IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF Prediction – Allsvenskan – 07/03

IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF prediction on July 03, 2021. Confronting the defending champion Malmo in this round will certainly be an impossible task that cannot be more difficult for Norrkoping. However, when playing at home, Norrkoping is still considered to make the opponent difficult.

IFK Norrkoping Overview

IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF Prediction

IFK Norrkoping is a highly rated team in Allsvenskan, but they did not perform very well at the beginning of the season. Through the first 8 matches, they only brought back 3 wins, 2 draws, and 3 losses. 

With only 11 points, they are temporarily in 6th place on the rankings at the moment. They are behind the team in the top 3 with only a gap of 3 points, not too far, so if they try harder, they will be in the top. The next match will be difficult for the host when he has to face the team that is leading in the rankings, so it is difficult for the host to win the score.

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Malmo FF Overview

Malmo FF is still showing their strength this season, through the first 9 rounds they brought themselves 6 wins, 2 draws, and only 1 loss. This pretty good achievement helps the visitors get the top position in the standings at the moment. 

Currently, they are only 3 points more than 2nd place, so they need to work harder to maintain their top position. The next match has to march away from home, but with their great determination, 3 points will be the goal of the away team.


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IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF Prediction

Asian Bet – IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF prediction

Malmo is now much stronger than the previous two seasons, so it is impossible for Norrkoping to win. But it should be emphasized that in the last 6 home matches of Norrkoping, they are unbeaten in all 6 with 4 wins and 2 draws. 

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Thus, the experts all confirmed that the home team getting 1 point is a certainty that will happen. In addition, in the first half of this match, Norrkoping will cause Malmo to be as empty as in the last 2/3 encounters of the two teams. Thus, in this Asian bet, choosing to invest in the home team will be the safest and most optimal choice for fans.

IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF Prediction

  • Choose Norrkoping +1/4 (HT)
  • Choose Norrkoping +1/4 (FT)

European Bet

IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF Prediction

The European odds offered by the house are *3.05-2.12-3.55* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With the home advantage and progress in the confrontation with Malmo, experts believe that Norrkoping will get 1 point in today’s match. And in today’s 1×2 match, Draw will of course be the choice that should receive the top priority.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF prediction

According to experts, this match will not have too many goals scored. Because although Norrkoping has been inferior to Malmo in the past, in the last few encounters, the home team has gradually learned how to minimize the opponent’s strength. The proof is that in the last 4 confrontations, Norrkoping made Malmo difficult when the away team only scored 1 goal per game. 

IFK Norrkoping vs Malmo FF Prediction:

  • Choose Under 1-1.5 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.5-3 (FT)


IFK Norrkoping: Lundevall, Ndione, Ellegaard, Gregersen, Holst, Ishizaki, Karlsson, Olsson, Portillo, Gojani, Strand.

Malmo FF: Bachirou, Traustason, Melicharek, Larsson, Knudsen, Safari, Rieks, Lewicki, Rosenberg, Molins, Christiansen.