Introduce Kinds Of Casino Games For New Casino Players

Introduce Kinds Of Casino Games For New Casino Players

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Probably the first time you came to the Casino but was overwhelmed with the flashy, sparkle and the coins are rolled up everywhere. People talk and laugh naturally, but you feel lost in this too strange and extravagant space. But fear not! Because everything can be learned from the rules of human conduct to the rules, the principles of playing casino games. Therefore, we want to share with you not only the tips for gambling for first time players or how to choose the easiest game, but we also want to guide you to become casino players who are really luxurious.

Introduce Kinds Of Casino Games For New Casino Players
James Bond is famous on the screen

Preface for new Casino players

The first thing we want you to remember is that there are always immortal rules for every casino game, this is the basic thing you don’t want to forget yourself.

Does betting ensure you will win 100%? The answer is no! It is true that there are many professional casino players they can make millions, but this number is like a drop in the ocean.

Therefore, everyone should determine their thoughts before playing. Since gambling will mostly rely on luck, luck should be relative, everyone should gamble responsibly.

Control the playing capital

The cruel fact is that the house will have a very high win rate! That is also the reason why they trade gambling. But that does not mean you will make money from these games.

In the casino world there is a term called “The House edge”, the lower the house’s edge is, the higher your chances of earning potential and following the same logic you play. The more rounds you will lose.

According to the psychology of gambling behavior analysis, the more you lose, the more you will want to play because you have already spent time and money, so you don’t want your investment to be wasted.

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That’s also the reason you see in casinos often there are no watches, because they want you to forget about time and immerse yourself in gambling games.

The first lesson you should remember is that: Managing your capital closely and logically, set a limit for playing.

For example: You can set a limit of $ 1,600 – $ 2,500, you will stop the game.

Basic courtesy

Please respect yourself and others! Everyone in the casino is more or less a well-known figure and status in society so it is really foolish if you do not understand the basic rules when communicating with them.

Introduce Kinds Of Casino Games For New Casino Players
Courtesy makes you stand out in the eyes of others

Some rules you should grasp when playing at big casinos like Las Vegas:

  • Dress properly (Tip: Men should wear a Vest and Women should wear luxurious skirts)
  • Always remember to tip the dealer when you win, not much but must have
  • Don’t scream excessively when you win or lose, try to behave and control your emotions properly
  • There is an unwritten rule that you should only use one hand to touch the cards face down

Now let’s join the Tips for the first-time casino players

Tips when playing Casino

The first thing you should do before taking any bet is to take some time to understand what game you are playing before because each game will have very complex rules that are not suitable for new casino players. Play as Craps or Poker

And conversely, there will be more simple and easy-to-understand subjects that are suitable for those who have not had experience in casinos like Slot and Baccarat.

But you don’t need to worry because casino games are designed in the simplest and most accessible way for everyone, because if it’s too hard, there’s no time to learn. Here, let’s learn the fundamentals of some classic games that you encounter with any casino.

Slots Machines (Slot Machine / Fruit Machine)

Slots is a very popular game in casinos around the world and its popularity is so great that when people mention Slot, people mention gambling in general. If you can compare the popularity with the fruit machine, then, fortunately, it is Poker.

Why do we recommend playing Slot first? Firstly, because this game is very simple and easy to play. Second, slot machines do not require skill because most of it depends on luck.

Having said that does not mean that everyone who plays the game will have the same luck rate. Because there will be people who may be more fortunate to play the Slot and the secret lies in how others choose the slot machine to play!

Typically, professional Slot players will choose slot machines with a high RTP (Refund Rate for players). If a slot machine has a 95% RTP ratio, the house edge will be 5%.

Note: This does NOT mean that if you play 100 rounds, you win 95 rounds or you will earn $ 95 for every $ 100.

Since the results of this slot machine will be determined by a standalone computer engine, also known as a random number generator, there is no way for you to interact with the Slot machine, so please pray for the goddess of luck. Luck on your side is enough!

Introduce Kinds Of Casino Games For New Casino Players
You can easily come across Slot machines at the Casino

Video Poker

Like slot machines, Video Poker is a popular game. However, unlike Slot machines, this game requires more skills from the ability to manage casino players’ emotions to the ability to make decisions, everything necessary when you play Poker.

To win this game, get yourself the best poker cards. Therefore you need to equip yourself with the basic knowledge of poker rankings, depending on the game variation that you will choose different pairs of cards.

Currently, the popular Video Poker can be mentioned as Double Bonus, Aces & Eights, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Joker Poker.

Introduce Kinds Of Casino Games For New Casino Players
Jack and Better


A game that many casino players must have heard of at least once, right? Roulette is native to France and it is also one of the oldest arcade games at the classic casino. A luxurious and flashy atmosphere like Casino, Roulette is an indispensable game.

The rules of Roulette are quite simple: that you predict exactly where the last ball will roll, you win, in which you can choose one of the only number positions or you can bet including the whole sequence.

For example: Odd numbers, even numbers, all red numbers or all black numbers

The two most popular variants are European and American Roulette. In the European version, there are 37 numbers and the US version has 38 points, because there are two green positions (0 and 00).

According to the study, the European type has a better house edge, accounting for 2.70%, as opposed to American 5.26%. Guess which one is more popular?

If you want to invest in search of potential, you will probably want to find the third variant and also the original French Roulette. Because this variant brings the most advantages to the casino players, there are currently few casinos of this type.

Card Game (Card Game)

Of all the cards, Poker is the most popular, while the highest win rate for casino players is Baccarat (Similar to Three Cards) and Blackjack (Similar to Blackjack).

For Blackjack, your goal is to try to get 21 points, or at least closer to that score than the dealer. As you can see, you are not playing with other players; Your only opponent is the dealer. You have three options:

  • Standing (No more drawing)
  • Hit (Dealer will add another card to your two starting cards)
  • Split (If two cards have the same value, please split them)

The dealer has the advantage of playing after you, so they already know what your finishing position is. Anyone with a score exceeding 21 will lose. Depending on the variation you play and the number of decks used by the dealer, the house edge of Blackjack varies from 0.28% to 1.5%.


Baccarat is similar to the Blackjack game in that it is the closer you get to the target number, the higher the percentage of friends in Blackjack is 21 points and here, the target is closest to 9, but when you exceed 9 points, Casino players will not make up or lose. Instead, you subtract ten from the equation, which means that if you’re holding six and seven, your score is three (13 means 3 points).

Another difference is that casino players don’t necessarily have to play with the dealer. In fact, the game revolves around predicting who will win. There are three types of bets you can make:

  • Player (Bet to Win)
  • Bank (Banker wins)
  • Tie (Tie betting on Hoa)

These types come with the house advantage of 1.24%, 1.06% and 14.36% respectively. Therefore, the wisest choice, in the long run, is to just sit back and bet on the Bank selection.



Unlike other casino games, Poker does not exist the concept of house advantage because in Poker will largely depend on your skills and for other reasons this is the second most popular card game after game slot.

To become a professional poker player, requires years of practice and the more you play, the more your brain will get used to calculating and taking reasonable steps before your opponent. yourself.

There are 3 types of poker you need to be familiar with:

  • Draw poker: Each player will receive 5 or more cards (All cards will be face down and not opened). All players can exchange from 1 or more cards with a certain number of times.
  • Stud poker: The player receives his hand during the first hand, some of which is shown to the public. But unlike Draw Poker, people who join Draw Poker will not be allowed to exchange cards.
  • Community Card: In this mode, in the first card hand the player will combine the cards dealt with the community cards and then open them for everyone to see. The task the player creates associated with the 5 cards above.

In Poker, knowledge of links and level of links is very important. In addition, psychological factors also play a very important role in this game, if casino players are a fan of the movies Deity of Chow or Chow, you will know this very well.

Bingo (Bingo) & Keno

Bingo and Keno are two popular lottery games abroad and like fruit machines, the element of luck always plays a key role.

Both forms of entertainment have the basic rules of play: You choose a playing card (Keno) and card (Bingo) if the results are the correct numbers, you will win.

Basically, the gameplay is quite simple: Casino players just need to choose the lucky numbers then pray for good luck to help you. However, the saying goes still to be repeated when the prize money from this type of lottery gives this winner is very attractive.

The other two types of lotteries you should definitely avoid are Big Six and Big Wheel, both of which come with a home odds of about 23%.

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