HappyLuke is a bookmaker focusing solely on online casino products, not offering sports betting products. Starting from a bookmaker in Europe and entering the Asian market in 2013-2015, HappyLuke has affirmed its position in this market.


1. Latest promotions at HappyLuke 2020


  • First deposit: Receive 50% up to USD 250.
  • Second deposit: Bonus 80% up to USD 250.
  • 3rd deposit: Bonus 120% up to 250 USD.


  • 4th deposit: Instant 100% up to 300 $
  • 10th deposit: Immediate 50% up to $ 400
  • 20th deposit: Instant 100% up to 300 $
  • 30th deposit: Receive 150% up to $ 200 instantly 
  • Deposit 50 times: Receive 150% up to $ 200 instantlycard
  • 100 times deposit: Receive 150% up to $ 200 


1. Subjects: All players at HappyLuke.

2. Starting time for the tournament: From 00:00 GMT + 8 on January 28, 2019.

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3. Prize structure:

On EVERY WEEK for the next 3 MONTHS, Casino Tokyo will offer 

3 iPhone XS MAX – XS and XR BATTLES to the 3 people with the highest amount of bets in the week. As follows:

– Prize 1: 1 iPhone XS MAX 512G.

– Prize 2: 1 iPhone XS 512G.

– 3rd prize: 1 iPhone XR 512G.

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4. Valid game: Baccarat casinos at CASINO TOKYO.

2. Biography HappyLuke

Coming from an online casino dealer and loyal to its products during development, HappyLuke has more than 700 games on its system and no fish products. sports betting. The company is headquartered in the financial center of Manila, the Philippine capital and operates under the license of Fisrt Cagayan and CEZA. 

Operators have a clear and transparent address, along with restrictions by licenses and laws that guarantee their absolute credibility.

HappyLuke is a dealer that only offers online casino products, games are provided by reputable software vendors. HappyLuke’s partners include GamePlay, TaiShan, Play’N Go, Zugi, Quickspin, etc. best player service.

Prestigious and transparent betting house liabilities are also reflected in their player policies. Players must be 18 years of age or older, and always reminded to fully alert to the addictive nature of the game and its implications.

The betting limits for the Bank-supported account for the player, if the player wants to ‘wash the sword’ is also supported, customer information will be blacklisted, they are banned and unable to play for 1 week, 6 months for addiction or permanently if they feel like quitting. They offer entertainment for real money, not casinos, which try to get rid of players’ money.

3. Review of HappyLuke’s online Casino house

3.1 Interface:


The interface of HappyLuke looks very ‘ancient’, but many people love it because the color is very gentle and not flashy. And because it’s a classic website, the interface is very sophisticated and simple, the toolbars are moderately wide and very clear. The information on the homepage is not ‘stuffed’ as well, only a handful of outstanding information such as player’s big bonuses or winnings are posted to the homepage. The sections of the interface are also designed in a quick, easy to use style, the games are streamlined and very easy to find depending on the taste of the player.

3.2 Online Casino Games:


Due to focusing all resources on online Casino games, the list of games at HappyLuke is extremely diverse and rich and is divided into 6 areas:

  • Online casino: where there are games with Live Dealers, playing card games, Sicbo, Roulette, etc and is divided into 9 different areas such as Casino Reno, Casino Paris, Casino Macau
  • Jackpots: The area of ​​HappyLuke slot games with the usual spindle, paylines, but with additional large and significant Jackpots prizes.
  • Slots: Classic slots, with few spins, usually 2 or 3 spins.
  • Video Slots: The area of ​​modern slot games, usually with 5 spins, extensive topics and bonus features that are rich and of considerable value.
  • Table Games: Card games and other table games, but in this area where the player plays with the system, the betting results are randomly given by the system. Suitable for practice or players who want to be proactive about time.
  • Other games: Area of ​​newly released games and which does not belong to the remaining regions. Such as Fish Raider (Shoot fish to eat coins), Vitual Racebook 3D (virtual horse racing betting) … These games bring new and completely different experiences for players from bored and also bring chances to win. Big bets.

3.3 Payment methods:

Common methods are provided by the dealer to support the maximum for players: Transfer via local banks (including counters, ATMs or online transfers) , two methods of payment via global e-wallet are Neteller and Skrill are also used by HappyLuke, supporting both deposits and withdrawals.

Transaction time is also an advantage, recharging takes less than 10 minutes, and withdrawal transactions only take 2 or 3 working hours at most, while e-wallet methods are always refunded. into immediately.

3.4 Customer care:

If you have a problem, no matter what it is, HappyLuke with their near-advanced customer support system will help you find the answer quickly.

Frequently asked questions or questions like depositing, withdrawing or playing, policies are available in the Frequently Asked Questions area. Faster than online chat, there is always a support staff ready to serve you regardless of day or night, week or weekend. In addition to the lengthy issues, you can also contact via email support.vn@happyluke.com or toll-free +442036086632.

3.5 Member Bonuses:

A very popular promotion at HappyLuke online casino is not clear at this time, but at the time of this writing, the author has registered and easily received $ 5 (100k) completely free. fees, not all, if winning is cash withdrawal on.

New members at HappyLuke are encouraged and encouraged with a bonus of 150% of the deposit, up to $ 500. The following deposits are still rewarded from time to time.

Veterans also don’t need to be jealous when reload bonuses are almost always rolled out, along with significant payoffs.

Members who have a birthday in the month will also be ‘hard’ as a new member, rewarded with a 100% reload of up to 2 million.

A long list of bonuses is waiting for you to discover.

4. Evaluate

If you are not very interested in sports betting, then HappyLuke is your first choice. A dealer puts all her energy on online casino games, long lists and constantly updating the games, the bonuses throughout your participation and wagering process.

What more can you expect from a betting house? Register for an account and play the game for free before you get really excited and can recharge any time to enjoy the full feeling like at a real casino. All are waiting for you to discover.

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