[GUIDE] Detailed Online Dog Racing Betting From A-Z

Dog racing is a popular form of sports betting in the world.

Currently, this subject is not popular in the area but thanks to online channels, it has become more and more popular.

No longer simply watching on TV channels but now you can completely proceed smoothly.

How to bet? It is very simple to follow the sharing details below.

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Detailed Online Dog Racing Betting From A-Z

What is dog racing?

Similar to horse racing, dog racing is a sport that uses racing dogs to compete for rankings.

Currently, in many countries they have become a fairly well-developed industry.

Not all types of dogs can compete and win prizes.

The dogs chosen are usually of the racing breed, which has endurance and speed.

They will receive special training and care to be able to participate in dramatic races.

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Dog racing is considered a game for men. Accompanying the competition is the betting industry.

Players will select the most capable dogs, bet and will receive a prize from the bookie according to the rules specified.

Basically, this is like many other forms of sports.

Two types of dog racing bets

Greyhound Races (Greyhound Races)

When it comes to betting in this form, most of the dog racing events on the online betting website are Greyhound dogs.

They will be trained by dog ​​trainers and dogs will be competing in races from 500 to 700 meters.

This is also the most common form of online bookmakers

Sled Dog Races (Sled Dog Races)

This is the second type of bet you will encounter, but currently, not many bookmakers in the area have this type of bet.

The coaches will sit on the rickshaw and the dogs will run towards the finish line at a distance of 1000 miles and the one who finishes first wins.

If you want to attend an event like this, you can go to Alaska – Landline famous for this type of dog racing.

Rules of how to play dog ​​racing?

Playing dog racing is a pretty dramatic sport.

While the dogs are racing to compete for the first place, we are betting with the bookie on the results to receive great rewards.

Just entertaining and rewarding, there’s nothing wrong with this game.

Because dog racing is not yet popular in our country, so certainly the rules are not well known, but recently this form is being popular again.

Just like horse racing, this game is organized to find the lucky dog ​​to get a high rank.

The result of the match will be the basis for calculating the bonus for the accompanying betting forms.

Dog racing is HOT again in recent time
Dog racing is HOT again in recent time

Bets on dog racing

Before making a bet, first, we need to find out the bet types to make the best choice.

Single bets – WIN

This is a bet on 1 unit. Players need to bet exactly which dog will finish first. If there are 6 dogs participating in the race, they will be numbered from 1 to 6 and we only need to choose in this order to predict.

Example: Player bet on Dog No. 3 to finish first. Result:

  • If number 1 wins => Lose, lose your bet.
  • If number 3 comes in first => Win, receive a reward proportionally.

Double bets

Double bets are a method of predicting which two dogs will finish first. There are the following types of double bets:

Straight forecast bet slip: Bet on 2 dogs to finish first in the order.

If we choose this bet, we need to select at least 2 dogs. If the results are correct then the prediction is rewarded.

Example: Straight forecast bet on no.1 dog takes first place, no.3 dog takes second place. If the result is correct then win the prize, if only one position is changed then it will lose the bet. Currently, the bookmakers also have the afternoon function so that the player does not need to bet multiple times.

Quinella bet ticket: Bet on the 2 most finished dogs in no order.

With this method, it is necessary to select a minimum of 2 dogs to bet. The difference is that if they win first, then they win, regardless of the order.

Example: Choose quinella ticket for dog number 3, first prize and number 4 second. The result of number 4 in the first place and number 3 in the second prize will still count.

Triple bets (tricast)

This bet type is also divided into 2 different types:

Straight bet: Bet on 3 dogs first, second, third.

This bet requires predicting the correct order of the dogs to win.

For example: Predict number 1 first, number 3 second, number 4 on 3rd. If only 1 dog returns to the wrong position, it will be lost.

Combination tricast bet: Bets on first, second, third in no order.

With this betting code, at least 3 dogs must be selected. Players will receive a reward if they correctly predict the top 3 dogs regardless of their prize.

Bet four (first four)

Like the above forms, bet 4 is also divided into 2 types:

Straight first four bets: Bet on 4 dogs first, second, third or fourth.

Predict 4 dogs in the correct order to receive the reward.

Example: Predict number 2 first, number 1 second, number 6 on 3rd, number 5 on fourth. The player wins when the result is as expected.

Combination first four bet slip: Bets on first, second, third, fourth bets do not care the order.

This is a play based on only the names of the 4 highest-winning dogs and no matter what rank they will achieve in the race.

So in dog racing, there are many types of bet tickets for us to choose. Players will have many forms of betting based on their judgment to increase the chances of getting a big prize from the bookie.

Rules for playing dog racing

Playing dog racing is very simple when we rely on the results of the race to calculate.

Firstly the dogs will be numbered. The information about them will be made public before the race so that players can use it to select bets. Usually, races have 6-8 racing dogs.

They are crammed into cages and after the start of the race signals people will open the door and the dogs rush out like arrows.

To increase the size of these dogs, people often use fluffy rabbits attached to the rails to run before the dogs.

Just like the horse racing, the dogs are also ranked D, C, B, A, AA, AAA and according to the law, they will win 1 rank every 3 consecutive games; losing 3 matches in a row will be relegated.

If at the racetrack, before the game starts the player will be given materials about dogs.

From weight, breed, health status, achievements … are very detailed so we can track and calculate bets.

With the form of betting on online dog racing, the bookie will also provide this valuable information for players.

3 minutes before the match starts, the player must complete all bets.

Tickets after this time are not valid and normally, the way to play greyhounds betting online, the system will automatically close and refuse to accept bets.

Each race usually takes only a few minutes but it is very dramatic.

After we have identified the top dogs, we will need to base on our bet type to know the winning and losing ratio and the winning rate.

Notes when playing dog racing

The way to play dog ​​racing is quite simple but to get able to win it also needs a lot of experience.

Currently, dog ​​racing in our country is not popular with very few racecourses. To be able to proceed smoothly, we need to pay attention to the following points:

To compete in licensed racetracks, players need to be at least 21 years old.

Especially, the State also stipulates that participants must be responsible for their own civil acts and must prove financially of $ 420 or more.

This is to ensure that the bets do not affect life, limit the evils arising when participating in gambling.

For the form of playing online at the bookie, the rules are not so strict.

However, players need to look for reputable bookmakers to be able to place bets. This will ensure the rights of the player.

One more note that we need to consider is to analyze dog races carefully.

Although this is a sport with many surprises, we should not rely entirely on emotions.

Understanding the information about the dog participating in the competition is not redundant.

Highly knowledgeable and experienced people will always gain the advantage and a great chance of winning from the bookie.


With the above sharing, the player is provided with the most necessary and accurate information to know about a dog racing bet is made.

Not as difficult as we mistakenly believed, is it true?

So if you have the passion and knowledge, do not hesitate to choose for yourself the most potential bets and take home the most brilliant victories.

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