Incheon United vs Seongnam FC Prediction – K-League – 07/20

Incheon United vs Seongnam FC prediction on July 20, 2021. Incheon United is the old team where Vietnamese stars like Cong Phuong or Xuan Truong used to play here. In the past, they have never been appreciated and often struggled with the relegation battle.

Incheon United Overview

Incheon United vs Seongnam FC Prediction

Incheon United is a weak team, last season this team had to rely on a little luck to get the relegation spot. In this season they are better prepared to avoid the situation of last season repeating. After 19 rounds, they got 23 points and temporarily stood in 6th place on the rankings at the moment. They are in good form recently, so the next match with the home advantage Incheon United will do their best to get the next 3 points for themselves.

Seongnam FC Overview

Seongnam FC is rated quite high but has suddenly performed poorly in this season, Currently, through 19 rounds, they only got themselves 4 wins, 8 draws and 7 losses, getting themselves 20 points. and is ranked 10th on the chart at the moment. They are going through an extremely difficult time when they have not won in the last 10 matches, leaving the visitors far behind other opponents in the top of the table. The next match has to march away from home with their pretty bad performance, it is difficult for the visitors to get good results in the next match.

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Incheon United vs Seongnam FC Prediction

Asian Bet – Incheon United vs Seongnam FC prediction

Seongnam FC is playing quite disappointingly at the moment. In the previous round, Seongnam FC lost 1-2 at home to Gangwon. In the last 6 matches in K-League, Seongnam FC did not win, and had to receive 3 more defeats. The form of Seongnam FC is very poor. After 18 rounds in the Korean league, Seongnam FC has 4 wins and 6 draws. They have 18 points, ranked 3rd from the bottom in 10th place. In the time of poor performance, Seongnam FC is expected to lose on Incheon United’s field.

Incheon United vs Seongnam FC Prediction

  • Choose Seongnam FC (HT)
  • Choose Incheon United(FT)

European Bet

Incheon United vs Seongnam FC Prediction

The last 10 encounters in the history of the confrontation between the two teams: Incheon United vs Seongnam FC: Incheon United is better with 3 wins, Seongnam FC won 2 and 5 matches had a draw. It can be assessed that the strength of these 2 clubs is quite balanced. However, in this match, Incheon United is having a better home field advantage and better form. While Seongnam FC is playing disappointingly.

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Choose Incheon United (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Incheon United vs Seongnam FC prediction

In the last 9 confrontations in the history of the confrontation between 2 clubs: Incheon United vs Seongnam FC, there were 7 matches in which the net vibrated with only 2 goals or less. Incheon United has always been a team that emphasizes rigor with a defensive and counter-attacking style. Meanwhile, Seongnam FC is in poor form with extremely low scoring performance. Therefore, it is difficult to expect many goals in this match between Incheon United and Seongnam FC.

Incheon United vs Seongnam FC Prediction:

  • Choose Under (HT)
  • Choose Under (FT)


FC Incheon United: Kim Do Hyuk, Kim Sung Ju, Lee Tae Hee, Yeon-su Kim, Yang Jun A, Oh Ban Suk, Kim Jun Yub, Kim Joon Beom, Ji Eon Hak, Stefan Mugosa, Song Si Woo.

Seongnam FC: Kim Dong Hyun, Ji-moog Choi,  Kim Young Kwang, Lee Tae Hee, Lee Chang Yong, Jae-Won Yeon, In-Soo Yu, Choi Byeong Chan, LIM SUN YOUNG, Jamshid Iskander, Yang Dong Hyun.