Instruction To Register W88 Account Successfully In 2 Minutes

The website interface of the W88 bookie is very easy to use. Therefore, the W88 account registration is very simple and fast. You just need to follow the detailed instructions below, to be able to own a W88 account. The article also gives important notes when registering an account, so that after playing win, you can withdraw money immediately.

3 steps to register W88 account

Step 1: Access the homepage of the W88 bookie

After accessing the website W88, in the upper right corner of the screen, there is a fairly large red REGISTER. Click that to start registering for the W88 account:

Instruction To Register W88 Account Successfully In 2 Minutes

Step 2: Fill out the W88 account registration information

This step is very important because you are going to play betting, gambling online with real money. All transactions are via bank. Therefore, the registration information of the player must be 100% accurate.

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Instruction To Register W88 Account Successfully In 2 Minutes

The W88 is a large, reputable bookie for over ten years. The strength of this house is the absolute information security policy for customers. Therefore, players should feel secure when registering information.

You just fill out the form below.


– Email Address: It is best to use your primary email, this email has been verified by you and knows the password information. Thus, a bad situation occurs such as forgetting a password, or unfortunately losing emails, it can still be regained.

– Mobile Number: Enter your correct phone number, to receive promotion codes quickly.

– Currency: Choose VND because players deposit and withdraw in VND.

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– Name: Print capital letters without accent same bank account name.

– Date of Birth: Fill in the correct information on your identification card

– Username: Give as you like, easy to remember like: w88username. (You need to choose a special username a bit, and do not mix with other members!)

– Password: Enter a password of 10 characters or fewer (no more than 10 characters). For example: W88account – such a password is best, both letters and numbers of no more than 10 characters.

– Agency ID: The default is the same

When filled in the information correctly, there will be a green check next to it. If you fill it in wrongly, a red slash will appear next to it. Now you know to enter it again correctly.

After filling in the registration form. You click on the JOIN NOW box

Step 3: Register your W88 account successfully

After clicking the JOIN NOW button. There will be an image indicating that you have successfully created your W88 account.

Important note

As mentioned above, this article also gives a note to help you withdraw the winning money fast. Actually this is very simple, but a lot of you ignore it. That is a lot of friends create virtual nick, fake information to play at W88. However, this is in violation of the mandatory rules of the W88 bookie. So when withdrawing money, you do not verify the account successfully, leading to the house freezing account. You cannot withdraw money.

This scenario is repeated in many previous players. Many of you have contacted Admin W88 for help, but actually W88 is the second largest bookmaker in the area. Therefore, the regulations are very strict, the Admin will not be able to help. The only way is for you to help yourself, by providing accurate account information. As such, the withdrawal will take place extremely smoothly.

To speed up the withdrawal process, you can contact customer service w88, ask the staff to speed up the payment process.


W88 account registration process is completed, right now you can deposit W88 and join any betting game you love. Currently, promotion w88 also offers bonus free bets.

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