Hamburger SV vs SV Sandhausen Prediction – June 28

Failure in a crucial match of the whole season before Heidenheim in the last round has made Hamburg really have to go through a very difficult situation. And in the final round – Hamburger SV vs SV Sandhausen Prediction, just having to receive a Sandhausen showing signs of being out of breath will be the time when the home team needs to prove their bravery.

Hamburger SV vs SV Sandhausen Prediction

Over/Under odds of Hamburger SV vs Sandhausen

Over/Under odds: FT 3 (odd 1.03 with Over and 0.87 with Under) HT 1.25 (odd 1.08 with Over and 0.80 with Under)

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Losing to Heidenheim in the last round, Hamburg made it difficult for themselves to officially lose 3rd place to the opponent’s hands and 1 point inferior at the present time.

This damage takes place in a context where the host will only have one last chance of this season to be able to correct mistakes and hope that the opponent will stumble on the day of the curtain. Self-determination has been lost and Hamburg will only know how to blame themselves if it is impossible for the promotion opportunity in this season.

Meanwhile, with Sandhausen, the visitors were almost completely motivated to play at the present time with only 40 points gained after 33 rounds can only help this team to get 12th in the table.

The fact also shows that the performance of Sandhausen is also somewhat down with 3 consecutive rounds without knowing the smell of victory and having to be a guest on the pitch of a Hamburg has no way to back down in the final round is a challenge for them. It will be a competition with the game that the home team will be somewhat overwhelmed, but the ability to explode is not too high.

Hamburger SV vs SV Sandhausen:

  • Choose Under 1.25 HT
  • Choose Under 3 FT

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Asian and handicap odds of Hamburger SV vs Sandhausen

Asian handicap odds: FT Hamburger SV handicap 1.25 (Odd 0.83 with Hamburger SV and 1.09 with Sandhausen) HT Hamburger SV accept 0.5 (Odd 0.86 with Hamburger SV and 1.02 with Sandhausen)

With home advantage, Hamburg is still the team that is more appreciated than Sandhausen in this match through the handicap of 1.25. In general, when things have become more difficult, the home team will surely be forced to play as focused as possible on the closing day. Sandhausen is losing steam when the visitors’ defense is not playing well in recent times when repeatedly making mistakes and this is probably what Hamburg needs now. The home team still has individuals who can replace the game and create an advantage for them.

In addition, Sandhausen’s away record is not too impressive with only 3 victories achieved in 12 matches that have to march away from home in recent years. The numbers are enough to give Hamburg more confidence to have fun in the final match at his home this season. The home team will have to show their bravery along with hope for a little luck to be able to participate in the upcoming promotion match PO.

Hamburger SV vs SV Sandhausen:

  • Select Hamburg -0.5 HT
  • Select Hamburg -1.25 FT
Hamburger SV vs SV Sandhausen Prediction

European handicap odds of Hamburger SV vs Sandhausen

European odds is also a big advantage for the home team when the Hamburg food is 1.37 while that of Sandhausen is 7.40. It will be a match with a relatively tense posture when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other to find results that are good for themselves. And with certain advantages, it is likely that Hamburg will still be the last team to have fun.

Hamburger SV vs SV Sandhausen:

  • Select Hamburg HT
  • Select Hamburg FT

Score prediction of Hamburger SV vs Sandhausen

Hamburg was unbeaten with 2 wins and 1 draw in their previous 3 encounters with Sandhausen. So the home team will still have great facilities to be confident in this rematch. Only a victory over Sandhausen can give Hamburg the hope and the most important thing to do for their home fans is to pray for a beneficial outcome on the upcoming Bielefelder Alm.

Hamburger SV vs SV Sandhausen score prediction:

  • HT Hamburger SV 1-0 Sandhausen
  • FT Hamburger SV 2-0 Sandhausen

Lineup expected Hamburger SV vs Sandhausen

Hamburger SV: Daniel Heuer Fernandes, Gideon Jung, Rick van Drongelen, Jan Gyamerah, Tim Leibold, Khaled Narey, David Kinsombi, Adrian Fein, Bakery Jatta, Sonny Kittel, Lukas Hinterseer.

SV Sandhausen: Martin Fraisl, Leart Paqarada, Gerrit Nauber, Aleksandr Zhirov, Dennis Diekmeier, Robin Scheu, Erik Zenga, Denis Linsmayer, Kevin Behrens, Julius Biada, Aziz Bouhaddouz.

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