Guide To Play Lotto/Lottery W88 Earn Big Money

Lotto/Lottery is one of the popular Lottery betting games. Although it has been around for a long time, it is still a favorite entertainment for professional gamblers. It is because of this fondness that people have now turned Lotto into online games. Not only is the game simple, but players can also choose to play real money betting at reputable bookies.

The traditional way of playing Lotto/Lottery is not too strange for everyone but with the online form, not everyone understands. So what is playing real money? Is there any secret to winning big or not? The article below W88 please share details.

Information about Lotto at W88
Information about Lotto at W88

Introducing Lotto/Lottery W88

Lotto online is a game that is legalized from the Lottery to traditional games. Just like the traditional Lottery, Lotto/Lottery online is also based on daily Lottery results. Lotto also has many types of 2,3,4,5 numbers and has different winning values.

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Lotto 2 Numbers allows players to select 2 paired numbers of the tens and units

Lotto 3 numbers are a combination of 3 numbers hundreds, tens, units combined to form a winning number.

Similarly, Lotto 4,5 is also combined as above to create a prize

Instructions for playing Lotto/Lottery W88 simple

Just like playing the traditional Lotto, an online Lotto/Lottery to earn real money is quite easy to play. However, the way to play online also has some differences. But with the 3 detailed steps below, Lotto online is just a small thing.

Step 1: Log in to W88 system

First, open your computer or phone and visit the W88 website. Next, proceed to log into your personal account and select the Lotto/Lottery. If you do not have an account, you need to register immediately according to the instructions on the system.

Step 2: Choose the Lotto market

At the W88 bookie, there are 3 markets for players to choose to bet. Detail:

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  • 3D Lotto 300s, 180s, the 60s and 30s: With this market, each turn will have 10 marbles from 0-9. The system will perform 1 turn and draw 5 balls. The order of the batch numbers will be calculated from the ball to the left.
  • Lotto 300s, 180s, the 60s and 30s: This market also has 10 marbles and the system spins randomly to draw 5 marbles which are calculated from right to left.
  • Lotto 11 × 5 300s, 180s, 60s and 30s: This market alone will have 11 marbles and the number of balls drawn is 5 calculated from left to right.

In these 3 markets, players can optionally choose 1 market to play without following any rules.

Step 3: Place a bet and confirm

After selecting the market to play Lotto/Lottery, the player needs to choose the bet level and place the bet. There are many ways to bet for players such as 3-digit bet, 2-digit bet and 1-digit bet and each bet will have different payouts.

Normally, the result usually has 3 numbers calculated from left to right which are hundreds, tens and units. Based on this result the player will calculate whether he or she won.

Guide To Play Lotto/Lottery W88 Earn Big Money

Example: You place a bet on 1 number

When wager the player needs to select 1 or more numbers for the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places. If the Lotto/Lottery results match the numbers you give then you will win

For example, the player will choose the numbers

3rd place is 3,4

Position 1 is 6

From there, there will be 3 total bets: 6xx, 3xx, 4xx

If the result is 3 numbers is 304 then the player will win the bet

Great way to play Lotto/Lottery to earn money at W88

Some great ways to raise Lotto/Lottery effectively

Certain players want to win when they play to multiply their own capital. Lotto is not only a game based on luck but requires players to know the calculation to increase the probability of winning. Here W88 would like to share with players a few tricks to play money Lotto always win.

These tactics include the correct Lotto/Lottery calculation methods and the principles that Lotto owners must follow absolutely.

Lottery recipes exactly like a master

Each player has their own tactics so that they can always win the Lottery. Each player has different methods and different success rates. If you are new, you should synthesize the tactics of the players to find the most appropriate method for yourself.

Currently, W88 has summed up the 3 most accurate moves shared by the players. While these methods do not guarantee a 100% chance of winning, if applied correctly, the success rate is also very high, sometimes up to 90%. The three great moves to mention are the statistics of the previous day, the next day, the rule of batch output, the rule of batch drop and return the next day.

Statistics of the previous day and the next day

With this Lotto/Lottery calculation, it is not guaranteed to bring you a 100% win, but it is also possible to guarantee a higher winning percentage for you. With this method of calculating the lot, the players usually make statistics from 1 week, half a month, 1 month to find out the rules of the lots. However, please note that each person has different views and speculations, so the number of predicted lots will be different.

Lottery recipes exactly like a master
Lottery recipes exactly like a master

Rule out by weekday

This rule is summarized by the brothers. People can refer to some rules as follows:

  • On Thursday and Saturday are usually 97
  • On Saturday, Sunday are usually 898
  • On Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are the number 33 pairs with high probability
  • On Thursday and Sunday are usually about 56 
  • On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are usually 66 pairs

These are just some of the statistics that are regularly drawn out so they are objective. If you want to apply players, you should research and apply with other methods to increase your chances of winning.

Batch rules come in pairs drop and return the next day

This is an old method but it is very popular with Lotto/Lottery players because the success rate of this calculation is very high and the calculation is quite simple. People can refer to some of the falling lot rules that W88 summarizes as follows:

  • If the Lottery result from the previous day appears a pair of 050, the next day’s results will return 05 and 50. Players can proceed to play a double or white player depending on their own preferences. But to be sure, W88 recommends you choose a dual player to avoid the batch situation.
  • Similarly, if the Lotto returns to 060, the next day will return 60 and 06
  • Where the previous day has 020 pair, the next day will return pair 99
  • If Lotto pairs 00 then raise 10 next day
  • In case the Lotto returned to the previous day is 11, the next day should play lot 22
  • In case of dumb top 7 or dumb tail 3, the next day will return 73 
  • If today is 58, 3 days later will return 63 

3 principles of raising Lotto/Lottery are always profitable

– Principle 1 – Do not bet all: Not only is raising Lotto/Lottery but all other betting games players need to remember to preserve capital by never betting all your own money even if you are sure Your bet will come back. The reason is that the probability of the Lottery never reaches 100%, so keeping a part of the capital gives the player a chance to remove the antlers later.

– Principle 2 – Appropriately allocate capital: The rational distribution will help players minimize losses when sliding or if the lot is long-lasting, it is still profitable and has a long-term investment.

– Principle 3 – Enter the money in the ratio of 1: 2: 4: 8 … For those who raise long-day Lotto, the way to enter this lot will ensure profit if the lot returns. Whether raising for 3.5 or 7 days is still profitable.

Lotto/Lottery raising experience never lost

When participating in playing Lotto/Lottery, players need to know how to apply breaks in accordance with the intended purpose. For example, just play for 3 days and then take 1-2 days off, then play again. During this time the player can calculate to give the correct lot to raise the next time.

In addition to raising lots on purpose, players should also prepare their own daily Lottery results table to find out the rules of the lot. From there you can also calculate the number of days to raise the plot and the number of holidays accordingly. Avoid re-shipment on the right holidays.

According to the explanation of the experts, the lot is always random so the reasonable distribution of raising time and rest can help players to increase the winning rate and also preserve their capital.

Some notes when playing Lotto/Lottery

Playing Lotto/Lottery is not difficult but players also need to be psychologically prepared before playing. During the course of a certain play, do not forget the following notes:

  • Must know how to memorize numbers: This can help players find the rules of the numbers to help themselves choose the Lotto play.
  • Learn many methods of calculating Lotto to accumulate a lot of experience for yourself when playing. You can refer to the methods online or talk to the players at the W88 bookie.
  • Draw and predict daily results: Players need to have a daily notebook to not miss any chance to catch the lot.
  • Always think positive: Whether you lose or win, players also need to think positively. This will make players have a very good spirit to make the right decisions.


Lotto/Lottery online is gradually replacing traditional Lotto by its convenience and speed. However, regardless of the form of play, players need to keep a clear mind to always win.

Hopefully, with the sharing in the above article, it will help people have more experience when playing Lotto at the bookie of W88 to bring themselves valuable rewards. Wish players always win!

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