Hot Promotions For New Happistar Members

Once you have created an account and become Happistar members, you will receive many different incentives such as promotions from the first time you deposit with a “huge” promotion up to 100%, even 150%.

1. The opportunity to win iPhone X

If you do not have an account at the Happistar bookie then register now to be Happistar members because the bookie is having a great new member promotion. When participating in this promotion you will have the opportunity to immediately receive fashionable and class iPhone X.

When you first deposit money, you are eligible to participate in promotions for new members and receive for yourself gifts could not be more attractive.

Banner Promotion From TT128
Hot Promotions For New Happistar Members

If you do not want to receive the gift, you can convert it into money and transfer it to your account. In this case, you must contact the bookie counselor to resolve the need within 7 days of the results being released. If delayed, all rights and complaints of the bookie Happistar will not be resolved.

Of course, in order to receive the prize structure including the first iPhone X, the second iPhone 8 prize, and the third iPad pro prize, you only have the right to participate in the promotion for new members on 1 single account only.

If you want to join this program, you just need to click on the promotion category to join and get rewarded. Nothing is difficult so please take advantage of the luck you have to receive the full gift of you.

2. Chance to win a ticket to go to London

This is a form of promotion for new Happistar members quite attractive for members who love traveling. If you already have an account at Happistar, you only need to enter the promotion area to participate.

The minimum amount to receive 1 ticket to join promotion for new members is $ 10. However, you can also deposit more money to increase the chances of winning for players.

Hot Promotions For New Happistar Members

This prize is quite attractive when winning, you will receive a return ticket to join the famous Paris fashion center around the world along with tickets to enjoy great moments in London. It will be interesting and fun to play the game while being able to receive rewards through promotions for new members.

Banner Promotion From TT128

If you do not want to take this tour, you can also switch to the amount in your account to continue playing the game at the house.

3. Refund 0.6% cashback bonus

For newcomers, the anxiety of losing will be very high. They have a vigilant spirit as well as a weak gaming experience. Understanding that, Happistar has promotions for new members quite attractive.

When playing games here you can get up to 0.6% cashback bonus. This is quite a high rate for many casinos nationwide. Often the other house will only have a relatively low return bonus so it is difficult to attract many players.

Promotion for new Happistar members is also considered as a way to recruit players that the house gives. This does not affect the interests of the players, but also makes the quality and prestige of the house increased.

4. Give 100% bonus for the first 3 times

When participating in promotions for new Happistar members, you will have the opportunity to receive a 100% bonus immediately for the first 3 deposits.

No bookie has the same high payout rate as the Happistar bookie. So when deciding to register an account at a casino, you should choose this house to receive promotional rewards for new members.

While your deposit at many other bookies, you will not receive any other amount, here, you will receive a 100% bonus refund in the first 3 deposits. Is there any problem that you do not try to register right here

5. Happy hour

This is a special promotion for new Happistar members that you can receive every Monday to Friday. The program does not take place on Saturdays and Sundays, so do not waste these hours.

In these days there will be golden hours for players. You should not miss these times because the promotion for new members at this time frame is extremely attractive. The opportunity for you to play unlimited free games will be within easy reach. Why not try to know where your luck is.

The bookie will choose any one game to return regardless of turnover. Promotions are not always available so please be aware to join these special offers.

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