Haugesund vs IK Start Prediction | Eliteserien | July 1

The match review to the football Haugesund vs IK Start prediction in Eliteserien about the 2 teams’ current performances from 2 competing teams and the current matches of the two teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match H2H matches, table standings ranking, goal stats, qualities, and possible match results. The Haugesund vs IK Start prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Haugesund vs IK Start Prediction


  • Match date: 4:00 pm on Wednesday 1st July 2020
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 5th




HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 


Haugesund vs IK Start Prediction



  • Haugesund players are showing signs of slowing down in performance when going through 3 games without winning. However, not so the bookies underestimate the home team.


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  • IK Start is starting to be no worse, as the only team to not have won yet after 13 matches played. Up to the present time, the new visitors won only 6 points, standing in the table with a distance of 6 points from the safe group.
  • The poor form of the attack (8 goals) and the poor performance of the crafts (25 goals) are the main reason for the start-up situation of Start this season. The disappointing series is likely not to be stopped, at least until tonight’s match with Haugesund.

Haugesund vs IK Start prediction TIP:


  • Asian Handicap: FT Haugesund handicap 0.5 (Odds 0.94 with Haugesund and 0.96 with Start) HT Haugesund handicap 0.25 (Odds 1.11 with Haugesund and 0.78 with IK Start)
  • With home advantage, Haugesund will still be the team that is more appreciated than Start in this match. Obviously, just having to welcome a rookie will not be a better opportunity for the host to be able to catch up with this season. IK Start is still a team with a play style that is not very practical when the visitors always play with a fairly high distance and the defense has not played well with 7 goals to lose, showing that there will be a lot of What this rookie needs to improve. 
  • An advantage for Haugesund and the home team will need to show their experience along with their cold head. Statistics show that Haugesund’s ability to take advantage of the home field is not too bad with only 3 defeats in 13 matches played in their previous home. The number is enough to make IK Start have to be really afraid when the visitors often appear to be quite cheating on trips away from home. 
  • The advantage of the yard with the desire to return will help Haugesund play somewhat proactively before IK Start and will likely get the first 3 points in the new season.

Haugesund vs IK Start prediction:

  • Select: Haugesund -0.25 HT
  • Select: Haugesund -0.5 FT


  • O/U: FT 2.75 (odds 0.97 with Over and 0.93 with Under) HT 1 (odds 0.74 with Over and 1.16 with Under)
  • 2 defeats and 1 draw after the first 3 rounds, Haugesund is showing a slow start when with only 1 point at the moment, they are only 14th in the standings. That comes from part having to deal with pretty strong names and it’s time that Haugesund will need to return quickly to this year’s season.
  • Meanwhile, with IK Start, the visitors are not able to get the first 3 points this season when 2 draws and 1 defeat in 3 matches played helps the rookie of the tournament temporarily satisfied with the 11th position on the current rankings. However, there will still be many difficulties waiting for IK Start in the previous faction and having to make guests on Haugesund’s field in the next round will still be another challenge for them. It will be a relatively struggled competition, but the ability to explode is not too high.

Haugesund vs IK Start prediction:

  • Select: OVER 1 HT
  • Select: UNDER 2.75 FT
Haugesund vs IK Start Prediction


  • European markets are also a small advantage for the home team Haugesund before Start in this match. It will be a match with a relatively tense posture when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other to find results that are good for themselves. And with certain advantages, it is likely that Haugesund will still be the last name to have fun.

Haugesund vs IK Start prediction:

  • Select: Haugesund HT
  • Select: Haugesund FT


  • Haugesund: Helge Sandvik, Benjamin Hansen, Ulrik Tillung Fredriksen, Mikkel Desler, Ben Kantie Karamoko, Christian Grindheim, Bruno Leite, Kevin Martin Krygard, Benjamin Källman, Jacob Steinsland Kvarven, Niklas Sandberg
  • IK Start: Amund Wichne, Kristoffer Tonnessen, Joakim Jørgensen, Damion Lowe, Jesper Daland, Isaac Twum, Adnan Hadzic, Gudmundur Andri Tryggvason, Afeez Aremu Olalekan, Adeleke Akinola Akinyemi, Eman Marković

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