How To Play Crown and Anchor Online – Experience To Play Always Win

How to play Crown and Anchor Online by many players interested. So how is this game applied? How to play to achieve a good victory? Let the house W88 decode to help you with all these questions!

What is Crown and Anchor Online?

Crown and Anchor is a game of black and red nature, betting, players need to guess the shape of the animals that will appear when rolling the dice randomly. Participants will not know what animal the dice will appear to ensure transparency for the game.

Crown and Anchor
Crown and Anchor

With a simple and easy to understand the game, this game not only appears in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand but also in Europe and America. Among British sailors, this is also a popular game while free and bored when fishing out to sea. It is also known as Crown and Anchor and in the US Casino, there is similar game Chuck-a-luck or Grand Hazard.

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Rules of Crown and Anchor

Crown and Anchor is divided into several turns and is not limited in number and number of participants. At the beginning of a round, three dice will be shaken by the dealer (also known as the organizer, manager, or operator of the game) of all three at the same time and its results are kept confidential.

Players start betting on one or more mascots at the same time in the same round and there is no limit to the bet. Once the bet has been completed, the dealer will start drawing and announce the result that the dice appear.

If 3 of the dice come up with the mascot you bet earlier, the house will have to return the money the player had previously bet as well as pay the bonus equal to the number of times the mascot appears times the bet amount.

Rules of Crown and Anchor
Rules of Crown and Anchor

For example: If a player bet 1,000 VND at the selection of the shrimp, a shrimp will be paid 1,000 VND, if 2 out there will be paid 2,000 VND, and if out 3, the player will receive 3,000 with it is Get back the money you’ve bet earlier.

If the mascot you bet doesn’t appear, the previous bet amount will go to the house.

How to play Crown and Anchor online

At present, there are 2 most popular forms of  Crown and Anchor Online: the traditional way of playing crabs and how to play crabs. However, due to the illegal operation, street fighting was prohibited and strictly controlled. So many players have come to the form of playing  Crown and Anchor Online to eat real money.

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How to play Crown and Anchor online?
How to play Crown and Anchor online?

Here, we will give you how to play Crown and Anchor online for you to play easier through the steps:

  • Step 1: Create an account registered on W88 to join the game now.
  • Step 2: Immediately select the game item of Crown and Anchor to enter the table.
  • Step 3: Select the bet and click complete to finish the bet.
  • Step 4: View the results that the dealer gives and compare them with the results that they have bet earlier.

When playing  Crown and Anchor Online will not limit the amount of bet, bet as many bets as you want and an unlimited number of players. This may be the overall advantage of the crab game. Because of this advantage, this game online is selected by many people today. Join the game elected at the bookie W88 house just entertain and increase income and make many friends around the world.

The experience of playing Crown and Anchor online always wins

With the  Crown and Anchor Online player, there are always great tips that not everyone knows to increase the win rate even higher. If you are still looking for a way to play, you can refer to a few tips below:

The first tip to increase your chances of winning the game is to remember the dice.

When the dealer starts opening the result, you need to remember immediately that the dice appear. Knowing the sides of the dice in advance will help players can remember quickly. After memorizing you need to use methods to eliminate opposing faces and focus on adjacent faces.

It sounds easy, but when you practice it is difficult. This is why you need to remember the 6 sides of the dice carefully before using this method. However, everything will have its best effect. If you master this way, you will have a better chance of winning.

The experience of playing Crown and Anchor always wins
The experience of playing Crown and Anchor always wins

Mastering the methods is an experience playing Crown and Anchor online

If you want to win a lot in this game, you need to use some of the following effective methods:

  • Feed 1 capacitor or 1 pair only. This may be a way to help you avoid goals. According to scientific calculations, your probability of losing will not be high if you focus on a capacitor.
  • Raising in a folding way will take a lot of time and the victory is not too high. However, this is a method considered not to make the player lose too much.
  • Put on the capacitor no one bet. Don’t run after the crowd because there’s no certainty in a game. There have been many winners in this way.
  • The secret to playing  Crown and Anchor Online will often follow those who have a high winning rate. Because those people will often have more experience of “fighting in the field”, they will increase the reward rate higher.
  • The trick to always win is usually to put in the regularly appearing capacitors and the possibility it will appear on the next screen quite high.

Remember, not having any tricks to play Crown and Anchor will increase the chances of winning 100%, but it also depends on the experience and bravery of the new player to decide this.

Keeping a good mentality is the most sustainable way to play

Besides knowing how and methods to increase your victory, you also need to master your psychology at a stable level. Having a calm state before any situation can happen is a victory. In this game, the application of the saying “calm will get people” is always true.

One trick when participating in this game is to not let the crowd or the current situation dominate your mind, avoiding failure.

If you are on the verge of winning, you should not be arrogant or self-sufficient. Because while you are negligent or distracting, it is very likely that you will lose your position after that.

If you are losing and start to get confused, this is a sign that you will lose more. The more your brain is confused, the more likely your judgment and reason will be back to zero.

A level of a player does not lie in good tips or good play tactics, simply a calm mentality. In every game, someone who keeps a cool head will always become the final winner.

Observe the bet

The players who win consecutively always have the best and most effective way for them. Observing the way they bet is a way to play the  Crown and Anchor Online will help you win more.

Among the fellow players, you should pick out the highest winning player, which proves they have a lot of experience in betting the mascots that appear on the dice. You also should not be too worried if you put after them whether or not you lose. It is possible that they own some secret tricks to increase the win rate to 100%.

Follow them if you can and minimize the emotional bet or depend on your luck. This way will help you minimize the loss of nothing while participating in this game.

It is best to watch them closely to find a way to play or exchange their experiences instead of eating this way. This way you can confidently play with the next time you play.


Through the way to play  Crown and Anchor Online we have shown above, hope that can help you find the best playing tips for you. Hopefully with today’s sharing of W88coid will bring the god of wealth to you.

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