Greece U21 vs Czech Republic U21 Prediction | 11/13

Greece U21 vs Czech Republic U21 prediction – Czech Republic U21 will have a trip to Greece U21 in the framework of Group D UEFA Euro U21. In the context that the group is gradually getting the results of the next teams, Greece U21 is considered almost as possible to continue to the next round. Is Greece U21 the one who gets in the way of the visitors so that they do not get points in this round?

Greece U21 vs Czech Republic U21 Prediction


  • Match date: 4:00 pm on Friday 13th November 2020
  • Event: U21 Euro Qualification




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  • Greece U21 entered the group with too many strong opponents, the not really good preparation made them repeatedly fail. Currently, Greece U21 is ranked 4th with 13 points gained after 9 rounds, the chance is considered to be closed for the team. Although they made some progress in the tournament when they first lost 0-5 to Croatia, in the second leg they lost just 1 goal. 
  • However, their abilities are still limited and do not have an effective plan for finding the opponent’s net. Greece U21’s opponent this time is also considered quite strong, this is probably a difficult match for them.


  • Although not quite appreciated for this group, but Czech Republic U21 is doing very well and has a high position in the current rankings. They are ranked first with 18 points obtained after 9 rounds, the defense is the dominant point of the team when only conceding 4 goals in the current tournament. 
  • Not only that, but the attackers also proved extremely excellent when they scored 18 goals, 2 goals/game performance, an impressive number. This is the premise as well as a good basis for them to win for 3 important points to ensure their ability to continue in the group.


  • Looking at the rankings of the tournament, it is easy to see how the difference between the two teams is. While the Czech Republic U21 is flying away with a series of consecutive victories, Greece U21 is buried deeply in the second half of the rankings. The current form and the desire to get 3 points to believe that Czech Republic U21 will do well and win this matchup. Prediction to choose Czech Republic U21 for the Asian handicap.

Greece U21 vs Czech Republic U21 prediction: Czech Republic U21 FT


  • Although the first phase is not too stable, recently the away team is showing a completely different face. Their defense proved very solid in the last match when they only lost 1 goal against Croatia’s strong attack. Although Czech Republic U21 has a higher rating, it is very difficult to get an overwhelming victory over the home team at the moment. Predict a match with few goals so the Greece U21 vs Czech Republic U21 prediction recommends that you choose Under.
  • Select: Under FT

Greece U21 vs Czech Republic U21 prediction: Greece U21 0 – 1 Czech Republic U21 (H1: 0 – 0)

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Greece U21 vs Czech Republic U21 Prediction


  • The level difference between the two teams has been shown very clearly in recent years. The home team proved weak in their ability to get on the ball as well as deploy their play in the midfield, they only scored 9 goals this season. This shows that all advantages are in favor of the Czech Republic U21, with a game like this, they only have from draw to win and cannot lose against the opponent. But believe that with the desire to get 3 points to make sure that the next Czech Republic U21 will use all of their ability to break through the opponent and win. Choosing the Czech Republic U21 for the European handicap is a very reasonable choice.
  • Greece U21 vs Czech Republic U21 prediction: Czech Republic U21 FT


  • Greece U21: Katsikas, Dimitriou, Evangelou, Apostolakis, Katranis, Nikolaou, Papanikolaou, Bouzoukis, Gaitanidis, Tsingaras, Douvikas.
  • Czech Republic U21: Jedlicka, Chalus, Plechaty, Holik, Granecny, Janosek, Hlozek, Sadilek, Vanicek, Matousek, Sasinka.

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