Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen Prediction – Bundesliga – 04/07

Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen prediction on April 07, 2021. The Bundesliga is the second most prestigious tournament in this country after the Bundesliga and the biggest surprise is that this year the current defending champion and king of Europe Bayern Munchen could not go on. But there will still be two very strong clubs in this tournament in the quarterfinals, Dortmund and Leipzig. Luckily for Werder Bremen, they have dodged the above two teams and had to face only a second-tier team, Jahn Regensburg.

Jahn Regensburg Overview

Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen Prediction

Although Bremen is not too strong, in terms of playing experience, Regensburg cannot compare in any respect. Because while Werder Bremen is a very familiar name in the league, Jahn Regensburg in history has never set foot in the Bundesliga. Remember, just a few seasons ago, Regensburg’s name was still in the German 3rd Division. Therefore, even with home advantage, Jahn Regensburg can only hope for a match that they finish with a draw in the official 90 minutes.

In their last 7 matches, Jahn Regensburg is winning only 1 match, drawing 4 and losing 2.

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Werder Bremen Overview

Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen Prediction

Bremen, though not playing really well, is ranked 13th in the Bundesliga, but just that much is enough for them to completely overwhelm Jahn Regensburg, who is only 14th in the Bundesliga. With the large difference in proficiency between the two teams, Jahn Regensburg is judged that after today’s match, they will have to bid farewell to the German Cup.

In the last 6 games of Werder Bremen, despite facing many strong teams, they still got 2 wins and 3 losses, draw 1. It should be known that 2/3 of Werder Bremen’s losses had an appearance current of both Bayern Munich and Wolfsburg – the two teams are ranked first and third in the Bundesliga.

Before that, Bremen even beat a Frankfurt ranked 4th in the standings, so the performance of the away team was not bad.

Past Encounters

Asian Bet – Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen prediction

By reaching the eight-team round, any surprises can happen. However, Regensburg in the German 2nd Division is currently in average performance, so even playing at home, it is difficult to beat the opponent. In the opposite direction, Werder Bremen is still playing well in the Bundesliga, so they will not want to lose face in a cup match against opponents who play in the lower tier.

Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen prediction: Choose Werder Bremen -0.25

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European Bet

This is a cup match so the home or away field does not have much impact on the match. It is almost as if Werder Bremen will not be able to compete for the top spot in the Bundesliga, so dodging strong teams in the league in the national cup is great news for this team and the rest is a must get the ticket to continue.

Choose Werder Bremen (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen prediction

Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen Prediction

The two teams have only met once, but it was 17 years ago, so it is impossible to refer to the results of that match. Given the nature of a quarterfinal match, caution is always the first priority if the two teams are not too different in terms of qualifications. Attack from Werder Bremen is limited and host Regensburg has not proved much in the end.

Jahn Regensburg vs Werder Bremen prediction: Choose Under 2.5

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