Kashima vs Vegalta Sendai Prediction – J1 League – 06/20

Kashima vs Vegalta Sendai prediction on June 20, 2021. Despite being in a stable temporary form after a bad start to the season, Vegalta is currently still very underrated in her ability to retain 1 point when coming to Kashima’s field.

Kashima Overview

Kashima is a strong team in J1 League, this season they have tried to find their strength, but despite trying a lot, they have not been able to get a position at the top of the rankings. Currently, through 17 rounds, they only got 8 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses, got themselves 27 points, and ranked 8th in the rankings at the moment. However, in recent times this team has played quite successfully and has won consecutive victories. In the next round, they have home advantage, Kashima will be determined to win the next match.

Vegalta Sendai Overview

Vegalta Sendai is trying every day to stay on the highest level in Japan. They have made quite positive changes in recent rounds, but they still can’t get out of a dangerous position right now. After 17 rounds, they only got 14 points and temporarily stood at 18th place on the rankings. The next match will be difficult with the goal of gaining points for the away team when they have to face a much stronger opponent, Kashima, so it is difficult for the away team to gain points for themselves.

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Asian Bet – Kashima vs Vegalta Sendai prediction

Based on Vegalta’s progress, experts are predicting that they can only stay safe in the first half of the match. And when the match has progressed to the second half, Kashima will have at least a minimal victory over the opponent. Remember, of the 17 goals scored at home this season, Kashima has 13 goals scored in 45 minutes of the second half. Therefore, in the Asian bet, the safest option in The first half will be the selection of the away team Vegalta. As for the whole match. Of course, the best investment decision will be the host Kashima.

Kashima vs Vegalta Sendai Prediction

  • Choose Vegalta +1/4 (HT)
  • Choose Kashima -1 (FT)

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house are *1.57-5.30-3.95* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. Although it is undeniable that Vegalta has improved in form, it is clear that it is still not enough for them to escape defeat against Kashima. Therefore, in today’s 1×2 match, investing in host Kashima will be the safest choice.

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Choose Kashima (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Kashima vs Vegalta Sendai prediction

Although there is still confidence when in the last 3 rounds, Vegalta has been unbeaten with 2 wins and 1 match, but remember, in the last 5 encounters with Kashima, Vegalta has lost all 5 matches. Thus, before thinking about getting points, Vegalta needs to ensure the safety of their goal. Therefore, experts all predict that today’s match will have few goals scored.

Kashima vs Vegalta Sendai Prediction:

  • Choose Under 1 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.5 (FT)


Kashima: Kei Koizumi, Ryuji Izumi, L. Silva, Yuya Oki, Shuto Yamamoto, Ikuma Sekigawa, Tomoya Inukai, Kento Misao, Everaldo, J. Alano, Shoma Doi.

Vegalta Sendai: Matsushita, Kato, Slowik, Ishihara, Mase, Yoshino, Hiraoka, Kida, Uehara, Nishimura, Akasaki.