Japan vs Kyrgyzstan Prediction – World Cup 2022 – 06/15

Japan vs Kyrgyzstan prediction on June 15, 2021. Although they are certain of the next round, for an ambitious team like Japan, they still want to have a series of 8 rounds with all wins when the second stage of the Asian World Cup qualifiers closes. Of course, this is entirely possible when Japan’s opponent in this round is only Kyrgyzstan. Currently, while Japan has a maximum of 21 points after 7 rounds, Kyrgyzstan in second place has only 10 points.

Japan Overview

In this military gathering, Japan has summoned the elements that are close to the best. The Cherry Blossom team also showed a good spirit of competition through impressive victories in the last 2022 World Cup qualifiers. In Group F of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia, Japan showed outstanding strength when winning all 7 matches, scoring 41 goals, and conceding only once. Although firmly holding the top position in the group, in the final match with superior force, victory will be the goal of this team.

Kyrgyzstan Overview

Kyrgyzstan is playing somewhat slack in the second leg of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. That makes it difficult for Kyrgyzstan to compete for the next ticket. Currently, the team from Central Asia is getting 10 points and temporarily standing in 2nd place on the rankings, but only better than the team behind in the sub-index. In this last round, they have to face a much stronger opponent, so it is difficult for them to hope to get a score.

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Asian Bet – Japan vs Kyrgyzstan prediction

With such a big difference in strength, it’s almost impossible for Kyrgyzstan to get one point in today’s competition. Even when Japan is still trying to complete phase 2 with 8 wins, the task of protecting the safety of their goal is already very difficult for Kyrgyzstan.

Based on the above statistics as well as the performance of the two teams, experts believe that Japan will not be difficult to overwhelm the opponent in the first half. They win the final victory with a difference of 3 or more goals. Thus, in Asian bet, Japan is still the top priority choice for fans. Because the handicap that the bookies are listing is completely suitable for Japan.

Japan vs Kyrgyzstan Prediction

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  • Choose Japan (HT)
  • Choose Japan (FT)

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house are corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With the huge difference between the two teams, experts are convinced that choosing Japan at 1×2 will be the safest investment choice. Because even at the time when Kyrgyzstan was in the best form, they could not escape defeat before the opponent.

Choose Japan (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Japan vs Kyrgyzstan prediction

With the extremely clear difference between the two teams, experts all believe that Japan will win jubilantly in today’s competition. It should be known that in the first leg encounter, Japan did not find it difficult to win 2-0. 

However, it is a match where Kyrgyzstan still has great hopes of competing with Japan. And at the moment, when Kyrgyzstan has lost any hope, it is not difficult for them to be defeated by double the first leg. 

Japan vs Kyrgyzstan Prediction:

  • Choose Over (HT)
  • Choose Over (FT)


Japan: Morita, Endo, Kubo, Gonda, Sakai, Tomiyasu, Yoshida, Nagatomo, Ritsu Doan, Minamino, Osako.

Kyrgyzstan: Kichin, Uulu, Bernhardt, Kashuba, Otkeev, Kozubaev, Iusupov, Musabekov, Sagynbaev, Murzaev, Rustamov.