Huge Promotions for FB88 registration: Instructions and Notes

FB88 is a very reputable house and attracts a lot of players. However, FB88 registration for new players is still very difficult. Therefore, we dedicated this article to guide players to set up the latest and most standard FB88 account.

In the modern age, technology has developed so it is easier than ever to register for FB88. As long as a player with an internet-connected computer, laptop or mobile phone can register or even play directly on their device anywhere and anytime. Please refer to the article content below to be able to create yourself an FB88 account offline.

1. Registration instructions for FB88

To have  FB88 registration account, follow the three steps below. Please read carefully and follow exactly to avoid errors.

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Step 1: Visit the FB88 registration page

First, access to the website or click “REGISTER NOW” below to access the FB88 account registration page.

If you can not access the FB88 registration interface, try accessing the reliable links to FB88 for instructions on accessing the FB88 dealer when blocked.

Huge Promotions for FB88 registration: Instructions and Notes
Log in or Join Now

When you get to the FB88 website, click on the “REGISTER” box and follow the instructions  FB88 registration account below.

Step 2: Fill out the information in the form below

When you click on register, the site will redirect to a registration page as shown below, you fill in your information as instructions and remember to be accurate to facilitate the withdrawal. Deposit and top up FB88.

Huge Promotions for FB88 registration: Instructions and Notes
Latest Fb88 registration instructions

Please note:

  • Username: That is, the username to login to the FB88 house website, the username need not be identical to the real name.
  • Password: Also known as a password to log into the betting house.
  • Retype Password: Please enter your password again, enter the same as the password box above.
  • Email address: Enter the email you are using, this email in case you have forgotten or lost your login password to your account.
  • Full name: Must be correct. The full name must coincide with the name of the ATM card, the full name of the bank account, or the ATM.
  • Date of birth: Enter the date of birth exactly according to your identity card.
  • Phone number: All security information about the account, account lookup … you can use the mobile phone to be able to contact directly, so you need to fill it correctly.
  • Agent Code: You enter 170, this is an agent code that will help you how to play as well as withdraw money, recharge FB88
  • Verification: Enter the numbers you see in the box beside.
  • You choose the games that you love and want to play such as Sports escrow, Online Casino, Slots game, Shoot Fish, Lottery … so the consultant will call you and good support best for you.

Step 3: Once you have entered all, click “REGISTER”.

After you have filled in the information exactly as instructed, click on REGISTER to finish

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 FB88 registration process.

The system will display a notice of congratulations and a notice that you have successfully registered your FB88 account. You can deposit money into your account and play games at FB88 now.

So you already own an FB88 account. After watching the tutorial on how to register for FB88 and register for an FB88 account successfully. You only need to top up FB88 and fight. If you have any questions please leave cmt below, we will guide you to open a dedicated FB88 account for you.

2. Promotion when registering FB88

The promotion at the FB88 dealer has been interested and supported by many players in the past. In order to bring players the highest benefits in terms of product quality and services offered by the house FB88. FB88 constantly launches the most attractive promotions for new and old players. To know more about promotions at FB88, please click on the Promotion category to view. Below FB88.Blog will send you the latest promotions for new members.

Golden hour for reward

When registering for FB88 member with agent code 170, you will be immediately entitled to the following promotions.

  • Customers with a deposit of $15 or less will receive a Lucky Draw immediately (free bets or valuable items).
  • First-time customers deposit, get 100 points into the account.
  • Customers who deposit money within the day get 300 points for the account.
  • Enjoy first deposit bonus of up to 100%

Note: This promotion is only for members who register with AGENT CODE 170. Add to that the gift only valid for 1 hour. If there are any obstacles, it should be supported to recharge as well as how to play. Please click on the support button to receive direct advice 24/24.

3. About FB88 bookmaker 

The FB88 bookmaker is known to a large number of players as one of Europe’s oldest and most respected online bookmakers and online casinos in Asia and has grown tremendously in recent years and now at FB88 is officially available in many Asian countries!

Since its inception, FB88 has worked hard, earnestly and has achieved many successes. Especially creating a breakthrough in applying the most advanced development techniques to bring quality entertainment products in Asia and gradually asserting its position in the current entertainment betting industry. now on. The goal of FB88 is to become the leading and most reputable bookmaker in the market for online betting. Constantly providing players with the best service, always innovating in every game as well as improving the quality of service.

Hurry up and register for FB88 to experience all the exciting and dramatic games at this house. Lots of attractive promotions and rewards are waiting for you, do not miss this opportunity.


  • Easy registration 10
  • Send money, withdraw money quickly 10
  • Friendly interface, easy to play 10

5. General Promotions Terms & Conditions

  • FB88 registration and participation is allowed only 1 (one) per person, family, household address, email address, payment account number, email address, telephone number, IP address. Bonus will be refused to players who do not comply with this term and odd accounts will be closed. (Please, refer to General Terms and Conditions – Account Opening and Security policy). We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of any offer and to redeem all bonus and winnings money accumulated by any customer or group of customers at any time and at our sole and absolute discretion.
  • All offers from only for members that register with exact information (Contact number, First name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email address, Bank account information, etc.)
  • offers are intended for recreational players only and may in our sole discretion limit the eligibility of customers to participate in any promotion.
  • Before any withdrawals are processed, your play will be reviewed for any breach of our terms and conditions and irregular playing patterns. If any terms of an offer/ promotion are breached or if there is evidence of bets/wagers placed by a customer or group of customers (for example, betting patterns on the same events/markets that are identified across multiple accounts), which due to a Free Bet, Bonus, enhanced payment, our Cash Out feature or any other promotional offer resulted in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, FB88 reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to void Free Bet or Bonus stakes or void any stakes funded by the use of previously awarded Free Bets or Bonuses and withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings. FB88 also reserves the right to confiscate the Free Bet or Bonus awarded from such offers and remove winnings from these and/or linked accounts. Any abuse of the bonus offer will lead to closure of the account.
  • The customer must provide identification documents, if necessary, to validate their identity (KYC). Failure to produce documents if requested may lead to forfeiture of the bonus and winnings. The company reserves the right to request the customer’s photo with their identification document (the customer’s face must be clearly visible in the photo) or phone call identification at any time.


FB88 – The world’s leading online sports betting and bookmaker from Europe and owned by Young Royal Business Cooperation. FB88 offers exciting gaming products such as Live Sports betting, Live Casino, Slots (slot machines), lottery products, P2P and more. All games and promotions are waiting for your  FB88 registration.

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