Iraq vs Syria Prediction | WC 2022 Qualif. AFC | 11/11

Iraq vs Syria prediction: Iraq is gradually being left behind by the top names in the final qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia this year after they did not perform really well in the past matches. The team from the Middle East is still struggling and receiving a name similar to their current situation, Syria will certainly be an opportunity for the host to find hope for themselves.

Iraq vs Syria Prediction


  • Match date: 05:00 p.m – 2021/11/11
  • Event: World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC
  • Stage: Matchday 5th
  • Location: Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium



In the first 4 matches of the World Cup qualifiers next year after 2 periods of concentration, Iraq can only get themselves 3 draws with 1 loss, they have not once enjoyed the joy of winning a match. And with 3 points in possession is not enough for the representative from the Middle East to hope for a higher position than the 5th position they currently own. Difficulties are being pushed higher and if they want to maintain the opportunity to compete for tickets in Group A, Iraq will definitely need good results in this gathering.

Meanwhile, with Syria, the Arab team is even worse than the home team after they have only earned 1 point so far. They had to receive 3 defeats and could not find the first victory, a completely different sentence from what Syria did in the second qualifying round before. Marching to Iraq’s field on the first day of the next round of gatherings is generally still 90 minutes of turbulence with Syria. The match will be a certain initiative from the home team, but the ability to explode will still leave many alleys.

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Select: Under 2 FT.


With the home-field advantage, Iraq is still the name that has the favor from the bookies compared to Syria in this match. This can be seen as a good opportunity for the representative of the Middle East to find the first 3 points in this year’s qualifiers, Syria no longer holds too many discomforts like the way they did in the qualifying stage. Monday, the gameplay is somewhat easier to catch when the ability to switch status is somewhat affected, causing them to suffer less positive results. A basis for Iraq to exploit if they can create a good enough pressure thanks to their smooth ball rotation.

Iraq vs Syria Prediction

Statistics show that the home field is also a place to create a good fulcrum for Iraq when they have only suffered 1 loss in 11 matches played at their home since October 2019 until now. The number is quite impressive and enough to make Syria worry, especially when the ability to play away from the home of the Arab representative has never been appreciated. Iraq will need to overcome the pressure they receive to put on a good performance against Syria and thereby get a convincing result.

Select: Iraq FT.


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Obviously, the fact that the opponent cannot find the outstanding problems in the gameplay will be a good opportunity for Iraq to exploit to open up opportunities to create certain difficulties. A game with good preparation in all aspects and the opportunity to have a positive result is still very bright for the Middle East representative against Syria.

Iraq vs Syria Prediction

Select: Iraq FT.

Iraq vs Syria Prediction:​​ Iraq 1-0 Syria FT (1-0 H1).


Iraq:  Hachim, Al Qafaje, Jabbar, Attwan, Hadi, Natiq, Resan, Tariq, Adnan, Mhawi, Mohanad.

Syria:  Alma, Mohammad Anz, Arnaout, Al Ajjan, Krouma, Al Midani, Al Hamawi, Aosman, Hamisha, Mawas, Aldin Yasin.

Above is the information about the prediction between Iraq vs Syria in the 5th match of World Cup 2022 Qualif. AFC on 2021/11/11 of the CMD368 bookie.