How to win Dota 2 betting at CMD368 – Dota 2 Esports Betting Tips

Dota 2 is definitely a game that makes gamers think more to get a higher position. With the increasing appeal, this is not only a game to help you relieve stress, but also you can earn an extra cost. So let’s find out immediately how to win Dota 2 betting easily, easy to receive prizes. Dota 2 betting would be much more interesting and profitable with the recommended Dota 2 betting tips  at CMD368.

How to win Dota 2 betting at CMD368 - Dota 2 Esports Betting Tips

1. What is interesting about Dota 2 betting?

Dota 2 is a sports betting genre produced by Valve and IceFrog. The contents of Dota are still the two sides of Radiant and Dire fighting to destroy the opponent’s main house. Come to this game, players will play the hero and team up with their teammates to perform the task.

Dota 2 betting game image
Dota 2 betting game image

Dota 2 is the next version of Dota 1 that made the market on the market but improved thanks to the new features of the game and built on a more beautiful and attractive graphics.

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The legendary characters in Dota 2 are:

  • General Sven: This champion has the ability to activate gods with the ability to stun the enemy and then rush in to attack suddenly. Moreover, Sven also has the ability to move quickly to help close the distance between the two opposing sides.
  • Bane: The mysterious general who has the ability to disappear to escape.
  • Crystal Maiden: This is a female general capable of speed, can control her allies.
  • Lich: This champion has the ability to slow down, high damage.
  • Wraith King: The most powerful hero of Dota 2 is loved by many players. He has a skillful fighting style and the ability to revive. In addition, he also has the skill to deal damage very quickly, with an allied fighting style, launching a unique and attractive final move that not everyone can do.

Currently, the game has 12 million people bet on Bet Dota 2 with only 2 weeks of launch. In the United States, dozens of Dota 2 tournaments have been held with millions of dollars in prizes. 

2. What is special about Dota 2 betting at CMD368?

Combining countless fascinating matches around the world

Although there are quite a number of players, the number of Dota 2 matches is quite limited. Therefore, the CMD368 house always summarizes the matches around the world. Creating conditions for you to make good choices every day, participating in entertainment makes it easier to succeed.

The markets are summarized in detail

In the statistics table, the house gives extremely useful information about the betting Dota 2. Including live schedules, start time and how long the game has ended. Make sure you will be easier to follow when participating in this game and advise how to win Dota 2 betting.

Bet on CMD368
Bet on CMD368

Odds of the market change constantly

Most esports betting games change the odds constantly. That is, the greater the number of players betting on which team, the lower the odds of winning that team. So you should pay attention to the odds to bet more successful!

3. Dota 2 Esports Betting Tips

Select bet Dota 2 above

The first among the Dota 2 betting tips, it is also a form of betting dota2 through the house, but unlike football, there is no handicap in Dota 2. If betting on football, when you bet the stronger team will have to accept the number of goals, then Dota 2 will only be based on the final result of the match.

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The stronger team will win and do not need to accept anything. If you’ve played Dota 2, you may notice and will see that the teams in the upper rafters are usually strong and will easily win.

The teams at the top of the game are often difficult to beat. However, this is not always possible, you need to consider their circumstances and opponents.

Esports- Dota 2 with CMD368
Esports- Dota 2 with CMD368 

Regularly monitor the participating teams

If you have chosen a strong team, regularly monitoring that team’s performance will be one of the ways to bet on Dota 2. Performance has a great influence on the team’s performance and chances of winning when There are a lot of teams that are getting better and better in Dota 2.

There are a lot of teams that are from mid-range that is now on par with a few magnitudes. Therefore, regular monitoring will help you better assess the current team’s strength, so that you can decide how to bet.

Regularly follow the matches ( King of Glory as an Example)
Regularly follow the matches ( King of Glory as an Example)

CMD368 is regarded to be outstanding owing to the fact we support the live matches follow, which keeps CMD368 members updated with the latest results and know how to win Dota 2 betting.

Create more accounts when participating in dota 2 bet

A lot of players have felt uncomfortable because Dota 2 only allows betting up to 4 items in a match. To make it easier to get more regular items, you can create a few more accounts to bet on. You should only apply this tip when you are sure of the winning team. That’s when the strength of the two teams is clearly differentiated. The Dota 2 betting tips will help you get more rewards

Don’t be subjective

This is definitely the first thing you need to consider when participating in any betting game, Dota 2 is no exception. You should not rely too much on a strong team, because their strength can change over time. In particular, in the match, there will be a lot of unexpected situations, so please follow the battle closely. In the unexpected situation you can change the contract to not lose the betting products.

Always find out the situation of both teams

You should learn about the strength of both teams at that time to get the most objective assessment as one of the important Dota 2 betting tips.

Keeping a good mentality, looking for information on the latest matches that the two teams have participated in so that they can analyze and evaluate their performance. It will be helpful to you when participating in this game.

Besides getting to know how to win Dota 2 betting, luck, analysis, learn will help you play Dota 2 easier. Have a great time and always be rewarded!

4. Dota 2 betting guide at CMD368

The CMD368 bookmaker is known as the prestigious and legal Esport betting bookmaker chosen by many players. Because besides high odds, this house also offers players many attractive promotions. In which Dota 2 is one of the most popular Esport betting games.

When playing Dota 2 betting at CMD368, players only need to follow the instructions on how to win Dota 2 betting with CMD368 below:

Step 1: Log into the CMD368 system

First of all, the player needs to access the CMD368 website. Then proceed to log in your account as usual. If you do not have an account.

Step 1: Log In
Step 1: Log In

Note: If there is no money in the account, the player needs to deposit to the account before playing.

Step 2: Choose the game Dota 2

After you have successfully logged into your account, click on the ESPORTS box in the toolbar -> Then you will see a new dialog box appears and Dota 2 at the top of the page and select the bet match.

Choose your favored type
Choose your favored type

Step 3: Place a bet

At the top of the page is a list of ongoing bets and some results of the matches that have occurred for players to refer and make a decision to bet for themselves.

CMD368 Dota 2 Odds
CMD368 Dota 2 Odds

5. Dota 2 betting options: 

  • Winner: Predict the winner of the match including extra time and extra time.
  • Handicap Bets: Players will predict the winning team after adding the handicap including extra time, extra time (if any), handicaps in Dota 2 that can be opened for Map / Rounds / Kills. or the other calculations listed on the betting table
  • Over / Under Bet: Players will have to predict the total number of maps, rounds, or kills killed above or below a specific factor including extra time, extra time, if any.
  • Match bets: Calculated based on the final score after the Handicap Factor is added to the score of 0-0. Matches at the time of placing the bet will not count.
  • In addition, if you encounter any problems during the access or participate in playing at the house, the player can contact via hotline or live chat. The staff is always ready to serve 24/7 to meet all needs of customers


Whatever betting game at CMD368. It is also always possible to earn huge amounts of money when you win. So when betting Dota 2 at CMD368. Do not ignore the Dota 2 betting tips, prior to getting how to win Dota 2 betting, master the information related to this game. More or less, it always gives you a very high win rate, minimizing your entertainment risk! Good luck, great wins when playing online with CMD368.

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