How To Play Pok Deng At W88 To Have Big Win, Earn Real Money

Pok Deng is a new card game genre brought to W88 and has received a lot of attention from people. With long-time members of W88 is certainly no stranger to this form of gaming. But for the new brothers perhaps to play smoothly is quite difficult. So is there a way to win when playing Pok Deng at W88. Join our experts in the details below.

What is Pok Deng?

Pok Deng is a card game genre originating from Thailand. This game is a competition between 6 players and 1 main player. People will use the cards in their hands and combine them into 8 (Pok 8) or 9 (Pok 9) to help themselves win. Normally, each Pok Deng player will be dealt 2 cards and draw 1 more card. The card of the player who is high will win the opponent and bring big sums of money.

How To Play Pok Deng At W88 To Have Big Win, Earn Real Money

Pok Deng is like any other card game genre using a deck of 52 cards and the same number of points. For example, the numbers from 2 to 10 will correspond to the number of points on the leaf. Particularly for leaves with a convention such as Ace is counted as 1 point, J, Q, K are 0 points

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Guide to play Pok Deng at W88

Firstly, to play Pok Deng well, everyone needs to understand the rules, the way to calculate points, arrange cards … And we will share one by one with everyone in the following section.

Rules of Pok Deng

In the Pok Deng game has players and dealers. In which the dealers are dealt cards and their cards are compared with all players in the table. Players will then compare with the dealer to determine the winner.

When playing, everyone will bid to choose the dealer in the first 1-10 games. If nobody at the table wants to be the dealer, the system will automatically select 1 player at random. If there are 2 people who want to be a dealer, the system must randomly select 1 of them.

After selecting the dealer, the player will place a bet and this amount depends on the dealer. After all players have a bet, the dealer will deal two cards each. If one player has a Pok, the other players need to conduct a hand comparison. If all have no Pok, then they need to draw more cards so that their cards have the highest total points.

How to arrange cards

Understanding the rules of the game is quite important, but in card games, if you do not know how to play cards, the chance of winning will be greatly reduced. The ranking method will be ranked according to the following rules:

Pok: This is the case for players who have 2 cards with a total of 8 or 9. This is considered a blank and the system will automatically open the card and compared it to other players.

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Clearing chamber hall: This is the case when a player has 3 consecutive cards of the same suit

Three-card game: A player who holds 3 cards of the same value

Hall: This is the case when a player has 3 consecutive cards but different in quality

Three humanoid cards: the case in which the player has all 3 humanoid cards

Normal: The leaves cannot create the above cases.

How To Play Pok Deng At W88 To Have Big Win, Earn Real Money

Steps to play Pok Deng at the W88 bookie

To play Pok Deng, people can follow the 4 steps as follows:

Step 1: The player places a bet on the dealer and confirms the bet with the dealer to play.

Step 2: After placing a bet, the system will shuffle the 52-card deck and proceed to give the player two cards each.

Step 3: If the total of 2 cards is 8-9, the player will win white and the other players must face up. In case you cannot win, each person will draw another card to make your deck look the best. According to the share of long-term players, everyone should only draw 1 more card in case the sum of 2 cards is below 4. In the case of 4-7, you should consider whether to draw or not to draw.

Step 4: Finish the game and the player will conduct a score against each other to classify the winner.


Hopefully, with the sharing in the article above, it helps people have more experience when playing Pok Deng. If you have any other questions that need immediate answers, please leave a message below the comment for quick support. I wish you success and bring yourself large sums of money!

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