Juventude vs Palmeiras Prediction – Série A – 06/17

Juventude vs Palmeiras prediction on June 17, 2021. Not to mention the performance of the two teams, only the experience between Juventude and Palmeiras has a huge gap. Specifically, while Palmeiras has had many ups and downs in Brazil’s Série A, on the contrary, this season is only the second season that Juventude has been able to compete in the national top-level tournament.

Juventude Overview

After 14 years of diving in the lower divisions, Juventude has returned to the Série A in the 2021 season. Because of this, they cannot adapt to the top football environment at the moment. After 3 matches, they could not get a victory for themselves with a record of 2 draws and 1 loss. Currently, they only have 2 points and temporarily stand at 14th place on the rankings. In the next round, despite having the home-field advantage, it is difficult for the visitors to get good results for themselves.

Palmeiras Overview

Palmeiras is a name that is highly appreciated in Série A, they are always bright candidates for the championship. In this year’s season, they did not have a really successful start when they only got 4 points and temporarily stood in 9th place on the rankings. With its position, this position certainly cannot satisfy the visitors. In the next match, they have to march away from home while the opponent is considered weaker, so they will be determined to get all 3 points for themselves.

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Asian Bet – Juventude vs Palmeiras prediction

The first half of today’s match is considered to have a high probability of both teams scoring 1 goal and the first 45 minutes of the match ended with a draw. And at 45 minutes in the second half of the match, Palmeiras with his seasoned combat experience will be the final winner. Therefore, in the first half of the Asian bet, the safest investment option would be to invest in the home team Juventude. As for the whole match handicap, of course, Palmeiras with a superior win rate will be the optimal investment point.

Juventude vs Palmeiras Prediction

  • Choose Juventude (HT)
  • Choose Palmeiras (FT)

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house are corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. Based on the large disparities between the two teams, experts all believe that the safest option in today’s 1×2 match will be to choose the away team Palmeiras.

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Choose Palmeiras (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Juventude vs Palmeiras prediction

As noted by experts, since the last time the two teams met in 2005, they have not met again since then. Plus, Juventude has just been crushed 0-3 by Paranaense at home, so experts agree that today the home team will have to receive at least 2 goals. Because it should be remembered that while Paranaense only got 9th place in the rankings last season, Palmeiras is the team that came right at 7th. On the other hand, 2/3 of Juventude’s rounds in this season’s season. ended with the result of Over.

Juventude vs Palmeiras Prediction:

  • Choose Over (HT)
  • Choose Over (FT)


Juventude: Dudu, Eltinho, Deuner, Cleberson, Kelvin, Forster, Mendes, Alyson, Macedo, Henrique, Elton.

Palmeiras: Teixeira, Oliveira, Corsini, Silva, Portillo, Souza da Silva, Paula, Susperregui, Menino, Lima, Vivian.