Instructions On How To Play Monopoly At 188BET

For those players, a Monopoly is a name that is not too strange. Monopoly is not just a game, but at that, you learn “how to get rich”. Buying land, building a house, doing business to pay back capital, then receiving bonuses, collecting rent, paying fines, paying taxes … are all the basics of investing and doing business that you can learn in Monopoly. This article will guide you on the basic rules on how to play Monopoly, so you can quickly embark on your “get rich” work.

Introduction of Monopoly

What is Monopoly and how to play Monopoly? Monopoly is a game created by Charles B. Darrow. In 1934, Charles introduced the game to the Parker Brothers management. Beginning in 1935, right from the time the Parker Brothers acquired production rights, this set of toys had become the leading real estate game not only in the United States but also in the Western region at that time. By 1999, this game was released with registrations in 80 countries, in 26 languages. 

Monopoly requires players to think, calculate carefully and add the element of luck.

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Instructions On How To Play Monopoly At 188BET

A Monopoly included

– 1 square chessboard consisting of 40 cells

– 2 pieces of dice

– The small animals represent the players

– 32 houses and 12 hotels. Each property has a title certificate (like a red book)

– Opportunities cards: put in a box “?” on the table.

– Air cards: Place in a green box on the board.

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– Money to play face value of $ 1, $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 50, $ 100, $ 500, $ 1,000 and a bank deposit box.

Chessboard playing Monopoly

The chessboard consists of 40 cells running along the 4 sides of the board

– 28 property boxes: on the US version, the properties are named after famous places such as Atlantic City, New Jersey … These boxes usually have colored bars on the top.

– 3 boxes of Chance: are the opportunities you can meet in life, sometimes luck can be risky.

– 3 boxes of Community Chest: are the risks that you may encounter in life, but sometimes the risk is lucky.

– 1 box of Luxury Tax

– 1 box of Income Tax

– 4 squares in 4 corners including:

+ Departure point (Go): the starting point for all players

+ Prison (Jail)

+ Free Parking: go into this box you will lose your turn.

+ Go to jail.

Instructions On How To Play Monopoly At 188BET

How to set up the original Monopoly game

Step 1: Place the game board on the table. Mix and place the chance card face in the yellow box, air card in the blue box in the middle of the table.

Step 2: Each person chooses one of the small animals to represent them

Step 3: Each player receives $ 1500 from the bank as working capital (including various currencies). All excess money and other surplus items are managed by the Bank.

Step 4: Select a player to be a Bank. The Bank’s role is as follows:

– Manage the balance. This player can also participate in the game but must manage his own money separately.

– Manage red numbers, houses and hotels.

– Sell and auction real estate, lend money when players mortgage properties.

– Pay wages and bonuses to players.

– Banks are not allowed to go bankrupt. When the money runs out, the banker is entitled to make more money in plain paper.

– The bank is entitled to collect taxes, fines, recover debts, interest as well as commissions when selling real estate.

Instructions On How To Play Monopoly At 188BET

Detailed Monopoly rules

The purpose of the game

The purpose of the Monopoly is to let players become rich – that is, they can accumulate a lot of assets and use money effectively.


Usually, there are at least 2 players and this game set is designed for up to 4 players.

Begin the game

Players will place their mascots in the box Go. Players take turns rolling the dice. The person with the highest score can go first.

Every turn

When it is his turn, the player performs the following actions:

– Pour your two dice down

– Move your spirit along the number that has been poured

– When you move to which box on the board, you check to see which box it is. Refer to Section 6 for more details.

– If you roll the dice with the same face, you are allowed to play 2 times in a row. But if your dice roll 3 times on the same side, then you have to go to jail.

– When your turn is over, it is your turn to the left.

Victory conditions

– The game can be considered ended when the other players go bankrupt, only the last player who has not gone bankrupt is the winner.

– If before playing, the group plays together with a pre-set convention. When the game is over, the richest person is the winner.

A player is considered Bankrupt: if he owes his friends or bank more money than he can afford. If it is owed to the player, you must hand over all your assets and cash to the creditor. But before handing over the properties, houses and real estate must be sold to the bank for cash.

Types of cells in the Monopoly

1. Departure box – GO

Each player mascot enters or passes through this box (whether dice are rolled or by Chance/Community Chest), you are paid $ 200 by the bank.

2. Land plot/property

Land purchase

If you go to an unoccupied land plot, you can buy it or auction it.

– If you want to buy, you pay the amount indicated on the land to the bank and get the corresponding Land Card.

– If you do not want to buy, the bank will auction the land plot with the starting price.

Pay rent

– If you go to a land plot with an owner, you need to pay the Rent for that person according to the corresponding amount on the paper.

– If the land plot is mortgaged, the landowner is not entitled to collect your fines.

Build a house on land

How to play Monopoly when you have all the land of the same color, you begin to have the right to build houses on the land.

– The fine will double when there are enough plots of the same color

– When there is more house, the fine continues to increase

– The highest fine when building a hotel

Hotel building

When you have 4 houses on each plot of land, you have the right to build a hotel: Then 4 houses will be sold to the Bank, and the player buys a Hotel. Only 1 hotel is allowed per property.

3. Prison

When you go to prison, you are considered to have lost your turn, and you are not entitled to a $ 200 salary during your journey and must move your mascot to the Prison cell.

Reasons, why you should be in prison, include:

– Your mascot hits the box Go to jail – the box where the police officer is honking.

– You have to withdraw the “Go to jail” command

– You roll the dice 3 times in a row with the same face

Thus, if you just accidentally hit the Prison cell, then you are going “Visiting prison”, you will not be penalized at all.

When you go to prison, you can only release from prison when:

– You roll the die on the same side in 1 of the next 3 moves.

– You will be released from prison immediately if you take out the “Prison Card”

– Redeem “Prison release card”

– Pay a fine of $ 50

While in prison, you still have the right to buy and sell real estate and collect money.

4. Free parking

If you enter this box you are not penalized, and you are okay.

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