Gwangju FC vs Incheon United Prediction | 17/06/2020

The match review to the football Gwangju FC vs Incheon United prediction in the  K-League Classic about the 2 teams’ performance and the most current matches of the teams, the match stats, H2H encounters, goal stats, table standings ranking, qualities, and match possible outcome. The Gwangju FC vs Incheon United prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Gwangju FC vs Incheon United Prediction

MATCH INFORMATION: Gwangju FC vs Incheon United Prediction

  • Match date: 9:00 am on Wednesday 17th June 2020
  • Event: K-League Classic
  • Stage: Matchday 7th
  • Location: Gwangju World Cup Stadium




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Gwangju FC vs Incheon United Prediction




Gwangju FC vs Incheon United Prediction



  • Gwangju FC only earned 7 points and is temporarily ranked 8th on the chart. However, they have shown a positive signal recently with 2 wins and 1 draw in the past 3 rounds. It is noteworthy that Park Jin Sub’s teachers and students had to clash with very strong opponents such as defending champion Ulsan Hyundai or Suwon Samsung. Obviously, this achievement will make the Gwangju FC players much easier to fight in the fight against Incheon United here.
  • The next match is played at home to welcome the team at the bottom of the table, so the host’s goal is 3 points in the next match
Gwangju FC vs Incheon United Prediction
Gwangju FC vs Incheon United Prediction


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  • Incheon United started K League 1 this year with poor performance, they opened the first 2 rounds with only 2 draws and then lost in the next 4 rounds. This poor result made Incheon United last in the rankings with only 2 points after 6 rounds. Incheon United’s defense is really weak and lack of concentration is the reason Incheon United is having a series of 4 consecutive losses after 2 draws without goals.
  • The match going to the field of Gwangju FC didn’t have many chances for the visitors to get the score in the next match.

Gwangju FC vs Incheon United Prediction tip:


Winning the promotion title as the champion team, Gwangju FC soon had to experience the fierceness in Korea’s top division tournament, K-League 1. Suwon’s dramatic victory on the pitch in the 5th round was The first 3 points of the team this season, after a series of 3 losses and 1 previous draw. In the 7th round, they have a good chance to continue accumulating points when they only have to meet Incheon United at home.

Across the front line, Incheon will continue to be caught up in the race at the bottom of the rankings after having to struggle to win the relegation last year. Until the time of writing, Incheon United won only 2 points through 2 draws while having lost to 4 games after 6 rounds. The team’s performance is at a very low level with recent losses. At the bottom of the table, so it is totally worth it for this team.

With both having the least effective offensive play this season, it’s hard to expect both teams to give the audience a rain of goals. The goal of victory is quite clear, but most likely this only comes in the second half of the upcoming encounter.

  • Asian handicap: Gwangju FC -0.25
  • O/U first half: Under
  • Predict the first half score: Gwangju FC 0-0 Incheon United


Having found the first victory of the season and keeping the game unbeaten in 2 matches, it is clear that the home team is the one who should expect more in this match. When facing tough schedules, Incheon United suffered 4 consecutive defeats. Continuing to lose the match is a difficult result when the new season is in the inception phase, but fear that Incheon’s spirit is very alarming.

The recent direct confrontation between the two teams shows a clear balance. Specifically, in the last 10 encounters, which took place in K-League 1, each team won 2 matches, the rest were 6 draws. The most recent matches are quite tedious and few goals are scored. The last time Gwangju received Incheon at home in 2017, the two teams drew 0 goals.

Overall, confronting each other at this point is the greatest opportunity for each team to find victory. However, with home advantage and better momentum, the advantage still leans towards Gwangju. Comment on the match results in favor of a close victory for Gwangju FC.

  • Asian handicap tip match: Gwangju,  Gwangju FC -0.5
  • O/U : Under
  • Predict the score of the match: Gwangju FC 1-0 or 2-0 Incheon United


  • Gwangju FC: Bong-jin Choi, Jun-ho Hong, Seon-ju Park,  Jin-hwan Kim,  Jun-yeon Joeng, Ratinho, Won-sang Eom,  Min-uh Son,  Bong-hun Yeo,  Heui-kyun Lee, Ju-yeong Jo.
  • Incheon United: Jung San, G. Bunoza, Jung Dong-Yoon, Kim Jung-ho, Kim Dong-min, Ji Eon-Hak, Jung Hoon-sung, Kim Jin-ya, Kwak Hae-sung, S. Mugosa, Moon Chang-jin.