Inter Milan vs Sassuolo Prediction – 17h30 On June 24

Football tips for Inter Milan vs Sassuolo – 17h30 on 06/24/2020. Our Inter Milan vs Sassuolo prediction will provide expert insights, analysis of the performance of the two teams before the game so you can choose the winner. Best for yourself.

Inter Milan vs Sassuolo Predictio

Football tips Inter Milan vs Sassuolo

The only victory can help Inter Milan close the gap before the two teams above and rekindle hope to compete for this year’s championship. Currently, they are temporarily ranked 3rd and inferior to the above two teams at 8 and 9 points, respectively. After a long time of football in this country, half of Milan had a forgotten day when unable to beat Napoli in the semi-final second leg of the national cup after losing in the first leg. One of the reasons that coach Antonio Conte and his students are missing the championship race is that in the last two rounds, they have lost to their two competitors, Lazio with 1-2 score and against Juventus with score 0-2.

On the opposite side, the Sassuolo players have not had a match since the tournament continued and they have had impressive performances and achievements before, as evidenced by the last 6 rounds, Roberto De Zerbi’s army won 4, drew 1 and lost only 1, the only opponent that they failed was Parma with a score of 0-1 at home. In those 4 wins, the most impressive was to crush AS Roma with a score of 4-2. However, that is not enough to help this team to have a good performance in this year’s tournament when they had previously been extremely inefficient and currently only get 32 ​​points after 25 rounds.

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Asian odds of Inter Milan vs Sassuolo: Inter Milan -1.1 / 4

Certainly, this is a journey to heal more or fewer data with the Sassuolo players when they are a team determined to regain their position and own a squad with many quality names. Howa again in the first leg, the army of Antonio Conte’s coach won the away match with a score of 4-3, even if the better use of the ratio could be darker when there are 7 times threatening the frame compared to 4 times that the home team has. Therefore, an isolated victory is something that the home team can completely do.

Inter Milan vs Sassuolo Predictio

Over/Under odds: Over 3 goals

One of the reasons why Inter Milan’s performance has been somewhat down is that their attacking goods are not as effective as the beginning of the season, as evidenced by the last 6 matches they have only 6 goals. However, with a desire to regain his position and assert his strength, the home team will surely take the attack as a top target. On the other side of the battle line, Sassuolo also owns an attacking play and has had 41 goals after 25 rounds, plus 7 goals in the first leg, making the possibility of this game very high.

  • Tip score of R1 Inter Milan vs Sassuolo: 1 – 1
  • Tip score of R2 Inter Milan vs Sassuolo: 3 – 1

European odds: Inter Milan Full-time

In addition to winning away from home in the first leg, Inter Milan is also more appreciated than this thru when looking at the current performance of the two teams, namely Sassuolo who are 22 points behind their opponents after 25 rounds. duel, not a small difference to be able to put two teams together tray. Moreover, Sassuolo did not have a good performance in away games when it only won 12 points after 13 away games. Therefore, the contract will be a wise decision in this encounter.