Football Betting: Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel 18h30 On 06/08

Hamburger SV vs Holstein Kiel prediction: Hamburger SV is determined to find the points in their race, maybe they will beat the visitors Holstein Kiel.

Two teams’ current performance

Hamburger had been the number one candidate for the promotion ticket, but now they only get 3rd place with 2 points worse than the second-place team. In theory, Hamburger still has the opportunity to play in the Bundesliga next season, when the season still has 5 rounds to play. Everything can completely change after just 1 win.

Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel

However, what is happening shows that Hamburger no longer maintains the performance as shown at the beginning of the year. The evidence is that they only won 2/8 recent matches, lost in all 8 matches and only 1 clean sheet. This season, Hamburger is ranked 17th out of 18 teams in terms of winning percentage, with 31%.

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Therefore, experts are doubting the prospect of the port city team. Holstein Kiel was the only 10th, but it was a challenge for Hamburger when he won 2, drew a third of the encounter in German 2nd Division. Away from home, Holstein Kiel only lost the last 2/9 matches.

Asian Handicap Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel: 0.86 * 0.5-1 * 1.06 

In the first round of the German Bundesliga 2, the Holstein Kiel players will have to be guests on the pitch of Hamburger SV. The recent performance of both teams is not good, but the home team is always much better than the visitors.

After 3 draws and losses, Hamburger SV had a tough but important battle against Wehen 3-2. Currently, coach Dieter Hecking and his students are standing in 3rd place on the table with 49 points after 29 rounds including 13 wins, 10 draws and 6 losses. The gap between them and the pursuing teams is very fragile with only 1 point so if there are no winning victories, Hamburger SV will have to pay the price by losing their promotion opportunities. Against Holstein Kiel, the team is in low performance, but in the last 4 times, Hamburger SV has not won.

Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel

On the other side, Holstein Kiel has had 2 consecutive losses in the last 2 rounds before Bochum and Arminia Bielefeld. After 29 matches played, the students of coach Ole Werner got 38 points with 10 wins, 8 draws and 11 losses ranked 11th in the rankings. The visitors are quite safe but still not sure about relegation. Encountering many predestined opponents Hamburger SV in the past Holstein Kiel often won good results, as they have beaten opponent 3 of the 4 recent encounters. 

The house deal for this Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel match is 0.5 -1 in favor of Hamburger SV. As stated above, with this odds, players should book the door for the home team, the chances of winning will be higher because the chances of the game will end with winning the odds in their favor.

Over/Under odds of Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel: 0.88 * 2.5-3 * 1.02 

The Hamburger SV hosts had 55 goals after 29 rounds but lost 35 goals. Meanwhile, Holstein Kiel only got 45 goals and conceded 46 times. It is possible that this match will have many goals scored from both teams. With a total of 2.5-3 goals, the player should choose Over then there will be more chances of winning.

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First half odds of Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel: 0.86 * 0-0.5 * 1.02 

In the first 45 minutes of this Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel match, Hamburger SV is more likely to be the team that will attack and actively control the game. Chances are the home team will get the score in the first half of the match. With the first half being 0-0.5 in favor of the home team, the player should book the door for them to have a better chance of winning. 

Prediction for Hamburger SV Vs Holstein Kiel: 3 – 1 (Select Hamburger SV and Over)