Hammarby vs Malmo Prediction | 2020/11/22 | Allsvenskan

The defeat against Varbergs BoIS in the last round has not enabled Hammarby to reach the top 3 at the moment. Let’s follow Hammarby vs Malmo Prediction in Allsvenskan on 22/11/2020.

And in the next game, having to welcome defending champion Malmo will be a challenge, but it’s also time for Hammarby to show their bravery.

Hammarby vs Malmo Prediction

Sweden: Allsvenskan


  • Match date: 4:30pm on Sunday 22nd November 2020
  • Event: Allsvenskan
  • Stage: Matchday 28th
  • Location: Tele2 Arena


Match Facts:   

Hammarby vs Malmo Prediction recommendation:

Asian handicap Prediction | Hammarby vs Malmo Prediction:

Handicap Odds: 0.25

The still huge goal to strive for along with the home advantage will help Hammarby is a team that is more appreciated than Malmo in this match through a handicap of 0.75. The fact that Hammarby should feel lucky that the away team has officially crowned will be the factors that help them play a little more slowly and this is what the home team needs. Hammarby has played very well in the past, possessing a very effective play in both attack and defense, giving this team a very strong breakthrough and reaching the top area. 

However, Hammarby will still have to be really cautious in the next clash when their ability to take advantage of home is not really impressive with only 1 victory won in 6 previous matches here.

 The number is relatively modest compared to the achievement of only 2 defeats in 12 matches that have to go away from home that Malmo owns in the past. This is the time when Hammarby will need to demonstrate its courage and desire to rise. They will need to make good use of the fact that the visitors have not had too much determination to compete in search of a result that will bring confidence in a spectacular overthrow.

In the next match, the Hammarby team is considered the superior team when handicapping the other team.  

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→ From the odds by CMD368 bookmaker, the best pick: Malmo +0.25 HT, Hammarby -0.75 FT

Over / Under Prediction

Odds: 3.0

Failure against Varbergs BoIS is still making Hammarby unable to sit still at this time. Their 40 points after 27 rounds give them a chance to grab a place in the top 3 when the gap is 4 points. Overall the home team’s form in the past has not been bad and this could be an indispensable motivation for Hammarby in his final matches this season and they will need to have High concentration in the coming time.

Meanwhile, with Malmo, having officially crowned helped the visitors play with a relatively comfortable mentality. 56 points after 27 games played still shows a formidable strength of the new king that Hammarby will have to be wary of. A difficult game for the home team. The ability to explode OVER is not too high.

Therefore, our expert believes that Under will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

→ Pick Hammarby vs Malmo Prediction:  Under 

Hammarby vs Malmo Prediction

Prediction of the match result:

Malmo has 4 wins and lost exactly 2 in 6 previous clashes with Hammarby. It can be seen that only one day of 100% performance can help Hammarby create a fair match with the new king of this season. The home team will still have to play really focused and strict in front of the champions to be able to decide their own fate.

Our prediction of the match result Hammarby vs Malmo:

  • Hammarby 0-0 Malmo FF (1st half)
  • Hammarby 1-0 Malmo FF(Full Time)

1×2 Odds Betting: 

  • Odds from CMD368: updating
  • Hammarby vs Malmo Prediction: Hammarby  to win (Full Time)

The European odds are also an advantage for the home team when Hammarby’s odds is 1.64 while Malmo’s figure is 4.45. Obviously, Malmo’s lack of motivation at this time will be a relatively good condition for Hammarby to rise up and get a good result for himself. However, they will still have to focus when the fact that Malmo is the new king of the tournament helps them not be bullied easily.

Expected Team Hammarby vs Malmo

Hammarby:  Andersen, Bojanic, Curci, Djurdjic, Fallman, Khalili, Kjartansson, Sandberg, Solheim, Tankovic, Widgren.

Malmo:  Dahlin, Safari, Ahmedhodzic, Nielsen, Larsson, Bachirou, Lewicki, Antonsson, Christiansen, Rieks, Kiese Thelin.

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