In recent times, it is noted that an online entertainment brand (which is essentially a betting entertainment) is “rushing” to the Vietnamese media. That name is the JBO betting site Vietnam online bookie (with the brand as JBO Vietnam online entertainment company). And we conducted a survey with collaborators as well as members who are participating in the JBO betting site in Vietnam. All show the dramatic changes in online betting technology!


And if you need to join the JBO betting site but do not know the details, we will help you decide by this detailed analysis and evaluation article. 


1. Introduce JBO bookie information


1.1 The first eSports betting website in Vietnam


According to the information provided on the JBO Vietnam homepage, they were established in 2019. The name JBO is the abbreviation of Just Bet Online (meaning that the community is implicitly understood as “simply” online betting ”).


The interface of the homepage of the JBO Vietnam online bookie


In addition, the JBO online bookie is also introduced as one of the bookmakers whose main product is eSports esports betting (specializing in investing in the first eSports betting site in Vietnam).

1.2 The process of forming the house JBO


As far as we know from the search, the JBO brand (according to the information on the web) they started out in early 2019. Their license was organized FCL & RC (First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation) is owned by the Philippine government.


In addition, according to confidential information, this house is operated by a very strong Chinese media company, the parent company! And in 2019, this parent company enters the Vietnamese market with the brand JBO betting site – A company specializing in electronic communications!


Previously, the parent media company had been operating for less than 10 years so it was completely appreciated!


Time-Saving JBO Registration Process


1.3 The current situation of JBO


At present, if online betting companies specialize in traditional sports JBO betting site, it has another way of their own – electronic sports betting (a new sport in Vietnam).


However, because of its “superior” position as a strong media company, most online betting members know about the appearance of the JBO Vietnam brand, in the name of a company specializing in the media. mind!


1.4 Why is JBO famous?


Currently, the JBO betting site has just begun to operate publicly in early 2020, but the sponsorship of this online bookie seems to be quite a big deal!


After a review of the sponsorship section, the JBO betting site is currently sponsoring the Italian football club, Bologna. And if you are passionate about Italian football, this is a famous football club specializing in playing in Serie A and has won it 7 times (the Italian national football championship).


In addition, this online bookie is a strategic partner of Olympique de Marseille (a football club playing in the French Ligue 1 league and 9 times champion). Overall, this online bookie really “played big” when collaborating with these two big teams!


And to be worthy of the online sports betting tournament, JBO Vietnam also sponsors the following Esport teams


  • VG Dota 2 (China)


  • 496 Gaming (Vietnam)


  • Keen Gaming (China)


  • 5POWER (China)


  • Killer Angel (China)


After a review of the sponsorship section, the JBO betting site is currently sponsoring the Italian football club, Bologna. And if you are passionate about Italian football, this is a famous football club specializing in playing in Serie A and has won it 7 times (the Italian national football championship).


And Asian Betting also recognizes the JBO’s advertising sponsorship at major football competitions and esports competitions around the world! You can check out their full sponsorship section on the main betting site!


2. The products are provided at the JBO dealer


Not in favor of eSports sports betting, but the JBO betting site lacks other betting games (if so, how can it compete with other bookies).

Esports, Sport, Live Casinos, other games


2.1 Bet Esports


The first is the flagship product of the JBO online bookie- Esport sports betting. And because it is the main product, this is a very elaborately invested betting port with a beautiful interface as well as a variety of bets!


And unlike other big bookies that only have a few basic esports bets, the number of esports bets must be extremely high!


You will find almost no lack of online video games here!


2.2. Sports bet


The second main product is the traditional sports betting product! This is also a strong product because in addition to Esport, the betting site is also a sponsor of two soccer teams in the national championships of Italy and France (mentioned above).


After looking at the overall, Asian Betting found that the number of bets was about mid-range (from 80 to about 200 football bets, the number was about 50 for basketball


And the sports hall of the JBO online bookie, there are 2 casinos, you can go to the sports casinos to see which game is right for you!


JBO Sport Betting


2.3 Live casino / Online casino


An online casino product is indispensable for any house because this is the birth of the betting industry! And at the online casino of the JBO online bookie, you will also find that this is a good product!


And as Asian Betting found out, JBO betting site is currently using the online casino of both Ebet and GPI providers – extremely popular casino betting products in the Philippines.


The card games being sung at the house must be mentioned as:


  • Blackjack.

  • Roulette.

  • Sicbo


These are all game types with simple and easy to understand rules. In particular, the percentage of people playing these games is quite a lot. Therefore, the odds will be high and bring many benefits


2.4 Games at JBO


The JBO online bookie game item contains loads of colorful Slot game games! If you are an online slot enthusiast, then this is a paradise you should visit!


JBO Games


3. Instruction for trading at the JBO dealer


And here, you follow the steps at the JBO Vietnam betting site to start entertainment online betting offline!

3.1 Deposit at JBO


The top up rate at JBO is 100.000 VND with bank account! This is also different from the old house where they have specified min deposit must be from 200.000 VND or more (except phone scratch cards).


In addition to your local bank, you can use the quick top up function or use the Cash Card


Banking Section


Deposit Now


Clearly Instructed


3.2 JBO withdrawal


Not only simple deposit but also very simple withdrawal with steps to complete the information for your main bank withdrawal.


However, so that you do not have “trouble” with the operators of the JBO online bookie, you first need to use the official bank account (and make sure that the JBO online bookmaker will “make it difficult” for you when you Report incorrect bank information).

4. How to get JBO promotions?


Promotion always applies at Just Bet Online:


  • Bonus 100k free bets for new members successfully registered.


  • 100% reward for completing the registration with a deposit of VND 5 million.


  • The maximum value is 5 million VND for 100% bonus for sports betting.


  • Refund 100% of the player’s stake when the player loses the first bet at Esport.


In addition, customer service is available 24 hours at this betting site. All questions of participants are supported enthusiastically and professionally. Moreover, the server server is invested in the strongest operating system and operates at full capacity. Therefore, you can feel secure when participating in Just Bet Online.


Each game has different offers

5. A detailed evaluation of the JBO dealer


Outstanding advantages


  • The first thing that stands out at the JBO online bookie is the fast, green-black loading interface alternately and beautifully.


Then it was the “sponsorship” section that meant that JBO betting site was “very expensive”, ready to sponsor any team they like as well as any Esport gaming team!


  • Secondly, what impressed us was the simple registration as well as the additional information as simple as that! 


In fact, for a  betting site that is inclined to “technology-loving” customers (because the product is an Esport), JBO must be “thorough” with customer information (Similar to the big bookies)!


  • Diverse Games:


Currently, the number of JBO online bookie playrooms includes the following brands:


  1. JBO Sports (Sportsbook)

  2. Sports 90 (Sportsbook)

  3. GPI Casino (Casino Casino)

  4. eBET (Casino Casino)

  5. YDS Casino (slotgame casino)


Although the number of products is not really much, these are all good products carefully selected!


  • Product quality


As mentioned above, with the big names in the online betting village, it is obvious that the quality of the product will be guaranteed even for fastidious players!


And so, the Asian Betting bookie will assure you that this is a “slow but sure” step of the JBO when they choose the famous names!


  • The level of prestige and trust in JBO


According to what they showed off on their homepage, a house with a “mother” as a media person and a “heavily-funded” team, the name JBO betting site must have achieved a prestigious level!


Although being an emerging online bookmaker, sponsoring to both teams as well as nearly 5-6 big names in Esport, this shows the “playability” of a potential house in the future!


  • Information security


According to the “commitment” right on the registration frame of the JBO online bookie, the confidential information has been “promised as a nail” by the JBO to the JBO!


Therefore, we can accept this PR (because the account registration frame does not contain “personal” personal information like other bookmakers).


  • About transmission line security


According to the measurements many times, the connection is guaranteed to be fast – strong compared to the ones with many “bulky” products.


And also according to the dealer’s commitment, the information you enter on the betting site will be encrypted so that it will not be detected by search engines.


  • Promotions


  1. Most promotions are for new members! You can see all the promotions focused on the “New member” section.


  1. Currently, the JBO bookmaker has a promotion program of 50K for new members to bet on the JBO dealer by confirming the phone number.


  1. First-time deposit at JBO online bookie


  1. Only for Esport products, new members will receive 100% of the deposit when they deposit. Other products will have different promotion rules!


  1. The promotions are complete for all JBO betting site products!


  • Refund money


As noted by Asian Betting, at JBO, members will receive a refund of up to 1% on any betting product present at the JBO online bookmaker.


This is considered an extremely high return that a new dealer hardly applies to all of their products!


  • Support system


Just Bet Online operates 24/24/7 in all holidays, New Year holidays. Therefore, the contact with Just Bet Online is extremely quick and brings high efficiency. Join if you encounter any difficulties, questions? You can contact to get the best support from customer care.


  1. Forms of contact with Just Bet Online are supported such as:

  2. Contact via zalo number of Just Bet Online.

  3. Call directly to Just Bet Online hotline.

  4. Send mail to Just Bet Online mail.

  5. Visit to chat online with an on-line counselor.


  • Transaction speed


Transaction speed at JBO betting site is relatively fast with deposit transfers from 5 to 10 minutes and from 10 to 30 minutes with the withdrawal process!


  • Foreign currency transactions


As a house only for the Vietnamese market, currency exchange function is not available at the JBO online bookie now!


  • Membership


As for members, the JBO bookmaker is a new name in the betting village, but it is an Esport bet so the members are not really crowded! However, people are also gradually “learning” about sports betting to “trade in” in 2020 so maybe the number of JBO betting site members will increase significantly.


In addition, the quality of the casino, as well as other products, are good, so traditional players can still play all at the Esport JBO brand itself.

6. Conclude

At the end of the affirmation, what we have surveyed as well as comments on the JBO betting site brand is probably sufficient for you to refer and decide to participate!


According to current online comments, JBO Vietnam betting site is a rookie superstar in the Asian-Vietnamese betting village. If you are a new member, it may be one of the options to experience to have more comments about the JBO online bookie!