HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku Prediction – Europa League – 08/12

HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku prediction on August 12, 2021. Returning home after a 2-2 draw at Neftci Baku’s field. HJK Helsinki holds great advantage to reach the final qualifying round of the Europa League. After what the two teams have shown, the battle at Sonera promises to be another goal party.

HJK Helsinki Overview

HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku Prediction

The spectacular chase and the end of Makhmudov’s precious goal in the last minutes helped HJK Helsinki to get a 2-2 draw against Neftchi Baku in the first leg match. Obviously, the bravery to step up at the right time helped the Finnish representative open up the basis to calculate the second leg match at home. 

HJK Helsinki’s performance is still very stable as they continue to have a victory over FC KTP in the domestic tournament. Thereby getting the top position of the tournament, a psychological stepping stone that can be considered great.

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Neftchi Baku Overview

With Neftchi Baku, difficulties are starting to come for the representative of Azerbaijan when although they have started their campaign in this year’s European Cup with great promise, everything can be over if the guests may not have a good enough result on the field of HJK ​​Helsinki in the next match. 

Anyway, the opportunity is still there and this is the time when Neftchi Baku will need to make careful preparations in both their personnel and mind before this rematch. The match will see a certain initiative from the home team and the possibility of many goals appearing.

Past Encounters

Latest Matches

HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku Prediction

Asian Bet – HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku prediction

Neftci’s performance in the last 5 matches is quite erratic, having to receive 2 defeats against Olympiacos and draw with Helsinki at home. More ominous are the statistics that no match has kept a clean sheet. 

On the other side, HJK Helsinki won 2 and was unbeaten in 5 consecutive matches, including 2 matches in the European Cup with 4 goals. As a guest of Helsinki at this time, Neftci could hardly avoid the force of disobedience. Winning with a difference of at least 2 goals for HJK Helsinki is a reliable choice.

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HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku Prediction: Choose HJK Helsinki -0.75

European Bet

HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku Prediction

European odds highly appreciate HJK Helsinki to win. What Helsinki has shown recently, especially the strength on the front line, deserves credit. Neftci is hard to avoid defeat when looking at the lax defense and limited experience in the European Cup.

Choose HJK Helsinki (FT)

Over/Under Bet – HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku prediction

After 8 years, Neftci Baku won the Azerbaijan domestic championship again, the continental playing field is still beyond the reach of this small team. However, they are leaving a good impression with their dedication. 5 matches in the European Cup this season Neftci scored 6 goals but also conceded 6 times. 

The attack is full of efforts, but the downline is an inherent weakness. As shown very clearly in the recent reception to Helsinki, the opponent scored 2 consecutive goals quickly. With a 2-2 draw after the first leg, a great difficulty awaits Neftci.

HJK Helsinki vs Neftchi Baku Prediction: Choose Over 2.75


HJK Helsinki: Tannander, Jair, Lingman, Murillo, O’Shaughnessy, Tenho, Moren, Saksela, Browne, Valencic, Riski.

Neftci Baku: Mammadov, Makhmudov, Kane, Harramiz, Mbodj, Stankovic, Basque, Nacafov, Lawal, Meza, Bougrine.