How To Bet Football Effectively At AE888 To Never Lose

It is very important to know how to bet football before participating in this activity because it affects many people’s “wallets”. With this form of play, you can bet directly on the bookies, this is convenient because you can bet anywhere and anytime. In order for people to better understand how to bet football and have tips to play online betting. The following article AE888 would like to share details about this issue.

What is football betting?

Football betting is a form of betting based on a certain match. Currently, there are many different forms of football betting, it becomes even more attractive than ever. Not only the traditional betting format but now players can also choose the online betting form. With this method, players can bet football anywhere, anytime at just a computer or phone with an internet connection.

How To Bet Football Effectively At AE888 To Never Lose

Rules of online football betting at the bookies

Football betting online as well as traditional betting that players must have specific tactics to win. Some tactics can be mentioned as:

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Dragon and tiger fight

The principle of dragon and tiger fight is also called running truss. If you want to use this rafter, you need to choose the opponent equally, with each other. Absolutely do not choose teams with high odds of difference and you will not anticipate all possible situations. If you choose this method, you can win up to 70% and you can increase the win rate to 10% by selecting the 2 teams with the highest ranking in the rankings. If the away team handicaps ½ left then immediately select the away team to bet.

Observe the odds

Every move of odds you have to hold as firmly as your palm can win. If you see a team with a odds of ¼ but then reduces your performance to 0 and the winnings increase with the final odds ¼ then you will choose to bet on the lower team. Where the odds start at a rate of ½ and are in favor of the tie, the Asian odds will increase again ¼.

For example, You can learn about how to play odds through this example

Asian Odds for home team 1,025, away team for 0.825, handicap, in this case, is 0.80: 1.05 (1/4 handicap). Because it is too heavy, you will choose a homeowner to bet on.

Choose bets against teams that have a different style

If the market is reduced and the win is the same then you should choose the weak team. In addition, you should also choose a weak team if the handicap is 0.5 left and the odds of winning are higher.

Observe the teams of 2 teams to place bets

The performance of each team before the match will determine the score of the whole game. To win, you not only care about the odds but also need to know and observe the performance of each team.

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You need to observe and detect before the bookie finds out to get the best odds. From the style and play style of the team, you will see the big difference between the team and make the best bet decision.

The way football betting always wins never loses

The reasons for losing in football betting are many but mostly you are inexperienced, do not learn thoroughly about the match … So to win, do not ignore the secret that we will share next here:

The way to bet football always wins and never lose
The way to bet football always wins and never lose

Preparing yourself for the knowledge to bet football is never redundant. With this knowledge can help you better understand the team you will choose to bet and help you win. The knowledge you need to choose is to collect information about the 2 teams you will bet on that day, update the bookie rules …

Gather information about the team

Currently, with the continuous development of technology, you can collect information about the team in many different forms such as online newspapers, television or websites specializing in aggregating betting information. Each form has different advantages and disadvantages, so you need to use the information wisely to bring the best effect to yourself.

Regarding sports news on TV, the reporters often analyze very carefully and the quality, but the time is quite small, so it is difficult to full of information for you.

In the case of you’re gathering information on sports news sites mostly very good, predictable but these newspapers are often published days ago so the information is outdated. Just relying on this information to evaluate the team is not enough.

In case you use the information on professional sites to bet football, there are many advantages such as regular updates, sufficient information, and professionalism. Compared to 2 forms of research on television and sports newspaper, this form has advantages. However, further learning is never redundant

Gather information about football contracts

To win you not only learn about the team but also have to learn about the types of rafters. The amount of money you gain is big or small depending on the odds selected.

Please update the odds that the bookie gives 4-5 days in advance and update daily to avoid the bookie change without your knowledge. Note the last day before the match because this is the time when the bookie bookies often change the odds the most. In addition, 1 hour before the match, you also have to check and update the odds to not miss any information.

No favoring the team I like

Each of you has his favorite football team and when giving a decision to bet football, there will be a mentality about this team. This is very dangerous because maybe that day my favorite team is not in good form. If you keep on being aggressive, you will lead to nothing.

To bet the best we all consider the two teams the same and find out all the information about the two teams and the odds.

Not affected by the crowd psychology

The influence of crowd psychology is the error that many players face. If you choose the only contract a few people to hit you will worry and wonder then choose to follow the crowd. If everyone has the same psychology as you, the team is more crowded and if losing will make a lot of people lose.

Therefore, when betting must be a very calm mentality, not following the crowd. In particular, you need to be alert with the bookie’s lure before the psychology of the crowd. 

Refer to many bookies

Each bookie has different odds if you decide to play, choose the bookie with the best odds. This option can give you a higher stake and also a safer landing.

Betting is a game involving money and it is like the life of each of us so you should consider carefully before deciding to bet, you should consider carefully. In addition, you need to have good tactics before each game and persevere to the end. Although winning is not too greedy and losing is not too discouraged.

Football betting should not be considered a job to earn money

There is an undeniable fact that there are many people who get rich from betting but there are also many people who are bankrupt, robbed debts. Since it can be seen that betting is a very risky game, you should not put too much faith in this game. Always keep yourself some capital to be able to land safely. Absolutely not because of this red game that bet all your assets.

Sometimes with the idea that gambling is just an explanation, the psychology of you can be more comfortable and can make informed decisions.

How To Bet Football Effectively At AE888 To Never Lose

Do not let betting affect work and family

Experience the blood from a lot of people because of the love of betting that affects work and family. Our country has not recognized the form of betting, so if you do it in the state, be careful when playing. Because the law can cause you to lose your job.

Many f you are too eager to sell their bookies and land to pay off their debts, causing their wives and children to suffer from the sky. Not only that, but the fact that the creditors cling will also make your family life upside down and the family has broken down. It is best that you should stop at the right time, if you run out of capital, you should stop, not bring the home items to a mortgage.

Choose a prestigious bookie

Due to the demand for overcrowding, there are now many bookies for you to choose from. Because of that, choosing a bookie among them is very difficult. If you, unfortunately, choose to have a bookie that is not reputable, the risk of players playing money is very high.

If you have not chosen a reputable address to play, you can refer to the AE888 bookie. This is one of the most prestigious bookies that everyone appreciates so you can trust the choice. Here is a guide for betting at the AE888 bookie.

How to play football betting at AE888 bookie

Step 1: Log in to the system

To play betting on the AE888 bookie system, first, you need to proceed to login account. If you do not have an account, please register quickly by clicking register and fill out all the information that the system requires.

After registering successfully, you proceed to deposit money into your account to play betting. Only a few basic operations that you can easily gamble. Not only that, the first time you deposit money at AE888 you will have the opportunity to receive a lot of deals from the bookie as 100% of the bonus. With this capital, you can freely experience the online gaming world for real money at the AE888 bookie.

Step 2: Choose the odds

After you have logged in and successfully transferred the money you will choose the odds for the match you want to bet. On the AE888 system there are many different odds with different forms of money, so please research carefully before making a final decision.

Step 3: Proceed with the bet

Once you have selected the odds, the amount you want to bet, select confirm on the system. The bookie will give you a set amount of time to bet. If the time is exceeded, the system will not accept your bets.

Step 4: Wait for the match results

After betting, you only need to watch the match that day to see the results of that day.

An experience for you when winning the bridge is to withdraw all your winnings to the bank account. Avoid putting too much money in the game account will make you strong hands for the next match. No one can say anything about winning or losing. Maybe today you win big, but the next day your bad luck will lose. It is best to balance capital and always keep yourself a way out.

Do not be too important to win and always have the thought of taking back and push yourself and your family to the road of debt.


Football betting is a form of very high risk, so you should consider carefully before playing. Only play when you have strong capital and are ready. If you are still inexperienced, please take advantage of the time to learn more and more experiences from other players. This knowledge can help you win in the future.

Hopefully, the sharing in the article “how to bet football” partly helps you imagine this form of play. If you have a better tip, don’t hesitate to share it with us. Your contribution will be very valuable information to other players. Wish you always win when you play football betting.

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