Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 Prediction – Bundesliga 2 – 05/07

Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 prediction on May 07, 2021. Hanover 96 is playing at their home field in the next round of tournament 2. In the Bundesliga 2020/21, their goal is to win 1 win to improve their performance and ranking. However, that goal is not easy when Hannover 96 must play with SV Darmstadt 98.

Hannover 96 Overview

Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 Prediction

Although Bundesliga 2 still has 3 new rounds to finish, until now it can be confirmed that Hannover 96 has had a completely failed season. Because they are currently ranked 13th on the standings and it is also difficult to squeeze into the top half. Not to mention currently, Hannover 96 is also going through a bad period when it only wins 1 victory after the last 10 rounds, the rest are 4 draws and up to 5 losses.

SV Darmstadt 98 Overview

Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 Prediction

Even though SV Darmstadt 98 soon decided the season did not show anything. However, when it was no longer under the pressure of achievement, this team was suddenly playing very well in the sprint phase when continuously bringing back scores but mainly victories. This has helped SV Darmstadt 98 rise to the top half of the rankings and can completely go higher if they still maintain their current face.

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Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 Prediction

Asian Bet – Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 prediction

The away team is showing a relatively positive face. In the last 4 rounds, coach Markus Anfang’s team won 3 and had 1 more draw against Dusseldorf. Remember that the Merck Stadion home team has won the last 2 matches against Hannover 96. If you keep this form, 3 points are quite easy for Darmstadt.

Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 Prediction

  • Choose SV Darmstadt 98 (HT)
  • Choose SV Darmstadt 98 + 0.25 (FT)

European Bet

Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 Prediction

Confrontation history is also in favor of Darmstadt when they won 4 wins in the last 5 confrontations with Hannover 96. The away team also only lost 1/5 of the opponent’s field. So predicting there will be 1 victory for Darmstadt.

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Choose SV Darmstadt 98 (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 prediction

Extremely lousy defense is what can be said about Hanover at the moment. The AWD Arena team has conceded 14 goals in just the last 5 rounds. This number is nearly 1/3 of what Hanover had to receive in the previous 25 rounds. However, coach Kenan Kocak’s strikers are also playing relatively well with 49 goals from the beginning of the season, the number is much higher than the top 6 teams like Dusseldorf or Holstein Kiel. Therefore, matches with the presence of Hannover 96 are often very attractive because there are many goals.

Hannover 96 vs SV Darmstadt 98 Prediction:

Choose Over 1.25 (HT)

Choose Over 3.0 (FT)


Hannover 96: K. Albornoz, G. Bakalorz, P. Stendera, M. Zieler, M. Horn, F. Elez, N. Anton, H. Maina, K. Haraguchi, O. Weydandt, N. Ducksch.

SV Darmstadt 98: Marvin Mehlem, Christian Clemens, Marcel Schuhen, Lars Lukas Mai, Immanuel Hohn, Nicolai Rapp, Fabian Holland, Tobias Kempe, Patrick Hermann, Erich Berko, Serdar Dursun.

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