Grazer AK (N) vs SV Ried Prediction on 16h30, June 10

Grazer AK (N) vs SV Ried prediction 16h30 on 06/10/2020. High odds page, instructions for betting and analysis of football commentaries in the exact match Grazer vs Ried. Help players place big wins at CMD368.

Current performance

In the round of the 20 round of Austria Erste Division, fans will be watching the extremely attractive duel between rivals Grazer AK vs SV Ried. Both are determined to win the highest. Grazer vs Ried prediction has a high probability of winning in favor of the guests.

Grazer AK (N) vs SV Ried Prediction

Handicap / Asian odds of Grazer AK (N) vs SV Ried prediction

Grazer AK is playing with a bad form now. The home team has only 19 points through 19 rounds. Currently, Grazer AK is ranked 15th on the chart. In total, they won only 4 wins, 7 draws and 8 losses. In the last 10 matches, they won only 1 victory, drew 6 matches and lost 3 times. With the current performance, they have to set high sights on this battle. What they need to promote is home advantage.

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Grazer vs Ried prediction determines the handicap is 1.25 for the whole match. In particular, Grazer AK vs SV Ried receive bet of 0.93 and 0.97 respectively.

Grazer vs Ried prediction: choose Grazer AK (N).

European odds of Grazer AK (N) vs SV Ried prediction

On the other side of the battle line, SV Ried is playing with a high level of achievement. The visiting team is at the top of the table with 45 points. They brought in 8 wins and 2 draws in the last 10 matches. The team ranked near the end of the table’s march is an opportunity for them to take advantage. Most likely, they will get their full victory if win 3 scores.

The bookie determines that the European odd will draw all 4.60 matches. In particular, the home team gets a payout of 5.80 matches. Away team gets a bet of 1.41 whole match.

The score of Grazer AK (N) vs SV Ried prediction: 1 – 2

Grazer AK (N) vs SV Ried Prediction

Over/Under odds

The confrontation between the two teams is a quite deep difference in the rankings. Especially when the home team is standing in a low position. To have a glimmer of hope, they are forced to fight hard in the next match. However, the opponent they encountered also set a target to reach a higher position. They will play with the most dramatic game and win the minimum gap in favor of the away team.

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The dealer assigns Overdog both the 3.0 level. In which, all bets on Over will win 0.95. Under bets, both matches stand at 0.93.

Grazer vs Ried prediction: choose Over.

Recent Performances of Grazer AK Vs SV Ried:

  • Grazer AK: 1 win, 6 draws, 3 losses.
  • SV Ried: 8 wins, 2 draws.