Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC Prediction – K-League – 08/07

Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC prediction on August 07, 2021. In the 23rd round of the Korean National Championship, Jeonbuk Motors will play at home and welcome the away team Daegu FC.

Jeonbuk Motors Overview

Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC Prediction

Jeonbuk Motors are the defending champions of the tournament, they have won this tournament for 3 consecutive seasons so they are highly appreciated. This season, although they can no longer maintain their good form, they still prove their position when they still have the opportunity to rise to the top of the rankings. 

The host has only played 18 matches and they are getting 33 points and are in the 3rd place in the rankings at the moment. They are only 3 matches behind the top team, but they play 3 matches less than the opponent. In the next round, despite welcoming the team that is ranked above them, but with high determination and home advantage, 3 points will be the target of the host.

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Daegu FC Overview

Daegu played quite well this season and they are considered a phenomenon in the Korean league this season. After 20 rounds, Daegu won 34 points, ranked 2nd in the rankings. They are 1 point ahead of the home team but played 2 more matches.

If the competition tries harder, the chance of winning the championship is still in the hands of the away team at this time. But in the next match, it will be quite difficult for the visitors when they have to face a higher-rated opponent, along with the disadvantage of the yard, so it is difficult for the away team to get good results.


Past Encounters

Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC prediction

Jeonbuk Motors is in very high form and they are very confident to enter this match when they have won all the last 4 matches. At the same time, Jeonbuk Motors is playing well at home when winning all 3 recent home matches. 

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The attack is bringing peace of mind to the homeowner when they have brought home 18 goals after only the last 5 matches. Along with that, Jeonbuk Motors also often plays very well against Daegu FC when they have won 4 of the last 5 meetings. Therefore, it is not surprising that Jeonbuk Motors will perform better and win.

Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC Prediction: Choose Jeonbuk Motors -0.25

European Bet

Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC Prediction

The European odds offered by the house is 2.14 * 3.05 * 3.25, corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. The home base and recent impressive performance will bring Jeonbuk Motors 3 complete points in this round.

Choose Jeonbuk Motors (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC prediction

Daegu FC is playing well this season. Over 20 rounds, they brought 9 wins, 7 draws, and 4 defeats. With 34 points, they are standing right above the host with 2nd place on the table. Entering this match will be an opportunity for Daegu FC to close to the top of the rankings. Jeonbuk Motors and Daegu FC are in need of points for their own goals, the open game especially after the opening goal is predictable. At the same time, the attack of both Jeonbuk Motors and Daegu FC is playing effectively.

Jeonbuk Motors vs Daegu FC Prediction: Choose Over 2.25


Jeonbuk Motors:  Beom-Keun, Takahiro Kunimoto, Jin su, Bo Kyung, Jung Ho, Lee Young, Joon Ho, Pereira Rocha, Lee Seung Ki, Han Kyo Won, Gue sung Jo.

Daegu FC: Choi Young Eun, Jin Hyun, Tae Hyeon, Kim Woo Seok, Jeong Tae Wook, Jeong Woon, Soon Min, Tsubasa Nishimaki, Cesinha, Dae Won, Bruno da Silva.