Happyluke VIP – ”Play Happy”, Win “VIP”

Happyluke is Asia’s leading reputable casino house that is legally licensed to operate in the online gambling industry and supports high-responsible gaming players based in the Philippines and officially operating in the Asia market since 2013. Happyluke bookstore operates in online casinos and is on the way of developing sports betting and other attractive games. Since its appearance on the market, Happyluke has set a new standard for the betting industry. Operating with the criteria to create the most lively and fun gaming environment in the world, Happyluke has been chosen by many players as a top entertainment place. To better service customers, Happyluke VIP has been born to bring huge benefits to distinguished players.

Let’s find out more about Happyluke VIP.

1. Happyluke – outstanding advantage of the house from Europe

  • Happyluke is a bookmaker and betting site specializing in the online casino field with attractive card games.
  • The casino is cleverly designed with real people dealing cards extremely vividly
  • The promotion takes place continuously with great bonuses
  • Fast deposit/withdrawal time
  • There is support for both computer and mobile versions
  • Top reputation with a legal operating license
  • Using the leading modern security technology in Europe
  • Consulting services, customer care 24/24 extremely thoughtful


As a world-class entertainment provider, the HappyLuke VIP Club program is pleased to offer members the most attractive privileges and best entertainment benefits including: Preferred deals, Live care services VIP route and luxurious travel to beautiful landscapes. Joining the Happyluke VIP Club is synonymous with gratification and enjoyment of the unmatched bonus system platform before.

2.1 VIP Levels:

  • Happyluke VIP welcome bonus is only given once for 1 level.
  • All refunds will be automatically updated for current VIP members without prior registration.
  • The VIP maintenance bonus (any level) for 3-6-12 consecutive months must complete 40 rounds before being withdrawn.
  • Inbound and outbound travel programs are only available to lucky members who are invited directly from HappyLuke. VIP members have no right to interfere in the invitation decision.

2.2 Terms And Conditions

  1. Members need to have a deposit transaction for at least 30 days.
  2. VIP deposits and turnover are calculated monthly.
  3. There is no time limit for VIP members. VIP level will be downgraded or canceled in case members do not meet or maintain the requirements each month.
  4. Special care staff will directly contact potential VIP members, new Happyluke VIP members and those who are downgraded/canceled VIP levels.
  5. HappyLuke reserves the right to end, change or modify this
4 levels of VIP
4 levels of VIP

3. Becoming a VIP member receives countless rewards

Happyluke VIP - ”Play Happy”, Win “VIP”

Not only HappyLuke promotion policies to attract newcomers, HappyLuke also takes care of regular play accounts, perennial accounts, Happyluke VIP accounts with promotions updated monthly.

  • Free birthday promotions for all VIP accounts
  • VIP accounts will receive promotions for their birthdays with levels depending on the VIP rank as follows:
  • VIP: get 50 $ Bonus
  • VIP Silver: Bonus 100 $ Bonus
  • VIP Gold: Bonus 200 $ Bonus
  • Diamond VIP: $ 300 Bonus
Happyluke VIP Benefits
Happyluke VIP Benefits

From time to time, HappyLuke will adjust the promotion level for VIP accounts. Trends will often increase your chances of getting promotions and benefits for players.

3.1 Conditions for VIP accounts to enjoy this Happyluke VIP promotion

  • VIP birthday bonus will be updated by the system at 12:00 – 15:00 in the player’s birthday
  • This promotion will be received after the program “Birthday get 2 million” of the system
  • The bonus must go through 1 round before it can be withdrawn to a bank account
  • The account must be in accordance with the rules of the house: you only have one account at HappyLuke, do not cheat, do not transfer money to 3rd parties, …

3.1 Exchange coins for cash reserved for VIP up to 3000USD

VIP accounts are preferred by the HappyLuke promotion system. The process of accumulating coins when playing the system is converted into cash if the player wants. HappyLuke coins are upgraded with very valuable rewards: up to 50% deposit bonus, free bets, free spins, etc for players to use freely.

 3000 USD cash is HappyLuke ready to give VIP with the following conditions:

  • Players must reach level 50 and must be a VIP member in the month to open the item
  • Receiving deposit bonus, the player must complete 3 deposit transactions before
  • Players complete 2 deposits before receiving free spins and free bets
  • Players complete 1 round of betting turnover before withdrawing the cash bonus
  • Note, redeem cash rewards limited.

To hunt for reward coins, players can complete deposit transactions, play games, review games, log in regularly, … all HappyLuke bookmaker system accumulates coins. The more money you deposit, the more times you send it, the more coins you earn.

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Meanwhile, the player can use coins or coins to exchange for cash.

4. Other Benefits

Apart from Happyluke VIP, Happyluke offers regular promotions with bonus value up to hundreds of USD.

Not only offering regular promotions but the house also offers extremely great bonuses for players, such as:

  • Bonus 275% of the value of deposit for new members up to 450 USD
  • Bonus 9.9% value of deposit up to $ 50 per day
  • Happy Birthday, get 50% off
  • Many attractive promotions

In addition, there are many promotions launched by Happyluke VIP for both new and old members, especially for members with good performance.

5. Conclude

Originating in the Netherlands, based on the laws and oversight of Europe, the Happyluke dealer will be the top entertainment and betting place trusted by the players. Join now to receive super promotions and Happyluke VIP exclusive offers only at Happyluke.

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