Hockey betting – Ice Hocket betting Online Tips!

As an attractive sport, with a long history and favorite people from cold countries like Canada, Finland, Russia, etc hockey is often organized and brings to the game a spectacular performance. In this article, we will introduce all about ice hockey betting at the leading prestigious bookmaker at the present.

In addition, many prestigious organizations also participate and monitor the results of a hockey game. This is an advantage to help betting people not to be cheated, cheated by the house.

Not stopping there, hockey betting is highly competitive, the odds are offered increasingly diverse, making it easy for players to choose the rafter. Even the amount of bet you do not need to be too big, but if you are lucky, you can completely earn a lot of winning money.

What is Ice betting – Hockey?

Ice-Hockey betting is a form of betting on odds, betting markets offered by the bookmakers. An Ice-hockey match consists of 2 teams, each party has 6 members (1 goalie and 5 players). The Ice-Hockey match has 3 rounds, each lasting for 20 minutes.

Also many other competitive sports, the one who scores more goals will win. In the event the two teams tie, the match will have 5 minutes extra time. If after this time the match is still inconclusive, the result will be determined by the Shootout series (like a penalty in football).

The Ice-Hockey matches were very intense to attract viewers. As a result, regular Ice-Hockey tournaments are held under the strict supervision of professional competition organizations.

General rules of Ice Hockey

  1. All Ice Hockey betting results will be based on our company rules as a standard.
  1. All matches must be conducted on the “intended date” or “allotted time”, otherwise all bets will not be considered. If a match is postponed, canceled or changed, then the match will be considered invalid, our company will refund all wagers (the parlay bet will count as 1.
  1. In the event of a match being conducted earlier then for bets after the start of the match then those bets will be void (except for live markets).
  1. Members should bet on how to play, rules about the highest, lowest bet amount of each bet and how much money you can win.
  1. In the event that an Ice Hockey match is in progress, a number of factors such as earthquakes, etc., may result in the match being unable to be completed, the final result will be determined on the home page of that tournament as a standard.
  1. All Ice Hockey matches, if the home and away conditions have been changed to play but do not affect the result, all bets will be “still considered”.
  1. The ways to play the bet are split into 2 categories “including extra time with penalty shootout” and “excluding extra time with penalty shootouts” (in the tournament’s name, it will be clearly noted if there is extra time and penalty shootout or not).

Rules of Ice Hockey mono

Hockey betting - Ice Hocket betting Online Tips
  • Handicap / Faint / Money Line / 1 losing 2 to eat / Odd
  • Handicap result = Bet * percentage *% of the market
  • Outcome = Bet * odds *% of markets
  • Money Line Result = Stake * rate
  • Result of a loss or two = Bet * odds
  • Odd / Even results = Odds * rates

For example:

Ice Hockey Single:

Competition results:

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  • CHI (H) VS MIN: 6: 4
  • PIT (H) VS PHI: 6: 3
  • CAL (H) VS COL: 3: 1

Example I bet on a handicap

  • Bet CHI 1000 → Win odds at 1000 * 0.940 * 50% = 470
  • Bet MIN 1000 → Lose 1000 * -1 * 50% = -500

Example II places a handicap bet

  • Bet PIT 1000 → Win 1000 * 0.940 = 940
  • Bet PHI 1000 → Lose 1000 * -1 = -1000

Example I bet on Overbook

  • Bet on VS VS MIN, Over 9.5, 1000 → Win 1000 * 0.900 = 900
  • Bet on VS VS MIN, Under 9.5, 1000 → Lose 1000 * -1 = -1000

Example II bet on O/U

  • Bet PIT VS PHI, Fortune 9, 1000 → Bet Back
  • Bet PIT VS PHI, Under 9, 1000 → Bet Back

Money Line bet example

  • Bet on CHI 1000 → Win 1000 * 0.900 = 900
  • Bet MIN 1000 → Lose 1000 * -1 = -1000

Example bet A lose two to eat

  • Bet on CHI 1000 → Win 1000 * 0.900 = 900
  • Bet MIN 1000 → Lose 1000 * -1 = -1000

Example parity bet

  • Bet on VS VS MIN, Odd, 1000 → Lose 1000 * -1 = -1000
  • Bet on VS VS MIN, Even, 1000 → Win 1000 * 0.900 = 900

Hockey Bettip Tips

To make a difference from amateur bettors and on the road to professional betting, the best hockey betting system will bring you there. Having said that, here are a few betting tips that you can make into your hockey betting systems:

Bet back to the crowd

Basically, sportsbooks will always go with the public, agreeing to the trend of betting and the pattern of the public. Next, the sportsbook will then reduce the odds and thus the value of which bet. Remember that NHL hockey bets are much less than NFL football betting, which means that public bets are often wrong. For all of this, use your hockey betting system to place bets against the public. In other words, bet on the underdog and you will have a better chance of seeing the winning results.

Bets are against the schedule

Another addition you can make to your hockey betting system includes betting with a team playing on the road. You can wait for a specific group to take a trip 3 games on the road. A number of professional NHL betting players have developed statistical analyzes that justify the fact that many teams are not playing as well as they can be on the road compared to when they are playing a home game. So when a team plays a game on the road, you should bet on the home team to pull out a victory.

If you end up losing that bet, you can double up on your next bet to a maximum of about three bets. Doing this will show you that you will rarely find that it will never find its way to make a third bet – in other words, you will most likely be profitable by then.

Bets in the final match

NHL playoffs are an exciting time of the year and can certainly yield some great winnings if you use your hockey betting systems properly. One strategy is to place a lower value bet on the underdogs in the first two matches of the first round of playoffs.

This works because sportsbooks often put de-price figures on the chance of an upset, usually occurring on a consistent basis every year. It is a good idea to exploit this opportunity and gain from it since the trend is not looking like it will have chances in the near future, according to the statistics.

Now it’s time to place your tips and experience in the Hockey betting bets.

Hocket Betting With CMD368

CMD368 is a service company that provides online betting and entertainment. The types of entertainment offered by this house are quite diverse. More importantly, this unit received the operating license of First Cagayan, Philippines. With this recognition, players can be assured of the reputation and operation of the house.

A special feature that you can find at the relatively different CMD368 is the diversity in languages. CMD368 supports Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian. The interface of the house is also relatively simple, easy to see, easy to access and not too flashy. Regarding the type of game, it can be seen that CMD368 does well when it is known to update a variety of sports betting categories such as football, basketball, handball, table tennis, badminton, golf, racing car, baseball, British rugby, ice hockey, tennis, cricket, billiard snooker, boxing, Thai boxing, winter sports; esports has CSGO, Dota 2, LoL, Lien Quan, … accompanied by famous events and competitions taking place in the world.

Advantages of the cmd368:

  • Simple interface, easy to see, not too colorful with 2 main colors are white and blue.
  • The method of registering an account is easy to understand and simple, players only need about 2 minutes to successfully register an account to participate in games on the dealer website.
  • The house cmd368 supports a variety of languages ​​for players including English, Chinese and others.
  • Fast, stable connection speed with just one click, players can switch to other games quickly without spending a lot of time.
  • Diverse games, meeting all the needs of all customers such as sports, football, lottery, poker
  • Cmd368 has many attractive promotions and offers for customers but it will depend on the type of game and the time.
  • The quick payment method of depositing and withdrawing money. Players can deposit money by going to the bank or via ATM or internet banking, the dealer cmd368 links with most popular banks such as Dong A Bank, ACB, Techcombank, Vietcombank, VietinBank, Sacombank, BIDV.
  • Extremely fast deposit and withdrawal time only needs 3-5 minutes as players can deposit or withdraw successfully from the system.
  • Professional staff, well trained skills to ensure customer service 24/24 with the most friendly, comfortable attitude.
  • With modern technology, all personal information of customers will be kept absolutely confidential and not revealed.

Steps to play Hockey betting CMD368

CMD368 is one of the reputable, top quality bookies so players register an account is also quite easy and simple. Just about 2-3 minutes to follow the steps that the system requires you will have your own account. As follows:

Step 1: Find the homepage cmd368, select register

Step 2: Enter your complete personal information in the form available

  • Players will have to fill in and complete all the information, this will be convenient for you to interact with the dealer later.
  • Full name: Capitalization without accents or lowercase
  • Date of birth: Enter your exact date of birth
  • Email: Enter the correct email you are using
  • Currency: Select Vietnamese Dong
  • Phone number: Provide the phone number you are using
Hockey betting - Ice Hocket betting Online Tips
CMD368 Excellent Interface

Step 3: Deposit

Hockey betting - Ice Hocket betting Online Tips
Banking Options

Step 4: Place Your Hockey Betting Bets

Finally, you only need to log in to your registered account then fund your account and experience the games of the house CMD368.

Hockey betting - Ice Hocket betting Online Tips
CHoose Sportsbook and Head to HOCKEY BETTING
Hockey betting - Ice Hocket betting Online Tips
Start to place Hocket Betting Bets


Above is all the basic information about our house CMD368 and hocket betting tips, as well as hockey betting general information, hope to provide a lot of useful information for readers to understand more about this online dealer.

In addition, if you no longer have any concerns, quickly create yourself an account and experience the great games on the home site CMD368 and enjoy hockey betting and other services, such as Sportsbook betting, Casino games, Fishing, Lottery, Poker, games, etc at the most reliable bookmaker at the present.