Kashima Antlers vs Shimizu S-Pulse Prediction | J. League | 06/06

Kashima Antlers vs Shimizu S-Pulse prediction: Bet on the match at 06:00 am on June 06. Predict the results of Kashima Antlers vs Shimizu S-Pulse in round 1/8 finals of J. League football tournament quickly and accurately.


  • Match date: 06:00 am on 06/06/2021
  • Event: J. League
  • Stage: 1/8 finals
  • Location: Kashima Soccer Stadium





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At the moment, Shimizu S-Pulse is really facing great difficulties with reprehensible performances in every arena they attend. In the J1 League, Shimizu S-Pulse is facing a great risk of falling into the relegation group when this team has only won 15 points after 17 matches. Besides, in the framework of the Japan Cup, although they were also surprised to be second in Group D to get a place in the playoffs. They had to face a superior opponent Kashima Antlers and lost in the first leg.

In the morning of June 6, Shimizu S-Pulse will have to continue to face the challenge when coming to the field of Kashima Antlers in the second leg. This will be too difficult a problem for Shimizu when their opponent seems to have all the advantages in this match.

Select: Under 2 1/2 FT.


In the last 3 matches, Kashima Antlers has won 2 victories and lost only 1 quite unfortunate match against the big man Kawasaki Frontale. In the opposite direction, the away team is still in a deep stalemate but cannot get out. In the last 5 matches, Shimizu S-Pulse won only 1 match and had to receive defeat in the remaining 4 matches. One of them was the defeat in the first leg against Kashima Antlers. Moreover, having to be a guest on the opponent’s field in the second leg will also be extremely heavy pressure for Shimizu S-Pulse in this match.

Select: Kashima Antlers -1 FT.

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Looking back at the previous encounters, the away team was not inferior at all. At the end of February, the two sides had a confrontation in J1 League and the victory belonged to Shimizu S-Pulse with a score of 3-1. In June, the two opponents met again in the Japan Cup playoffs and Kashima Antlers defeated Shimizu S-Pulse with a score of 1-0. 

With the situation going on right now, it will be too difficult for Shimizu S-Pulse to regain the balance as well as to be able to come back in the upcoming second leg. Because their performance is also very bad.

Select: Kashima FT.

Kashima Antlers vs Shimizu S-Pulse prediction: Kashima 2-0 Shimizu S-pulse FT.


Kashima: Kwoun Sun-Tae, D. Sugioka, I. Sekigawa, R. Hirose, N. Hayashi, Y. Endo, K. Misao, Juan Alano, R. Nagaki, Arthur Caike, Everaldo.

Shimizu S-pulse: K. Nagai, Elsinho, Y. Tatsuta, Y. Kawai, Valdo, N. Fukumori, K. Miyamoto, Yuito Suzuki, K. Nishizawa, K. Nakayama, A. Disaro.

The above is information about the prediction in the 1/8 finals round match between Kashima Antlers vs Shimizu S-Pulse of J. League on 06/06/2021 of CMD368 bookie.