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Inter Milan will enter the conquest of the Champions League this season by welcoming B. Monchengladbach at their home field. Let’s refer to our Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach prediction in UEFA Champions League, on Wednesday 21st October 2020.

Against opponents that they have never failed in history, can Inter Milan get 3 opening points in the new season.

Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00pm on Wednesday 21st October 2020
  • Event: UEFA Champions League
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Stadium Stadio Giuseppe Meazza


Monchengladbach is not showing stability in the Bundesliga. That makes them unable to have a stable mentality before entering the next confrontation with Inter Milan. Being kicked at home with great confidence, Grass Snake can completely defeat the opponent.

Inter Milan is determined to go deep in the Champion League after adding a lot of quality players last summer. While with B.Monchengladbach they will try their best to show their best this season.

Match Facts: LAZIO 

After the summer of very enthusiastic activity in the last transfer window, Inter Milan is rated relatively high this season. Their recent performance is also very good when they are completely unbeaten in their last 5 matches on all fronts, including 4 wins.


Meanwhile, with his youth team, Dortmund is still maintaining a relatively good form in the Bundesliga when they get 6 points after On the opposite side, although not adding too many quality names, but with what shown in the last season, Monchengladbach promises to be unknown this season. Their performance over the past time is also quite good when they have 3 wins and only have to lose their last 5 matches on all fronts.

Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach Prediction

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Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach Prediction recommendation:

Asian Handicap Prediction Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach Prediction:

  • Handicap Inter vs B. Monchengladbach the whole game: -1.87 / 0.75 / 1.99
  • Handicap Inter vs B. Monchengladbach in the first half: -1.84 / 0.25 / 1.95

Considering only Serie A this season, Inter Milan played a total of 3 matches. The best result that Inter Milan earned is 2 wins. With the other match, Inter Milan drew Lazio 1-1. So Inter does not lose a match.

Considering the last 5 matches, Inter Milan’s performance has been stable. The number of victories they hold in hand is 4. Immediately after is a draw. The corresponding win rate is up to 80%. The closest victory was beating Benevento 5-2.

In the opposite direction, Monchengladbach showed relative stability for the last 5 matches. Specifically, Monchengladbach won 3 victories for themselves. Monchengladbach’s corresponding win rate is quite high: 60%. It is worth mentioning that Monchengladbach’s remaining 2 matches to draw 1 and lose 1.

Asian odds for the upcoming match to be 0: 3/4. Inter Milan is determined to be the team that is in the upper door, accepting 0.75 goals

The best Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach Prediction: PICK Inter Milan –

Over Under Prediction

Looking at the last 5 matches of Inter Milan, the stability is shown in the attack. Specifically, the number of goals that Inter Milan has scored is up to 21. On average, they earn 4.2 goals in 1 match. In terms of defense, 6 is the number of goals that Inter Milan received.

Considering the 2.75, the last 5 matches of Inter Milan often at Over. The rate of Over to win is 80%. In the opposite direction, Over in the last 5 matches of Monchengladbach has 80%.

Looking at the last 5 matches Monchengladbach has played, the attack is extremely impressive. 16 is the total number of goals that Monchengladbach has earned, reaching a performance of 3.2 goals per game. However, the defense is not playing well when losing 5 goals. The average number of goals lost per match is 1.

.Wise choice Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach Prediction: 

  • Odds: 1 – 2.75
  • PICK Over

Score Prediction from expert:

  • HT: Inter Milan 1-0 Monchengladbach
  • Inter Milan 2-1 Monchengladbach Full Time

Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach Prediction

1×2 Betting: 

  • European odds:  1.64 * 4.90 * 4.00
  • Ideal Choice: Inter Milan vs Monchengladbach Prediction: Inter Milan to win (Full Time)

In the history of Inter Milan and B. Monchengladbach, the two have only met exactly 4 matches and these confrontations took place from the 70s of the last century. In these 4 meetings, Inter Milan completely dominated when they were unbeaten in all 4 matches including 2 wins.

In this confrontation with each other, with their home field advantage and the team of players that are considered to be very good in the Champion League. Inter Milan promises to have a successful debut with 3 points in hand.

The odds are set in this match to be 1.64, 4.90 and 4.00. The above ratios correspond to the results of win, loss and draw of Inter Milan.

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