Gold Cup 2021 | Jamaica vs Suriname Prediction | 07/12

Jamaica vs Suriname Prediction: Jamaica has had a pre-preparation period for the Gold Cup this time not being impressed with the unexpected results. It will certainly serve as a warning to this team in their quest to improve their playstyle problems. In the clash with Suriname on the opening day, Jamaica’s goal is nothing more than a win.

Jamaica vs Suriname Prediction


  • Match date: 11:00 pm on 2021/07/12
  • Event: Gold Cup 2021
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Exploria Stadium




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If overall, the preparatory period for the biggest football festival in North Central America this time. Since the Nations League campaign was quite successful when getting a promotion ticket, Jamaica has gone through 5 friendly matches for them. However, the results were not so positive as they had to receive 3 defeats and only 1 win out of them. A period of 6 months is probably enough for Jamaica to figure out their problems. This team will need to have some determination in the upcoming tournament.

Jamaica vs Suriname Prediction

Meanwhile, with Suriname, the team before coming to the Gold Cup this year also had their own matches in the first qualifying round of the WC 2022 campaign. Despite having won 3 out of 4 matches played, Suriname still could not participate in the final qualifying round of this region. Overall, this is not a highly regarded team in terms of expertise. The chances of a favorable outcome for Jamaica are still very open. A competition where the yellow shirt team will still show their control. But the ability to be Over will still bring many doubts.

Select: Under 2.5 FT. 


With their level, Jamaica is still the team that has the initiative compared to Suriname in this match. In general, certain differences in terms of class and expertise will be the basis for the yellow jersey team to have a controlling position against their opponents. Suriname in general is not a name with many highlights. Their staff is somewhat limited when most are semi-professional players. And the ability to set up tactics is quite simple, making them seem difficult. can create surprises before the big names. This is something that Jamaica can exploit when football in this country is very developed in recent years. 

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A number of names are competing in the MLS area with the determination to always make them ready to be one of the teams that bring variables. Obviously, if looking at the preparation with the lack of positive results during the past half-year, perhaps Jamaica has had time to figure out their problems before entering the current tournament. The factors from the human side and the understanding and good tactical adaptation will be the premise for them to have a good day against Suriname and get the first 3 points.

Select: Jamaica -1 FT.


In general, being overwhelmed in terms of squad and performance will create a very good psychological momentum for Jamaica to fully master the upcoming match. It will be a match where Jamaica is expected to be able to easily get 3 points against Suriname and open up their advantage.

Select: Jamaica FT.

Rosenborg vs Kristiansund Prediction: Jamaica 2-0 Suriname FT (1-0 H1).

Jamaica vs Suriname Prediction


Jamaica: Dennis Taylor, Oniel Fisher, Liam Moore, Amari’i Bell, Wes Harding, Adrian Mariappa, Devon Williams, Javon East, Blair Turgott, Damion Lowe, Andre Gray.

Suriname: Warner Hahn, Kelvin Leerdam, Ridgeciano Haps, Ryan Koolwijk, Ryan Donk, Shaquille Pinas, Dion Malone, Sheraldo Becker, Nigel Hasselbaink, Tjaronn Chery, Diego Biseswar.

The above is information about the prediction in the 1st match between Jamaica vs Suriname of Gold Cup 2021 on 2021/07/12 of the CMD368 bookie.