Welcome to 188BET bookie – a reputable online casino book houses 2020, which will provide a lot of kinds of games to play like: football betting, casino online,…


Introducing the 188BET bookie

The 188BET bookie was established in 2006 under Cube Limited in the United Kingdom. With more than 10 years of operation and development, 188BET now has an enthusiastic, quality staff, providing customers with many entertainment services in general and online betting in particular. In Asian markets, 188BET is gradually asserting its brand and reputation, becoming one of the most prestigious and safe bookies for players.

In addition, in the 2009-2010 Premier League season, the 188BET bookie is the exclusive sponsor of the Bolton Wanderers club and partner of the Wigan Club in the brand promotion campaign in the UK. The cooperation with two clubs in the English Premier League in the same season proves the strong potential and prestige of 188BET, bringing great success in promoting the name of 188BET to customers.


With such evidence, it is easy to understand why the 188BET bookie can become a prestigious bookie in the world today.

Why should you choose the 188BET bookie?

Currently, 188BET bookie offers customers a lot of diverse and rich services. These include the following types:

Football Betting

188BET offers a full range of betting bets on almost all big and small tournaments in the world from Premier League, La Liga … to Vietnam national championships. With a large team of professionals and quality, 188BET offers very competitive odds. So this is a strong point to help 188BET attract customers to you.

Online Casino Service

In addition to sports betting, the 188BET bookie also offers online casino services with many games that simulate the games at big casinos, live dealer casinos such as Grand Suite, Vip Suite, Imperial Suite. The exquisite simulation, the beautiful interface of 188BET helps players like participating in a live casino.


In addition to 188BET players can also participate in the Slots Game with diverse themes and many different ways to play. This is also an extremely attractive point when coming to the 188BET.

How does the 188BET bookie take care of its customers?

With a strong infrastructure system and professional staff, 188BET bookie always gives customers the best support, 24/7 whenever customers need it. When you have questions, you just need to click on the chat icon, immediately a 188BET staff will connect to support you immediately.


  • Hotline: +852 5808 3608
  • Email: support-vn@188service.com

Is 188BET bookie registration easy?

It’s easy, just a few steps to become a 188BET player

  • Visit the dealer website, select Register
  • Fill in personal information


After clicking Register, a new window will appear for you to enter personal information including Email, username, password, confirm password, country of residence, currency, confirm 18 years old and read the terms and click the confirm button. So you have an account on 188BET.

Deposit money at 188BET like?

After successfully registering an account at the 188BET bookie, you can send money to participate in the house’s gaming experience. There are many ways to deposit money into 188BET such as visa cards … or the simplest you can send via local banks in just 3 very simple steps:

  1. Get your bank account number by chatting with support staff. Like all support requests, the staff will immediately respond to you.
  2. You can make a deposit by depositing cash at a bank, via an ATM or internet banking on your phone or computer.
  3. Visit the 188BET cashier to confirm the transfer and the money will be posted to your 188BET account quickly, instead of waiting for the system to automatically update.

If there are any difficulties or problems at any step, do not hesitate to chat with support staff.

Is it difficult to withdraw money at 188BET?

Many of you wonder if it’s easy to recharge but is it difficult to withdraw money? The answer is that with a reputable house like 188BET, it’s easy to withdraw money.

  1. You log in 188BET, go to Bank> Withdraw money
  2. You choose to withdraw money, select the local bank transfer

Here you fill in the necessary information including the amount you want to withdraw, the name of the bank you register for the account, the bank branch, the bank address, the name of the bank account holder, the bank account number. Then, press confirms to complete the withdrawal process and the money will come to your account very quickly.


Above is our brief overview of the 188BET bookie. We hope the article has provided you with some necessary information and can help you feel secure when participating in the 188BET bookie. Wish you always good luck and have fun with 188BET.