HappyLuke Promotions: 10 Best programs

HappyLuke is one of the strongest bookmakers in the online casino betting business in Asia. Here, players will experience countless fascinating game genres, bringing exciting entertainment moments. Sometimes, players will rely on incentives to evaluate online bookmakers. Each betting site has its own incentives for players. Let’s find out the top 10 best HappyLuke promotions.

Super Bonus “300%” for new members

This deposit is really interesting but only counts when you first, second and third times. With the bonus block up to $ 500 (10 million). You will have the greatest amount of money when betting

Promotions at the betting site

Banner Promotion From TT128

Put in $100, you will get another $100 bonus, and get an additional 10 game slot spins. However, when you enjoy this incentive you also need to pay attention to. Because you will have to make enough rounds to bet in order to withdraw money. Therefore should only deposit a small amount if you want to withdraw money soon!

For the first time, you will receive 100% discount, 50% for the second time, 50% for the 3rd time. Absolutely you should not take advantage of  HappyLuke promotions, create multiple accounts to profiteering. This can cause the bookmaker to lock the account, deducting all your money.

HappyLuke Promotions 10 Best programs

Weekend deposit 20% promotion

HappyLuke promotions offer extremely attractive promotions, every Sunday, you will enjoy a 20% deposit promotion up to $ 50 (about 1 million VND). However, this program only applies to 1-time refills! So pay attention when betting!

In particular, this promotion applies only separately. You will not be able to combine HappyLuke promotions like 1st deposit to earn more bonuses. So please pay attention to this information to avoid betting inconvenience offline!

Get huge rewards at Christmas

By Christmas, HappyLuke will bring huge tournaments with a prize pool of up to $ 300,000. This promotion will have many different rounds, each with its own bonus block.

Just as the rewards may be cash, it can also be an extremely attractive foreign trip. Don’t miss out if you’re looking for free rewards from the betting site!

Banner Promotion From TT128

Lucky money from the house

This HappyLuke promotions are worth up to 70 thousand dollars. Each player bet from $ 0.25 / spin will be given a lucky money envelope. When you open you have the opportunity to win many prizes from 5 to 1000 dollars.

The game that receives this promotion is Slot game. Please pay attention to the game list. Because in hundreds of betting games, only a mere 30 games received the promotion only.

Royal tournament promotion

This tournament gives players huge bonuses, a prize structure of up to $ 80,000. This tournament has 3 separate rounds. In which the King tournament has the highest betting revenue.

And the tournament of the queen determines who has the highest winnings in a day. Queen Round 2 evaluates who has the most spin. Depending on the factors, you will get different points.

Happy new year promotion

Annual HappyLuke promotions with the extremely attractive volume of rewards. You can get a trip to Japan, iPhone 11 Max, Galaxy Note 10 + … and many other unique gifts.

For every 1 million deposit, 60 million winnings. Players will receive a lucky draw ticket. On 6/1/2020 18h00, the betting site will conduct a lucky draw. The winner will be notified at the promotion page, email or SMS, direct phone.

Vote for the game to receive iPhone 11 Pro Max

This program will have many different rounds. Each bet ticket will be charged 1 USD, 5 lucky players voted the game of the year will be immediately iPhone Pro Max. The other 5 players have a chance to get $ 100 in free bets for 12 months. There are 100 other consolation prizes waiting for you.

Unlimited sports return

HappyLuke Promotions 10 Best programs

You will receive a return of 0.3% of the total bet amount. Whether you win or lose you will still be paid back. It facilitates you to receive the money is not too large, but free of charge without any right.

Receive bonus up to 10% $ 50 per day

This promotion is available throughout January. All members will enjoy the first time of the day. Deposit is a promotion of 10%, but only 1 time/day. Please pay attention not to miss the opportunity to earn bonus offline!

Add you extra pocket money

When introducing new friends, you will receive 250 free bonus coins. In particular, you can receive $ 25 cash on every Tuesday if you successfully referred 10 people last week. However, the referrer needs to have a minimum cash transaction of $ 10 at the betting site (after 48 hours).

VIP – Reload Bonus

Deposit every day to get the higher reload bonus up to 30% exclusively for VIP players!

HappyLuke Promotions 10 Best programs

Terms and Condition:

1. Offer: Deposit bonus % varies according to its VIP level

2. Promo Period: April 01, 2020, 00:00 up to April 31, 2020, 23:59 GMT+7

– Minimum Deposit Amount: 50 USD

– Maximum Bonus Amount:

– Iron 10% up to 50 USD


So, we have introduced to you the most attractive HappyLuke promotions at this betting site. Are you satisfied, excited? If so, come immediately to HappyLuke to register, participate in these entertainment games every day at one of the most ideal betting sites!

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