JBO fraud players’ money? Is JBO Vietnam a reliable betting site?

The story of the JBO fraud of 10 million VND is extremely unbelievable. Many players who are looking to play at JBO Vietnam are not surprised when they see people saying that JBO is a scam, JBO fraud. It is hard to know what is right and what is wrong? 

Is betting at JBO Vietnam legal? It is a reliable betting site? Please read this article to determine the truth.

1. JBO frauds players’ money?

First is the Asianbookie community, forum cadovn feel joking about JBO VN cheating 10 million of a new member playing for the first time at this betting site, JBO fraud, JBO is a scam. Immediately hundreds of people followed this case.

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Member content reflected on the betting forum:

If the player wins from 3 million to 9.8 million (counting 10 million) then they will be blocked by the house. Initially did not receive about 3 million. After a few quarrels, you will receive 3 million VND again, and your winnings will be permanently locked. Members refuse to post photos and evidence on these 2 forums.

Conclusion of member: JBO fraud, JBO Vietnam is blatant fraud players’ money.

JBO’s feedback:

This member created 3 accounts to receive promotion + earn gains from 2 sides. The JBO Betting site captured so it is forced to lock the account.

Referring to the situation, this member has cheated. The dealer’s treatment is correct.

Conclude of the case

Currently, apart from the “traditional getting likes” on Google, we have not realized anything that is notorious for the JBO brand.

However, with the large media investment as JBO has done, “a stain” (JBO fraud) will also be difficult to clean. Therefore, the JBO dealer is certainly not foolish and unreliable to his members.

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However, we are not sure that the JBO dealer will be forever reputable with members! And we will always update the latest situation for you to go home to the JBO regularly!

2. Is JBO a Scam? Is JBO Vietnam a reliable betting site?

You can completely answer the question: Is JOB a reliable betting site? “Is JBO a scam?, “JBO fraud” I would answer this question JBO is a scam: “No, JBO is not a scam.”

At first, anyone can be worried about JBO fraud, whether this virtual money would be transferred to the player’s bank? Just follow the instructions of the bookie on the form of money transfer. It is true that only the basic operations of placing money orders in the instructions are available. It only takes you 5 to 10 minutes for these transactions. Plus 1 more confirmation by phone message. Your money is instantly transferred to your personal bank account.

In addition, Just Bet Online has the following promoted activities:

  • Just Bet Online features LED billboards in La Liga.
  • Just Bet Online also sponsors the Dota 2 team in Keeng Gaming’s, 5 Power and Killer Angel.

Activities of JBO:

  • Considered to be one of the top teams in the Ligue 1 (French National Championship) – Olympique De Marseille has just announced the Official Asian Partner Contract with JBO Vietnam within 2 years.

Hopefully, this cooperation will bring new opportunities as well as contribute to promoting the global brand for both sides in the next two years.

  • In addition to the biggest deal this summer, JBO Vietnam is also the sponsor of Keen Gaming Esports Professional Team – the Professional Esport team that won the ESL One Mumbai 2019 championship as well as the team selected to participate in the tournament. The biggest tournament on the planet last summer DOTA2 The International 2019.
JBO Vietnam is also the sponsor of the Keen Gaming Esports team
JBO Vietnam is also the sponsor of the Keen Gaming Esports team

With the mission of connecting the Esports community closer together, JBO Vietnam also organized a cult offline event in Hanoi PUBSTOMP THE INTERNATIONAL 2019 DREAMCOIL to fans. Dota2 in particular, Esports, in general, can watch the Finals together in the most complete way.

  • Super big and giant” event for the Esports community will be held in Hanoi with the companion of JBO Vietnam. The “HOT” tournament in the summer of DOTA2 The International becomes more attractive and attractive than ever for Vietnamese fans because, through the Pubstomp event, fans of e-sports will be gathered again. Let’s watch the TI9 Finals of international stature.
The upcoming attractive Pubstomp Dreamcoil in Hanoi promises to bring many surprises with the sponsorship of JBO Vietnam.
The upcoming attractive Pubstomp Dreamcoil in Hanoi promises to bring many surprises with the sponsorship of JBO Vietnam.

With the work that Just Bet Online has done, do you think JBO fraud is impossible, they are fraudulent or not? The answer surely you can imagine it already whether JBO is a scam or not. You will have insight when playing Esport betting at Just Bet Online. a  reliable betting site.


  • Minh in Shanghai (China) shared that: “I just learned about JBO not long. This dealer was introduced by a friend of mine. My first impression is that the interface of Just Bet Online website is very friendly. The functions provided to the player are designed very convenient and simple. In particular, the consulting team is very enthusiastic to help me in any situation ”.
  • Phuong Nam from Hai Phong (Vietnam) shared: “I am a person who has joined JBO for quite a long time. Share honestly when I came here then I do not want to play at the other banks anymore. I am very satisfied with the esports betting game genre extremely attractive. In addition, the tournament is updated regularly and continuously. In particular, the very high odds are the reason that I do not miss leaving Just Bet Online. If you do not believe, please try to register to feel this reliable betting site. ”
  • TainHai from Beijing (China): “I have never seen a  reliable betting site that has made such a fast transfer order. I was quite surprised by this when I became a member of Just Bet Online. Moreover, the games are also diverse and rich to meet the personal preferences of many people. In particular, I love the reliable betting site at casinos extremely brainstorming. ”

4. Conclusion and evaluation of the JBO dealer

At the end of the affirmation, what we have surveyed as well as comments on the JBO brand is probably sufficient for you to refer and decide to participate in this reliable betting site and JBO is a scam, JBO fraud is not true.

With friendly interface, rich services, and diverse games. Moreover, it is the leading and most reputable house in Asia. Players need to comply with the rules that the dealer has set. Overall, the JBO Vietnam betting site is a developing reliable betting site bookie with various special offers and worth- playing betting sites.

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