Guide To Play LOL Betting At W88 Bookie

Since the advent of online gaming, League of Legends betting (LOL betting) has been a hit in this area. Referring to the League of Legends, people will think of an attractive game and fair competition environment.

It is also because of the hotness of this game that people not only build in the form of entertainment but now you can both have fun and bet on real money at reputable bookies. Among the famous LOL bookies today, it is impossible not to mention W88. So what are the characteristics of LOL betting in W88 and how to bet? In the following article let’s find out in detail.

A brief introduction to League of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends is a game created by American programmers. This is a genre of a game mix between group tactics and role-playing. This game launched in 2009 and immediately attracted a great deal of interest from gamers all over the world and so far the song of this game has not decreased.

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League of Legends attracts audiences by attractive gameplay, requiring players to have speed, tactics as well as to know the role-playing to be able to play.

Also because of the attractive gameplay, League of Legends quickly demolished other game “monuments” in the area to take the No. 1 position. The time in 2012 at the computer rooms was always overloaded with League of Legends players. Not only that, when the first year of release in Vietnam, League of Legends also helped players gain a lot of glory in the international gaming arena.

Guide To Play LOL Betting At W88 Bookie

With the resounding success that this game brings, it is not difficult to understand when it is always the No. 1 position in the hearts of everyone, and like a solid monument that can not be broken.

When playing League of Legends players will be assigned to 2 different teams and divided into 2 teams each map. Each team will work together to destroy the Nexus itself. The team that reaches the finish line and reaches the previous goal will win.

Introducing the LOL betting market

When League of Legends tournaments between teams take place, players are free to cheer for their favorite team. Not only cheering, but today players can also bet on League of Legends matches. Currently, there are 2 types of bets that players are quite popular.

Playing bet and winning

With this bet, players only need to choose the selection that you think the team will win. If you guess correctly the player will double the bet multiplied by the coefficient you lose to each team and lose, obviously losing the entire amount.

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There are currently two forms of LOL betting, traditional and online, of which online betting is preferred for convenience and speed. To play allied online betting players only need to register an account on a reputable bookie and proceed to deposit money to bet.

If the system wins, it will also automatically transfer the winnings to the player’s personal wallet. Not only quick recharge but withdrawal is also very fast and convenient.

With this bet, players only need to know a little about the League of Legends as well as the teams to choose the winning team to bet.

Play betting on Over Under bets

The Over Under not only popular in online football betting but also in the League of Legends game. However, in order to place a financial bet, players need to be knowledgeable about the league game as well as the strength of the teams competing that day. This knowledge can help players analyze as well as evaluate their strength to make the best decision.

To bet on the online Over Under, the player will be interested in the number that the bookie gives. The player’s job is to bet whether the points of both teams are bigger or smaller than the bookie number.

If the total is greater than the number offered by the bookie and the player who placed the Over wins, the opposite is the case.

If the total is less than the number offered by the bookie, the Under will win and Over is the losing bet.

League of League of Legends

Leagues of LOL
Leagues of LOL

LCS tournament

LCS is the socks for the League of Legends Championship Series. This is probably the highest tournament in Europe and North America. Each year, this tournament will be held twice in the spring and summer. Through this tournament, the jury will select each country 3 teams to participate in the world tournament. The jury will select the summer champion team, the team with the highest total score in the spring and summer, and the team that will qualify.

LCK tournament

LCK stands for League of Legends Champions Korea. This is the League of Legends championship of Korea. Every year, the organizers will organize 2 seasons in a year and also choose 3 teams to participate in the world tournament. Currently, the LCK tournament is considered to be the best quality available today.

LPL tournament

LPL stands for League of Legends Pro League. This is the official tournament for Chinese gamers. Just like the above 2 tournaments, the LPL will also choose the best 3 teams to attend the world tournament.

LMS tournament

LMS stands for the phrase League of Legends Master Series. This is the official tournament of the three areas of Taiwan – Hong Kong – Macau. Through the tournament, the organizers will also choose 3 teams to play for the world cup. Annually, these 3 countries also organize 2 times a year for gamers to have conditions to interact and compete.

VCS tournament

VCS stands for Vietnam Championship Series. This is the official tournament of Vietnam which is held every 2 years. However, this tournament started in 2018 because we have a superior playstyle compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. This ensures that Vietnam always has 1 ticket to participate in the international arena. Accordingly, the jury will also choose the 3 best teams to represent the country in the international arena.

GPL tournament

GPL stands for the phrase Garena Premier League. This is a tournament in Southeast Asia. Previously this tournament will have Vietnam and Taiwan to participate but recently due to the superiority of the play, these two teams have been allowed to organize their own tournament. In this tournament, a champion team will be selected to participate in the world finals.

Rift Rivals Tournament

Rift Rivals, or “War Area” Since 2017, this is a tournament held by Riot every year. Accordingly, people will be divided into teams close to each other or with equal qualifications into teams competing to exchange experiences.

All-Star Tournament

All-Star Event (ASE), also known as “Super Star War”. This is also a tournament organized by Riot starting in 2013. The participating countries are all excellent teams in tournaments in other countries. To be selected for the All-Star Team requires players from that region to participate in more than 20% of the region’s top-level tournament time. Accordingly, the organizers will filter out and select the 2 best people into the team.

Garena All-Star Tournament

Garena All-Star, also known as “Super Star of Southeast Asia” Since 2016, Garena has stood up to organize this tournament so that the brothers in Southeast Asia have the opportunity to make friendships and exchange experiences. In this tournament, the players will be selected to form an excellent team to join the world together. 

However, this is a bit inadequate because players from different countries should disagree about the language. This makes it difficult for the players to understand and combine with each other.

Guide to play LOL betting at W88

League of Legends is the game that attracts the most players, so the bookies want to give gamers an interesting playground. Since then, the LOL betting when playing online was born and it is like football betting, the player will place a bet every time the tournament takes place. Among the bookies who hold the LOL, it is impossible not to mention W88.

W88 has for years affirmed its position in the hearts of gamers, and so far no bookie has been able to win this position. Next, we will go together to learn about LOL betting at W88.

Step 1: Login your account at the W88 system

In order to participate in online betting, players must have an account. To create an account at the W88 bookie, the player can access the website

Here the player will click the registration and complete the information required by the system to complete the account registration. People only need to register once and the next time they need to log in as usual to play.

The next step is that the player needs to deposit to the account to be able to place bets. At this first deposit, players also have the opportunity to receive any incentives from the bookie.

Step 2: Proceeding with LOL betting

After successfully logging in and depositing money at W88, players need to go to the menu and select the League of Legends. After entering the game, the bet will appear and the player will base on the bookie’s odds to bet (in case of over / under)

Next, the player will see a table of odds, click on it and enter the amount of the bet and click confirm to finish.

The last thing for the player is to sit and watch the progress of the League of Legends match that day.

LOL betting tips effective at the w88 bookie

Online betting is probably not too strange for you in the professional world, but for newbies, you will definitely have a lot of questions. To help new players, here we will share some effective LOL betting tips at the W88 bookie.

Learn about team play

To bet match time, it is imperative that the player needs to be knowledgeable about the team playing that day. Accordingly, the teams that play well, attractive gameplay will reach the goal faster and end the game faster. In addition to strength and gameplay, players also need to find out the meta style of that team. If that day the team played Meta, the chances of winning would be much higher.

Find out which 5 networks first

If the strength of the two teams is different, the score of the game will be more predictable. If a team plays well, it is easy to get 5 lives and obviously, if you bet on this team, your chances of winning will be higher.

Don’t bet based on the first victory

When playing LOL betting, we recommend that people should not be affected by the team’s first deeds. There are many factors that affect the first battle so this can not prove the strength of a certain team.

Learn about the history of confrontation between two teams

If you look at the history of the two teams and find nothing special, players should choose to bet on the lower odds. This will increase your chances of winning. If the history of two teams is against each other and nothing affects the winning team, the player should still choose the winning team in history to bet.

Bet on the champion team

If a team wins a series of matches then you should bet on this team. In the league, all teams play to play up to 5 games and the ability to flip the odds is very unlikely.

Over / Under certain matches

This is a fairly easy rafter player should focus on research. It is easy to say because compared to the bookie’s ratio of 4 and 5, it will be difficult to achieve if the two teams competing that day are really separated.


League of Legends is an interesting game, but betting on your favorite team is not easy. To increase your chances of winning when you play LOL betting, learn a lot about the team on that day as well as make good judgments before making a decision. Be very smart players to bring yourself big bets.

Hopefully, with the share in the above article, it will help you understand and know how to gamble at the W88 bookie. Wish you always win!

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