Jeonbuk vs Seoul Prediction |26/07/2020| K-League

The reviews to the football Jeonbuk vs Seoul prediction in K-League Classic about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

 Jeonbuk vs Seoul Prediction


  • Match date: 10:00 am on Sunday 26th July 2020
  • Event: K-League Classic
  • Stage: Matchday 13th
  • Location: Jeonju World Cup Stadium


 Jeonbuk vs Seoul Prediction


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Jeonbuk vs Seoul Prediction recommendation:

The relative slowdown in performance in the past rounds is making Jeonbuk lose the image of the defending champion and gradually losing the advantage of the current K.League rankings. And in the next round, welcoming a returning Seoul will continue to be another challenge for the home team.

O/U Jeonbuk vs Seoul Prediction: 

  • O/U: FT 2.5 (odd 1.90 with Over and 2.00 with Under) HT 1 (odd 1.88 with Over and 2.00 with Under)
  • Three consecutive draws in past rounds showed a level of delay that Jeonbuk had to go through. The lack of breath at an early stage makes the goal of defending the championship of coach José Morais army this season seriously threatened when the 3rd position with only 26 points is owned. is not enough to give Jeonbuk peace of mind now. More than ever Jeonbuk will have to find himself if he does not want to continue making himself difficult in the previous rounds.
  • Meanwhile, with Seoul, the visitors are going through a period of frenzy when there are 4 matches in a row and lose. The instability of the visitors can be explained when in the hands of coach Yong-Soo Choi still does not have all the good players, the encounter with quite strong teams is also a factor that causes Seoul to have only 10 points. get after 13 rounds. With what has been shown, confronting Jeonbuk will still be a very difficult challenge at this time. It will be a competition with the relatively struggling game, experts predict the ability to explode Over is very high.

The best  Jeonbuk vs Seoul Prediction:   

  • Over 1 HT
  • Over 2.5 FT

Asian handicap Prediction: 

  • Asian Handicap: FT Jeonbuk accept 1 (odd 1.80 with Jeonbuk and 2.13 with Seoul) HT Jeonbuk accept 0.5 (odd 2.05 with Jeonbuk and 1.83 with Seoul)
  • With home advantage, Jeonbuk is still the team that is more appreciated than Seoul in this match with a handicap of 1. However, this will certainly not be an easy match for the home team when The guests are also gradually showing their determination at the present time to get out of the unsafe position. Seoul has been playing very hard in recent times when the defense has played more solidly while the attack has started to shoot regularly, so Yong-Soo Choi’s team can fully dream of a place in the upper half of the chart now. However, the ability to play on the strange surface of Seoul this season is not good when there is only 1 victory in the trips away from home from the beginning of the season. That will be the factor that Jeonbuk can take advantage of especially when the home team owns a good performance at home. The mental advantage and the desire to rise will help Jeonbuk compete overwhelmingly in Seoul and will likely still get a result that brings a lot of hope for the fans.

Best  Jeonbuk vs Seoul Prediction:   

  • Seoul +0.5 HT
  • Jeonbuk -1 FT

European Betting Prediction: 

  • European Bettings is also a small advantage for the home team Jeonbuk when their food is 1.45 while that of Seoul is 7.00. It will be a match with a relatively tense position when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other in search of results that are beneficial to them. And with the level of the defending champion, it is very difficult to fall before a weak opponent like Seoul. Jeonbuk is expected to retain 3 points and continue the journey to protect the throne.
  • Choose Joenbuk to win FT

Jeonbuk vs Seoul scores

With the level of a big team like Jeonbuk, the unbeaten in the confrontation is understandable. So Jeonbuk will still be confident in this rematch as the advantage still belongs to them. At a time when every score is important to Jeonbuk, having to beat Seoul in the next round is a task that must be completed. Keeping 3 points in Jeonju Castle and Jeonbuk continues the journey to protect the championship in this difficult predicted season.

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  • H1 Jeonbuk 1-1 Seoul
  • FullTime Jeonbuk 3-1 Seoul

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