent to $50.
  • Refund: Weekly 0.8% without limitation.

Always displayed and must-have offers for online Sicbo players.

Promotions may be sent via your email, or their customer service will call to notify you. You can also go to the dealer website to view the information in the betting section.

Major products promotions
Major products promotions

Players easily catch up with the latest offer as long as with regular login and experience to VIP level.

Seasonal Offers
Seasonal Offers

3 main CMD368 Offers:

  1. Permanent Offers
  1. Major Product Offers
  1. Seasonal, Event Offers

3 most outstanding for Casino

For the casino segment, CMD368 betting house really has done well to bring the best moments and prices for players with Sicbo Online.

Hopefully, some of the above Sicbo tips will help you have an additional way to win prices and hug the money back.

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