Important Notes About Deposit At Vwin

Vwin is an online gaming company, a member of VW Asia Ltd, a bookmaker that has a business license and is operated by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation in the Philippines. 

Vwin bookmaker is one of the highly rated betting bookmakers in the betting market and around the world. But there are many new players who do not understand and understand the basic information about the Vwin betting site.

In this article, we will review the details Important Notes About Deposit At Vwin, one of the online bookmakers of sports, online football betting, casino, poker, etc. which is considered “hot” in the current betting world.

Important Notes About Deposit At Vwin

1. Method of payment and refund at the Vwin house

There are many different deposit and withdrawal payment methods for you to choose from. Security issues are very much emphasized by the betting house of VWin, and so far they have created a reputation for many players, completely confidentiality of information for each person’s financial transactions.

The process of withdrawing money takes place quickly, within 3 hours at the latest, you have received money, VWin supports all major banks in most of the countries.

Vwin’s dedication to safe and convenient financial transactions will make you feel comfortable participating in the games that VWin offers.

2. Deposit Method

Online bookmaker VWin can accept money from you through many channels, so please choose the most convenient way in some of the following ways:

2.1 Bank transfer

There are many ways to make a transfer, just through your bank for support, you can fully recharge your VWin bookmaker in this way. Currently, you can choose one of the following deposit methods:

2.2 ATM / Service at counter / E-Bank

2.3 Deposit Security

The primary concern of the VWin online betting site is the confidentiality of all transactions of all customers. DES Base64 technology is also used to encrypt parameters for all payment transactions, as well as data transmitted over HTTPS to keep all information in a high security state.

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Important Notes About Deposit At Vwin

3. Frequently asked questions about Deposit

Important Notes About Deposit At Vwin

Question: Can I deposit money without Internet Banking?

Answer: Yes. Vwin allows customers to make deposits via multiple channels. You can fund your account by bank transfer, even without Internet Banking. We support wire transfers through most of the largest banks in Vietnam. Please contact Vwin Customer Service to obtain a bank account number before making a transfer or deposit.

Q: After I transfer money to my VWin account, how long will it take for the system to update?

Answer: You will enjoy the most advanced, convenient and fastest Deposit service at VWin. If you make money transfer via Internet Banking, the deposit will be updated immediately after the money order is completed. If you make a direct deposit, make sure that the actual deposit amount and the information provided is consistent with the details of your real account. As such, your funds will also be immediately updated to your account.

Q: Can I deposit money into my Vwin account with someone else’s bank account?

Answer: Not possible. Under the Anti-Money Laundering Law, you may use only one bank account registered in your name to make a Deposit transaction.

Q: Are there any fees for making a successful deposit?

Answer: VWin is free of charge for all your top-up transactions.

Q: What should I do if my account has not been updated after the Deposit?

Answer: Please contact VWin 24/7 Customer Service. Our staff will be happy to assist you in solving your problem.

Q: How can I deposit money if I do not have any bank account that VWin is supporting, or do not have Internet banking?

Answer: We recommend that you activate the Internet Banking function, as it is very useful and convenient for making Recharge transactions later. However, you can also transfer money by ATM or by bank transfer if there is no Internet Banking function.

Q: Is inter-bank money transfer allowed?

Answer: Yes, but we also recommend that customers should not conduct transactions by interbank transfer. The VWin bookie cannot guarantee you the time it takes to update your account at Vwin, as this will depend on the interbank processing process. If you are required to make a bank transfer transaction, please try to complete the money transfer procedure as soon as possible so that your money can be transferred as intended. We also recommend that customers should not perform this type of transaction after bank hours.

4. Notes about Deposit

If you make a deposit using the money transfer method, please make sure that the actual deposit and the amount listed on the system are consistent. For example: If the amount you fill in the website is $5, please submit the correct amount of $5. If not, this amount will not be updated to your account.

Once you have registered for a deposit, please complete the transfer within the validity period. If the validity period has expired, please fill in the new information form for making a deposit. The instructions for making a deposit have been clearly posted on the website, please follow carefully step by step.


In addition to the prestige and interests of the participants, Vwin always provides players with diverse products, perfect quality without question, and offers programs. attractive promotions for players, hoping that when you come to the Vwin betting house, you will have the opportunity to Deposit and start to participate in these attractive promotions along with great experiences while playing here. I wish you luck and success!

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