Guingamp vs Toulouse Prediction – Ligue 2 – 04/13

Guingamp vs Toulouse prediction on April 13, 2021. The 32nd round of Ligue 2 saw Guingamp players play at home with the highest goal of winning the reception of the away team of Toulouse. Having a field advantage in the next match, the home team is still not expected when they are 16 steps behind their opponents on the table.

Guingamp Overview

Guingamp vs Toulouse Prediction

In the 32nd Ligue 2 round of the past, Guingamp players had a day of playing completely inferior to their opponents when they only won a mere 30% of the ball control rate, creating 6 shots and among them also only got 4 hits, so the home team could not win in the end, but had to dry their shirt after the minimum defeat during the trip to Troyes’s field.

Thereby statistics show that the home team is completely not appreciated in the next game when they have an unstable performance in the past time when they have had 2 defeats over the last 8 consecutive rounds. remaining 5 draws and only 1 win only.

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Toulouse Overview

Guingamp vs Toulouse Prediction

On the other side of the field in the 32nd round of the Ligue 2 arena, the players of the Toulouse team had a bad day when they won 48% of the ball, creating up to 15 shots. and of which there were also 6 wins, the visitors finally won 3 points after winning a 4-1 gap in the match to welcome Nancy at home.

However, the statistics also show that the performance of the visitors is still only at a safe level when this team has had to receive 3 defeats over the last 6 rounds remaining, only to win only 3 wins.


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Guingamp vs Toulouse Prediction

Asian Bet – Guingamp vs Toulouse prediction

Guingamp did not prepare well for this match and their performance is quite bad, not winning 9/10 matches. At the same time, Guingamp is also playing poorly at home when they have not won all 10 consecutive home matches. Therefore, Guingamp has reason to worry in the upcoming match.

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Meanwhile, Toulouse is showing high performance at the moment when they have won up to the last 4/5 matches. At the same time, Toulouse often plays well in front of the host when they are unbeaten in their last 5 visits with 3 wins and 2 draws.

Therefore it is not surprising that Toulouse will be a better team and have a victory in this match.

Guingamp vs Toulouse prediction: Choose Toulouse

European Bet

Guingamp vs Toulouse Prediction

Just as a guest against an opponent who is playing badly and ranks at the top of the chart like Guingamp, maybe Toulouse will not miss the opportunity to win 3 complete points. Therefore, Toulouse will be a reasonable investment point for the European handicap.

Choose Toulouse (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Guingamp vs Toulouse prediction

Toulouse is extremely determined to win to put pressure on the top of the table. So they will actively play high in this match. Meanwhile, Guingamp has a loose style of play. Therefore this match promises to be exciting and ends with many goals scored.

Guingamp vs Toulouse prediction: Choose Over


Guingamp: Marc-Aurele, Nolan Roux, Kerbrat, Ronny Rodelin, Lebogang Phiri, Pierrot, Kaabouni Younes, Pele Bryan, Valdivia Pierrick, Rodelin Ronny, Pierrot Frantzdy.

Toulouse: Sissoko, Kaabouni, Daham, Prévot, Paye, Senzemba, Diedhiou, Senhadji, Francois, Privat, Obadeyi.

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