Hannover 96 vs Hamburger Prediction – 2. Bundesliga – 12/05

Hannover 96 vs Hamburger prediction on December 05, 2021. Hamburger is ranked 5th in the 2. Bundesliga with 26 points from the beginning of the season. Currently, they are 1 win behind the promotion group. Therefore, the goal of the away team is nothing but 3 points before the host Hannover 96.

Hannover 96 Overview

Hannover 96 vs Hamburger Prediction

Hannover 96 started the season in a way that couldn’t be worse. They were extremely thirsty for points when they fell into a dangerous zone in the Bundesliga 2 seasons this year. After 15 rounds, Hannover only got a meager 14 points. 

With the current score, the host is in 16th place on the rankings. The host is 2 points behind the safe position, so winning at this time is essential for the homeowner. But in the next match, a much stronger opponent is Hamburger, so the chance for the host to find victory is not much.

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Hamburger Overview

Hamburger has always maintained a position in the leading group in the rankings, the goal of the away team is to get a promotion this season. After 15 matches, the away team got 26 points and ranked 5th in the rankings. They are only 2 points behind with a distance of 3 points. 

Not too far to be able to level the gap at this point. The upcoming match has to march away from home, but the opponent is in the bottom group, winning will be a difficult task for the away team.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Hannover 96 vs Hamburger Prediction

Asian Handicap – Hannover 96 vs Hamburger Prediction

Hannover 96 again showed an unstable performance. Specifically, the home team has not won in the past 4/5 home matches. In addition, coach Jan Zimmermann and his team also disappointed investors on the Asian handicap in 4/5 appearances at the aforementioned nest. Through the above data, choosing Hamburger with sublimated performance is the optimal solution in this matchup.

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Hannover 96 vs Hamburger prediction: 

  • Choose Hamburger -0.25 (HT)
  • Choose Hamburger -0.5 (FT)

European Bet

Hannover 96 vs Hamburger Prediction

Hamburger is unbeaten in 4/5 recent clashes with Hannover 96. Therefore, with an impressive performance like the present, it will not be surprising if Hamburger continues to enjoy the joy of victory. In addition, Hamburger is also unbeaten in all 6 recent trips away from home. Therefore, players can completely put their faith in Hamburger in this matchup.

Choose Hamburger (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Hannover 96 vs Hamburger Prediction

Back in time, the recent clashes between the two teams are very scarce. The proof is that 2/3 of the recent meetings were closed with no more than 2 goals. The same thing also appeared in the last 3/4 home matches of Hannover 96. Moreover, the last 5/6 trips away from home on the Hamburger side also went to Under.

Hannover 96 vs Hamburger prediction: 

  • Choose Under 1.25 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.75 (FT)

Line up

Hamburger: Marko Johansson, Bakery Jatta, Sonny Kittel, Moritz Heyer, Mario Vušković, Sebastian Schonlau, Miro Muheim, Ludovit Reis, Jonas Meffert, Faride Alidou, Robert Glatzel.

Hannover 96: Martin Hansen, Sebastian Kerk, Maximilian Beier, Sei Muroya, Marcel Franke, Luka Krajnc, Niklas Hult, Gaël Ondoua, Sebastian Stolze, Sebastian Ernst, Lukas Hinterseer.