[INSTRUCTION] Standard Online Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing – a long and fascinating sport available in most countries around the world.

Along with the development of information technology, players can participate in horse racing betting more easily.

To better understand the exciting entertainment game and how to bet on horse racing, the following article will share very useful information for players, especially the new players.

What is horse racing?

Believed to be born in ancient Rome, the horse racing game has now spread to the whole world.

In many countries, there are large horse-drawn schools that can accommodate hundreds of thousands of people.

If horse racing was once known as the sport of kings and nobles, now, over hundreds of years of development, they have become popular with everyone.

The racecourse is always full and the race is ongoing to serve the entertainment needs of the fans.

In addition, live television programs also attracted a large number of participants.

Horses racing under the guidance of the driver will compete to finish first.

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The time for a horse race depends on the length of the races but all are very dramatic and attractive.

In addition to watching and cheering, betting and making money from horses is also indispensable in a horse race.

That’s why when it comes to horse racing, people will immediately think about playing horse racing betting first.

It is the prize money and sponsorship of the betting industry that has also made this sport increasingly developed and attracted.

Currently, at horse racing, there are systems to avoid fraud and create high transparency.

This is also the reason that players are more confident in their investments and we can proceed to place a lot of doors, rafters based on the rules of the house and each race.

Horse racing rules

With the development of telecommunications and television networks, horse racing programs are now reported almost directly on channels.

Players may bet at any time based on the online bookies.

However, in order to win, we need to understand the rules of the basic rules of horse racing.

Standard Online Horse Racing Betting
Before starting the bet you should be familiar with the rules of the game

Types of horse racing betting tickets

In the form of horse racing betting, there are many different types of bet tickets for players to choose from.

Most of them are used the same in many countries so this makes it easier for players to participate in multinational betting channels.

WIN Bet – A single or single bet ticket

With this method, we bet on the horse that will be first. If the horse wins after that, we will get a reward.

In the event of the first two or three horses finishing the first goal, all three bets on that horse will be settled as a winner.

Example: Bet Win on horse number 2. Result 2 comes in first => player wins.

PLACE Bet slip – Bet 2 bets or a double bet

This bet is for 7 or more races in the race and correctly predicts the top 3 places that will win the prize.

For races with only 5 to 6 racing horses involved, only the top 2 tournaments will be won and will receive a reward according to the prescribed ratio.

Example: Place a bet on horses with numbers 1, 2, 3 x 10 points per horse. Result of the number 2 horse first => The player wins and receives the reward according to the formula of 10 x 1.65 (Payout ratio) = 16.5 points.


This is the type of bet that players need to select at least 2 horses to join to bet. This format is a way to predict which horses will finish first and second in the same race.

Example: Choose a 10-point QUINELLA ticket for horses No. 1 and 2.

  • If the number 3 horse finishes first and the number 4 horse comes second => the player loses.
  • If 1st horse finish first, 2nd horse finish = => the player wins and receives the prize at the prescribed rate.


This is how the player chooses the top 3 rankings and players need to pick at least 2 horses to place a bet.

Example: Bet QUINELLA PLACE on horses 1 and 2 with a total of 10 points.

  • If the horse has the best number 3, 4 is the runner-up and 5 is the 3 => the player loses, losing all bets.
  • If the number 1 horse finishes first, the second prize finishes, the third prize wins = 3, and the player correctly predicts the 1st and 2nd horses and receives the prize according to the house rules according to the following formula: Odds x Stake.

Bet slip TIERCE

This is a way to choose a horse in the first, second, third place and the player needs to select at least 1 horse for each rank.

If any prediction is won, the bonus will be calculated according to the horse’s ratio formula x The amount the player bet.

Bet slip TRIO

With this type of ticket, the player only needs to select at least 3 horses to return to the top 3, regardless of rank.

Example: Bet on horses number 1, 2, 3 or 4 wins. If the result of horse 1 is first, 4 is second and 2 is third => the player wins and receives the prize. As long as the predictions win the highest prizes, the player is multiplied by the stake.

Bet tickets FIRST FOUR

With this ticket, the player needs to select at least 4 horses to get the highest rank in the race.

It is important to note that this result does not distinguish the ranking of the prizes, as long as they are in the top 4 with the highest prize.

CROSS bet slip

This is a parlay bet that every player can choose from 2 to 6 races to place a bet.

Each bet is based on WIN or PLACE to place a bet.

The winning ratio of this ticket is calculated by multiplying the ratio of how to play WIN and PLACE and keep only the second number after the period.

So in horse racing betting, there are many different bet types to meet the needs of the player’s choice.

Not only can we bet for the exact horse to finish, but we can also bet on the highest rankings, regardless of the tournament.

If won, the player will receive a raise based on the horse’s price or price.

This is a way of playing that requires a lot of concentration, observation and effective judgment.

Rules of horse racing betting

Playing betting horse racing betting as well as many other games need to follow the most common rules. With the new players, follow the note below:

  • Racing schedule: Depending on the tournament, the time for horse racing will be announced. Especially playing online betting will have a very detailed and easy to observe racing schedule.
  • Bet time: Depending on the house, there is a time limit for receiving bets, but most will stop accepting 3 minutes before the race starts.
  • How to play: Basically, the player chooses the race, participates in the bet, and names the predicted horses that have been numbered according to convention and confirm the stakes. After successful betting will be the moments of cheering and waiting full of stress and drama.
  • The result of the horse race will be announced on the screen after the referee confirms the completion. If betting on horse racing online, the final result will be based on the statement of the organizer unless otherwise determined by the house.
  • The table of calculations of the horses will be made public and transparent so that players can track the results and their payout ratio. Also at the racetrack will also announce the amount of a generous win.
  • Payout Percentage: Each horse is numbered and the payout for them is also made public. The winnings are calculated using the formula: Winning = Stake x Odds.

With the traditional way of playing horse racing betting, you need to present the winning ticket as prescribed. If betting on horse racing online, the system will automatically calculate and add money to the player’s account if winning.

Notes when playing horse racing betting

In order to ensure the rights of horse racing betting players and related parties, the organizers have clearly defined the circumstances that may arise during horse racing. Especially when horse racing gives up.

With big wins will help you save a lot of money
With big wins will help you save a lot of money

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