Indonesia vs Singapore Prediction | AFF Suzuki Cup | 12/25

Indonesia vs Singapore prediction: At this year’s AFF Cup, Indonesia is still unbeaten with 3 wins and 2 draws. Coach Shin Tae-Yong showed flexible adaptation in tactical operation when facing different opponents. In front of a Singapore that still reveals many loopholes in the defense, Indonesia is believed to win tickets to this year’s AFF Cup final.


  • Match date: 12:30 p.m – 2021/12/25
  • Event: AFF Suzuki Cup
  • Stage: Semifinals



In the first leg, Indonesia had an excellent match when holding the home team with a score of 1-1 in a match where they had a good game, even if they were more alert they could have won by leading for most of the game. The effectiveness of the team from the land of thousands of islands can be seen through each match, specifically, they know they know us when it doesn’t take too much effort to defeat inferior opponents like Laos, Cambodia, and then hold Vietnam and beat Malaysia to take the top spot.

Singapore’s goal in this second leg is to win or draw with more than 2 goals to win tickets to the final. In addition to the advantage of being the host country, the lion island nation’s team is not too superior in terms of strength, in which they lost quickly 0-2 to Thailand in the last match, and won 2-1 against the Philippines. In addition, in the semi-final draw last first leg, Singapore proved to be deadlocked for most of the match in front of this opponent’s tight play.

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In the first leg, Indonesia had a good match against the home team, even they were the team that created more stopping situations in a match with equal ball control. Moreover, the confidence after the draw in the first leg makes the team from the land of thousands of islands more comfortable and more active in this second leg and if they play not under their strength, they can completely beat. home team.

Select: Indonesia FT.


Indonesia is very good at holding back opponents, which was shown in the goalless draw against Vietnam in the penultimate match on the group stage. This is also a match where a goalless draw will help coach Shin Tae Yong’s team win tickets to the final, so it is very likely that they will actively retreat to the squad. Therefore, it will be difficult for the home team to get a goal, so choosing Under is reasonable.

Select: Under 2 1/4 FT.


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In addition to the draw in the last first leg, the recent confrontation record is in favor of Indonesia when the previous 3 meetings they had 2 times defeated this opponent. The initiative in this second leg still belongs to coach Shin Tae Yong’s students after the 1-1 draw in the first leg, so they have more options for this rematch. Therefore, belief in a victory for Indonesia is completely grounded.

Select: Indonesia FT.


This will be a match where it is highly likely that Indonesia will actively defend and wait for the right opportunity, so it will be difficult for Singapore to deploy the match. In addition to the last draw, Indonesia is also a team that has had a much more convincing performance than the home team in the 4 group stage matches, including a 4-1 victory over Malaysia and a draw with Vietnam. Therefore, Indonesia’s ability to win is more feasible.

Indonesia vs Singapore Prediction:​​ Indonesia 1-0 Singapore FT (0-0 H1).


Indonesia: Nadeo Argawinata, Ridho, Dewangga, Asnawi Mangkualam, Pratama Arhan, Rachmat Irianto, Irfan Jaya, Witan Sulaeman, Fachruddin Aryanto, Dedik Setiawan, Ricky Kambuaya.

Singapore: Sunny, Baharudin, Nazari, Suzliman, Irfan Fandi, Song Ui Young, Sulaiman, Ramli,Harun, Arifin,  Ikhsan Fandi.

Above is the information about Indonesia vs Singapore prediction in the Semifinals match of AFF Suzuki Cup on 2021/12/25 of the CMD368 bookie.